The Unexplained EP1: Why are dragons so common in different cultures around the world? Carl Jung based some of his consciousness ideas, including snake archetype and the collective consciousness, on the fact that there is this mysterious universality of dragons. Unrelated cultures very commonly depict serpentine, God-like creature in their mythology. Whether they are from Eastern or Western society, peoples of the First Nation, or from advanced civilizations, dragons seem to be present in almost all ancient cultures.

Scholars like Joseph Campbell have analogized the presence of dragons as a universally present means to deal with the subconscious and the ego. However, in many cultures the dragons were said to be real beings. The Sumerians for example, when depicting their Gods Anunnaki, had anthropomorphic snake-people figurines that could be construed as dragons.

If governments are now admitting that UFOs are real and might indeed be extraterrestrial, a simple questions emerges: What do the alien occupants of those UFO crafts look like? Is it possible that they have a reptilian semblance? It might seem far fetched to believe that dragons could be E.T. aliens, however outside of the dragon-reptilian Gods, you also find figurines similar to the E.T. alien portrayal known as Grays.
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A strange UFO, as reported by channel 2 NBC, was witnessed and photographed in South Florida. Around the same time a Twitter user posts a UFO footage that is being witnessed from an airliner. Unbelievably, they appear to be the same UFO, or perhaps the same UFO phenomena. What is happening in our skies right now? #UFO #StrangeLights

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More than just being the first civilization, or another hunter gatherer society capable of constructing megalithic sites, it seems that Göbekli Tepe may have made references that can be attributed to the concept of ancient aliens. They were astronomers, and worshiped the same stars as other cultures like the Dogon people, who very distinctly claim that their mathematical and metallurgical knowledge was taught to them by extraterrestrial beings living in the Sirius star system. Though there is much to learn about who the people of Göbekli Tepe were, or what they believed in, the little that we do know seems to connect them back to skies, and possibly even the UFOs we see today.

The vulture stone for example may be referencing an extraterrestrial phenomenon, a comet strike that hit Greenland over 12,000 years ago. There is also evidence that the people of Göbekli Tepe may have been in contact with metallurgy, despite many experts claiming otherwise. There is an adjacent site, Cayönü Tepesi, that is only 75 miles away from Göbekli Tepe and does have evidence of metallurgy. Their presence in the area coincided with the existence of Göbekli Tepe by as much as 1,500 years. Could this be the proof that the people of Gobekli Tepe was the first society with metallurgical capabilities?

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The Department of Defense has announced the creation of a new UFO task force, the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG), whose main purpose will be to categorize and synchronize data on UFOs (UAP). It appears the US Government is finally taking a proactive approach in trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of what unidentified flying objects are. Progressively, the general consensus regarding these mysterious objects (crafts) have shifted from initially believing they might be foreign adversaries to finally accepting the incredible possibility that UFOs may actually be extraterrestrial aliens. As quoted by CBS News,“while they are still unsure what the objects actually were, or where they came from, they do know one thing for certain: the objects were real.” While some skeptics like Neil deGrasse Tyson are still adamant that UFOs are not E.T. space crafts, others, such as intellectual logician Sam Harris, have reversed their opinions while publicly admitting that indeed we may dealing with an extraterrestrial alien species that is visiting our planet. If true, the E.T. presence could explain much of the mysterious phenomena associated with UFOs (UAP), and perhaps even alien abductions! Will humanity finally be debriefed in totality regarding extraterrestrial alien species, and experience a complete UFO Disclosure in 2022? Only time will tell.

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In this 2ndEarth episode I analyze a new UFO (UAP) footage submitted by a viewer. Like many other spherical UFOs, this mysterious anomalous object splits into two other UFOs. How is it possible that a single unidentified flying object can split into multiple other flying crafts. Can this mystery be solved with physics, or is there some illusion at play here? The UFO footage has been forensically verified as coming straight of the witness's phone. Is humanity in the minds of a full blown UFO and extraterrestrial Disclosure in 2021?

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A viewer sent in incredible footage of a triangular UFO videotaped north of London. Another triangular UFO (TR-3B), was spotted by a doorbell camera only 10 kilometers away. Could these be the same crafts or the same classification of UFOs? Interestingly, the triangular UFO I received was forensically verified, meaning it was captured straight off of an iPhone with no external software manipulation. In addition, I also analyzed a humanoid shaped UFO that has been recently circulating the internet. Is it just a balloon, or is there something stranger, perhaps extraterrestrial about the flying humanoid that was caught on tape.

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In a shocking interview with Albert Einstein's former assistant Dr. Shirley Wright and ufologists Sheila Franklin, Dr. Wright confesses that her and Einstein were brought to the Roswell crash to examine E.T. alien beings. According to Dr. Wright, she was not permitted to look inside the crashed saucer-shaped UFO, however Albert Einstein was, and was admittedly rather calm when examining the extraterrestrial alien beings. In a stunning turn of events, we discovered that the Robertson's Panel in 1953, tasked with investigating what occurred when UFOs were spotted hovering over the White House in 1952, may have been consulted by Albert Einstein himself, as is evident by one of the photographs of the Robertson's Panel.

Could it be that Einstein was permitted to work with top secret U.S. government agencies? Given that this would not be a new precedence (Paper Clips Project was infamous for bringing German scientists after WWII), and given that we have photographs that shows Einstein posing with the Robertson's Panel that later became Project Bluebook, the idea that Einstein may have been involved with Roswell seems to have some credence.

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A strange UFO-looking craft hovering over the Canary Islands volcano was broadcasted LIVE to viewers around the world. What was that strange object and could it have been a real UFO? Volcanoes have long been known to be a hotspot for UFO activity.

We also examine and analyze footage in Mexico that showcases strange lights only visible in the IR spectrum. Unidentified Flying Object? I think so.

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Imagine having a lucid dream, to which you consciously attempt to examine the origins of the pyramids, and are suddenly transported to Mars with strange, tall, and white-skinned Martians with strange clothing doing rituals inside the pyramid. And imagine if only a few months later a CIA document from 1984 surfaces describing almost the same thing from a remote viewer, tall humanoid alien beings inside a pyramid. Would you believe the lucid dream was just imagination or a vision into the Martian past? The strange coincidences between the drawings of Martians from a lucid dream and the 1984 CIA remote viewer description are uncanny. Did Martians lose their home planet due to nuclear strikes? The evidence from Mars seems to suggest so.

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It's rare to see scientifically-inclined Space.com talk about the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), or what has more recently been termed by government officials, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). The topic of UFO has garnered more attention from mainstream press, scientists, and skeptics, as of late. Many of these individuals may have once been skeptical on the topic of E.T. Aliens, for example Sam Harris, but are now beginning to acknowledge the idea that these crafts do and have existed throughout our history. Even more encouraging are interviews like this one by Space.com with journalist Leslie Kean, which goes deeper on the topic of UFOs , not only talking about the possibility that these flying crafts are real, but going so far as to ascertain whether they could really be foreign adversary technologies. SPOILER ALERT: Leslie is adamant that these crafts are likely of an extraterrestrial origin.

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Never before seen NEW EVIDENCE of potential Atlantis buildings in the Richat Structure!!! This episode is packed with an insane amount of supporting evidence that not only shows the Richat structure is almost certainly the location of Atlantis, but we have also discovered what appears to be ancient foundations, evidence of previous buildings in the area. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS INCREDIBLE #Atlantis episode. There is so much more to discover under the #RichatStructure

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The 2020 elections was a wild one! The media has declared their president, and though there are still court litigations going on, it seems that Donald Trump's chance at winning presidency is marginal at best. Regardless, I still wanted to list my TOP 10 reasons why I did not, and would NEVER have voted for Joe Biden.

Biden has been in politics for over 47 years, if that is any indication, I can say that in a shark frenzy of venomous creatures, to survive for 47 years and still be the president requires unusual talents; one talent that I have documented numerous times with this TOP 10 list is Joe Biden's uncanny ability to convince the people of the very opposite of what he actually does. It's too bad that the people couldn't see the financial incentives that the mainstream media was behind, and why a populist president like Donald Trump was voted out of office in the midst of a pandemic partially aggravated by China's response to the epidemic. Unless re-elected in 2024, I don't see how the people will able to acquire a candidate who actually does what is best for the country and not necessarily what is best for himself or herself for quite some time. In the end, as much as people thought that Donald Trump was an asshole, it might have taken a Billionaire willing to lift the middle finger at the establishment to battle against the giants of American politics.

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One of the more logical, almost categorically anti-conspiracy alternative news commentator, Tim Pool hosted Alex Jones, the infamous banned conspiracy king, in the Timcast IRL Podcast show. Dare I say, it was glorious! An amazing episode with over 160,000 concurrent LIVE viewers that ranged from inter-dimensional elves to discussing the Covid-19 lockdown, the 2020 elections, and even the possibility of civil war in the US. Only in 2020 would I expect such a podcast match to have been made. Tim Pool seemed to be amiable to Alex Jones’ presence, and what seemed to be a potentially unfit interview turned out to a rather agreeable discussion. Other guests included Michael Malice, Ian Crossland, and Lydia Green.

This episode mostly discusses the various topics brought up by Tim Pool and Alex Jones, including my general thoughts and analysis of the Tim IRL podcast with Alex Jones.

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Feeding My Cat During 2020 ELECTIONS - Fraud - Stolen Kibbles. Does your cat need to eat? Do you have a set time to give your cat food? Why not give the food at another time, and ration out the kibbles in an unfair manner. How would your cat react?

New email evidence, as reported by the NY Post, has emerged that indicates Joe Biden may have met executives of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which provided Hunter Biden with a sinecure. Hunter Biden was given the position of board member for Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine despite Hunter’s lack of knowledge in energy, and lack of knowledge in the Ukrainian language. Burisma was headed by Mykola Zlochevsky, who at one point became a fugitive of Ukraine due to new investigations in 2014 that pinpointed his involvement with alleged corruption dealings regarding the energy firm, amongst other corruption allegations.

The emails, discovered on a water-damaged drive of Hunter Biden, discuss the pleasures of meeting Joe Biden with some of Burisma’s executives. In addition, Joe Biden allegedly got a prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who had been fighting corruption in Ukraine, fired to protect the Biden's family personal monetary interests. Joe Biden may have also leveraged US State Department appropriated funds for Ukraine (upwards of one billion dollars), meant to help Ukraine defend against Russia, for his family’s personal gains. If true, these emails would mean that Joe Biden also lied to the American public regarding his dealings and connections with Ukraine; Joe Biden previously denied all allegations that discussed him meeting with Burisma executives.

Just as concerning as the allegations themselves, the NY Post news story was shamelessly and blatantly censored by Facebook and Twitter. Twitter went so far as to actually ban tweets that merely linked the story, without any prior fact-checking, claiming that the information was illegally obtained from Hunter Biden's hard drive. This episode discusses the nature of censorship and the recent allegations connecting Joe Biden to the Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma.

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Hotels were evacuated, many residents in the neighborhood left, there was no telling what Hurricane Delta was capable of destroying when it was rated a category 4 with 190 mph gusts and no signs of slowing down. Lucky for us, residents of Playa del Carmen (projected city of landfall), the Hurricane had an eye that collapsed in itself only hours before landfall, essentially weakening it from a category 4 to a category 2. Nonetheless the experience of riding out this hurricane was pretty intense and nerve-racking regardless of it's downgraded category. Here is some intense footage of what it was like to be inside the eye of a Hurricane.

One of the most common, but nonetheless strange phenomena related to UFOs and Aliens is the cattle mutilation phenomenon. Often times, the cow or bull will have precise surgical procedures done to them, reminiscent of laser cuts, with certain organs taken out: tongue, genitals, and most perplexing the extraction of blood. The animals are often displaying no signs of struggle, bruises, friction burn, which makes these cases all the more mysterious.

In this particular case a rancher in Oregon discovered his prized Angus cow mutilated, and laying straight over it's front legs, a position the rancher said would be impossible for the cow to get into on it's own. The rancher did find a footprint about 100 yards away that he believes is not his, however this does not dispel the first (less publicized) cattle mutilation case that he encountered in his ranch, nor does it do away with the thousand of mysterious cases that have transpired in the last half-century.

Famed ufologist Linda Multon Howe has discussed in numerous occasions how this very phenomenon of cattle mutilation is the catalyst that brought her to eventually research and accepts the UFO extra terrestrial Alien possibility.

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Everything in life must eventually come to an end. Relationships can be challenging.l sometimes, but they are even more difficult in the midst of a pandemic. I was left alone to start new in a sudden unexpected turn that took me a while to understand. I am going to leave the country, which I believe to be the road less travled for me personally. My opposite in leaving teamed up with a YouTube group I always wanted to work; this was was doubly hurtful. Regardless, the past is the past, and true succes can only come with a process of letting go and moving forward. I intend to do this in a foreign country to reset my system, start new, and improve the quality of my work, including this channel, and improve the quality of my soul 😀

2020 has been another year of unprecedented UFO Disclosure, The Pentagon has already admitted that what people often term flying saucers (UAVs [Unidentified Aerial Vehicles) are indeed real. But what does that mean, is it military, is it foreign adversaries, or something more extraordinary?

Popular Mechanics, in their article by Andrew Daniels “Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles Not made on This Earth’,” reveal that the UFOs that so many skeptics have pegged as simply illusions, misidentified crafts, or secret military vehicles may not have a simple mundane explanation.In fact, some companies, such Aerospace Bigelow, may actually have extra terrestrial materials that can be proven to not have been made on this planet. Does this mean extra terrestrial aliens are real? Well, what we can say is that rarely has mainstream press admitted to something so extraordinary in such a blunt manner. UFO Disclosure may have finally arrived in 2020! Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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On July 17th, 2020 on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast investigative journalist George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell discussed the Bob Lazar story and whether flying saucers are real and credible. Did they manage to convince Joe Rogan that UFOs may indeed be real? Though Jeremy Corbell has been on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast show before, one time with Bob Lazar himself, this particular podcast episode was a first for George Knapp. As this channel has discussed Bob Lazar in the past, and has had a serious interest in UFOlogy, I will attempt to break down some of the discussions, in an analysis manner, where perhaps added ideas can be contributed to the overall discussion of whether UFOs are real. And if real, are UFOs (UAPs) extra terrestrial?

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On July 17th, 2020 on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast investigative journalist George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell discussed the Bob Lazar story and whether flying saucers are real and credible. Did they manage to convince Joe Rogan that UFOs may indeed be real? Though Jeremy Corbell has been on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast show before, one time with Bob Lazar himself, this particular podcast episode was a first for George Knapp. As this channel has discussed Bob Lazar in the past, and has had a serious interest in UFOlogy, I will attempt to break down some of the discussions, in an analysis manner, where perhaps added ideas can be contributed to the overall discussion of whether UFOs are real. And if real, are UFOs (UAPs) extra terrestrial?

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For years now, Silicon Valley tech giants have been progressively taking away our freedom of speech via cancel culture and the implementation of negative financial incentives (i.e. demonetization) especially against what they term fake news or conspiracy channels. This is essentially taking away people’s opinion, or at least if they are deemed too edgy by often times undisclosed parties. But why, what is the end game in all this censorship against opinions and channels that are trying to investigate the truth? Which comes to the next point, what does “conspiracy theory” even mean?

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In 2020 it seems to be almost trendy to be authoritarian-leaning. To supposedly care for the entire system as opposed to oneself, sounds nice in practice, but historically speaking it doesn’t always work out in the favor for the people. China has had a major role in normalizing communism for the rest of the world, not to mention that their unprecedented GDP growth has led many experts to accept communism more so than in the past. China’s growth has come at a cost, however, and that is freedom. If you happen to be Muslin, the same system that purports to help the people may instead throw you in a concentration camp scenario. If you happen to be a dissident of the Government, or disagree with their politics, the same fate may apply to you. The point I would hope is obvious, at least it was for the United States founding fathers, is that for a Governing system to prosper, and for individuals to be protected against big governments, there needs to be modes of checks and balance against the Government itself. In the U.S., for example, you have protection of the press as well the ability to arm yourself to protect yourself from others, which includes aspects of the Government that has become tyrannical. In China, the system can never be challenged from the people’s perspective without a bloody revolt, so in essence the system is set-up to progressively etch away at human rights while silencing their opinions, since the incentive of the system is more aligned with self-preservation as opposed to the preservation of the individual status. China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, closing domestic flights while encouraging international flights to not affect business, is a perfect example of this big government self-preservation behavior at the cost of others. Not to mention that much of China’s recent growth was in part due to stolen intellectual property of the U.S. and other nations. If the WHO is being corrupted by China, and China is more concerned with taking away people’s freedom-of-speech and are essentially dictating a New World Order for the rest of the world to follow, why are certain platforms banning people for not following suit with the World Health Organization? I guess you can see why it imperative to make episodes like these that challenge the notion of taking away our inalienable rights, including our freedom of speech.

Prior to the democratic primaries in 2016, there was a criminal FBI investigation taking place regarding Hllary Clinton and her deleted emails, many that could have indicated what had transpired during the Benghazi fiasco. FBI Director James Comey was days from a making a decision whether to recommend criminal prosecution to Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General at the time. However, days prior to the FBI's decision, Bill Clinton landed in the same Tarmac that Loretta Lynch had landed, essentially their planes being coincidentally on the same vicinity only days prior to the investigation. Loretta Lynch went inside Bill's airplane in what was later claimed to have been nothing more than "pleasantries."What really transpired inside that airplane that fateful day, and why does it matter in 2020?

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BREAKING PANDEMIC NEWS: Somebody else just died, and sorry for telling you to not wear masks in the beginning. I know your uncle might be dying from a rare lung cancer after being a hero and helping out countless victims in the rubble of the WTC towers, just cause we (EPA) said the air is all-good to breath, but hey we are the AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT, we mean well and so can you give me a rain pass :) right? Now talking about breathing, we need you to NOT EXIST on this planet in open door areas like the OCEAN, and instead wear MASKS so that you CAN BREATH LESS for us. Don't worry, your uncle doesn't have to wear a mask since he is a cancer patient.

That's the essence of what the ever-more authoritarian state is telling us. Let's take away the negative energy and focus on what makes us happy, and what motivates us. Our minds are like sponges, we need to be considerate conscious the type of water we expose it to.

Since the onset of 2ndEarth Alternative, this channel has been set on discovering what UFOs and extra terrestrial Aliens are all about. In our second episode we highlighted an individual by the name of Chritopher Mellon, who later went to be one of the four founding members of To The Stars Academy, who unveiled the Tic-Tac UFO, most commonly knows as fighter pilot UFO, as well as slew of other information from many credible individuals such as Luis Elizondo, who worked for the Pentagon. Months later Bob Bigelow went on 60-minutes, a billionaire who is contracted by NASA, discloses that indeed UFOs and little green men (extra terrestrials) are real. Has UFO and Alien disclosure already happened? Let us know in the comment section.

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2ndEarth reports on the latest eclectic topics; from UFO disclosure, to Earth mysteries, and even A.I. advancements. It it's not being covered by the mainstream news, there is a good chance we may have an episode on the topic. 2ndEarth prides itself in being credible, whether confirming or debunking cases. We have had a great track record for being right more often than not, and at times have even been outright predictive with certain episodes. We predicted that the Ichthyosaur (largest marine reptile) fossil had to actually be larger than the paleontology consensus based on our own findings a year before National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine confirmed this claim. We also highlighted Christopher Mellon in only our second episode, and a year later he was introduced as one of four TTSA (To The Stars Academy) members who brought forward the UFO pentagon disclosure to the mainstream news, including the famed NY Times story. Let's not forget about the alien abduction episode that accurately described a near identical account to the one presented only three days later at the premiere of the film, "Australian Skies 2."

If you are looking for credible information on far-off topics, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to 2ndEarth.