Jimmy Dore exposes Hillary Clinton corruption! In this unique video compilation we flashback to 2016 to showcase the times we were making nearly identical comments as the October 2019 Jimmy Dore show. If you didn't know that channel 2ndEarth News was censored from 12,000 views to less than 200 views. When we switched topics away from politics, the channel got 50,000 views in it's first show. Strange to say the least.

So is Jimmy Dore correct with his Hillary corruption assertions? Given that much of the information is factually based and have been reported years later, almost verbatim (a Standford study being one of them) I would say mostly yes.

The 2016 primaries saw all kinds of unprecedented occurrences. For starters there was the the ousting of Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the DNC, who was replaced by Donna Brazile. Donna Brazile wasn't just a CNN correspondent, bu she alsot ended up writing a biographical book detailing not just the corruption from the DNC, with even Elizabeth Warren admitting that the DNC was "rigged," but also discussing the mistreatment she endured under the hands of Hillary Clinton. As Wikileaks continued to leak information, it was later learned that the Clintons had essentially hijacked the entire DNC process by funding democrats via the Clinton Foundation.

Also discussed in 2016 in our first political show, was the idea that 20% of the reserved Uranium in Wyoming was sold to Russia, while Bill Clinton was making speeches in Russia (getting paid by the Kremlin) and Hillary Clinton was working as Secretary of State under Obama's reign.

So you can see the irony when it was the Steele dossier that led to the Mueller investigation, which accused President Trump of embedding with the Russians to interfere with US elections. The truth, however, in direct opposition was that Hillary Clinton had more prevalent connections to the Russians than Trump. Wikileaks founder. Julian Assange expressed the same sentiments regarding the Russian e..

Earth needs us to care - PROTECT OUR HOME PLANET!
Be ware of political manipulation! True change and power lies with the people when they are united in a cause that has the positive intention of lifting humanity in aggregate; it's the polar opposite of what inspires special interest groups. Be inspired, be tolerant to diversity, and be truthful! Humanity is 99.9 percent similar to one another.

NOTE: The word "bad" in this video is contextually meant as caring only for oneself and not others.#ClintonCorruption #SavePlanetEarth . The environment matters, we need to be open to care for this planet beyond our inner circles of privileged.

While searching for anomalies via Google Earth in Antarctica, we discovered by chance something quite remarkable in the receding ice patches of Antarctica. Using Google Earth, I found what looked to be a fully intact fossil of a potential Ichthyosaur, the biggest marine reptile Earth has ever seen. The only issue is that while Ichthyosaurs were thought to grow upwards of 70 ft in length, the fossil discovery was 115 feet long — a little too large for it to be a simple outlier. We published this potential Ichthyosaur discover in 2017, still convinced that the fossil looked too close to the Ichthyosaurs class of marine reptiles to completely dispute the idea. Not longer than a year later the Smithsonian magazine in conjunction with the National Geographic published articles detailing new findings that indeed Ichthyosaurs are at least 33% larger than previously thought, and possibly larger than even blue whales.

So our only paleontology episode in 150 videos surveying Google Earth in Antarctica so happens to name the exact species, Ichthyosaur that a year later became the paleontology story of the year! Could this be just an incredible coincidence, or is it an independent confirmation that indeed this huge potential discovery is real? Not to mention that the findings were directly related the size of Ichthyosaur being larger, something we suspected a year before.

Then in early October 2019 scientists published their “ground breaking” discovery that Antarctica happens to be a treasure trove of marine reptiles fossils, specifically ones living 250 millions years ago, the exact date Ichthyosaurs first arrived on planet Earth. Yep, you can say the evidence is pilling up.

Lastly we discuss new evidence that seems to indicate that indeed a comet likely stuck Earth 12,800 years ago massively disrupting human civilization. We believe, and with good reasons, that this cataclysm might have been responsible for the final extinction of Neanderthals!


All too often in seeking for what is hidden in this world, this channel ends up reporting on a negative story. But life is not about shielding oneself from what is negative in life, some times we just have to seize the day (Carpe Diem). Happy Venice beach skateboarder grinding it out in an amazing Venice Beach sunset.

#VeniceSkateboarders #VeniceBeach #SkateboardMontage


Song "The Choke" by Saves The Day

“UFOs are real,” is the trending story of 2019. The internet was placed into a frenzy when the US Navy announced that indeed UFOs are unidentified crafts. And this came only months after Bob Lazar appeared on the Joe Rogan show, shocking many Americans with his revelations of back engineering UFOs at S4 an adjacent military instillation to Area 51.

This channel has been reporting on UFOs (Extra Terrestrials or military) for four years, and by accident 2ndEarth’s second episode was about Christopher Mellon, an individual who became one of four To The Stars Academy (TTSA) primary founders that began the UFO craze with the jet fighter pilot tic tac ufo that was announced to the world by mainstream news organization like MSNBC, FOX, CBS, and CNN. Before reporting on UFOs, 2ndEarth was reporting on the corruption happening in the 2016 DNC primaries. You can excuse us in calling CNN fake news, when it took them a year to catch up to our reporting that the DNC was being corrupted by Democrats accepting donations via the Clinton Foundation, when it was CNN who sledge hammered Americans into accepting super delegates for Hillary. I guess they can have it both ways in this current climate of fake news. They get the stories wrong, they mock UFO believers, and in the end they are rewarded with millions of views, while this channel has been taken down to the tunes of 10,000% of our previous views while getting 0 views for reporting on Bob Lazar even before Jeremy Corbell’s documentary.

So what to say? I guess it doesn’t matter if you were right all along. In commemoration of the Navy publicly announcing that indeed UFOs are real, or in their eyes completely unexplained I wanted to make this video to discuss the philosophical implications of what it means to see flying saucers in our skies that we cannot explain away easily. Why has UFOs been reported on since the Renaissance period? Are UFOs related to religion? And, do the presence of UFOs imply the existence of extra ter..

Breaking down CNN's report on Area 51 raid and Navy UFO confirmation! Yes, the kids, the campers, and the ravers have made it to Area 51, well barely, with a couple thousand people of millions of signed pledges actually committing to making the trip.

We go over CNN's latest news clip discussing UFOs and Aliens, and what transpired at the secret Area 51 base raid, or lack of raid. CNN wants you to believe Aliens are not real... so much so that they bring an astronaut to reason with the public why UFOs, or UAPs as often reported by the Navy, don't have to be unknown as the Navy is reporting it, rather aeronautical secret technologies that are classified according to the astronaut that they bring on.

Alien Harvest Season - They are here and ready. Navy says UFOs are real!!

Look back, and the parcels of truth remain hidden waiting to be uneartherd. Like a Dan Brown novel, our planet is open to be decoded. Our history has many mysteries yet to be solved. Look up at the skies, what do you see? Stars, Planets, maybe other homes? Could the illuminated ones in control actually be worshipping sky gods, or as we have to come to term in modern times extra terrestrial Aliens?

We provide irrefutable evidence that at least some cultures like Egyptians and Dogon tribe acquired knowledge from sky gods that otherwise they should not have been able to know, as referenced in Laird Scranton’s “Science of Dogon.” It remains a mystery as to how so many disparate cultures around the world were able to know astronomical knowledge similar to one another, as well as specific astronomical observations of the Sirius star system which was only discovered recently, published in 1994 in the Science and Astronomy Journal.

Could all of these ancient cultures: Sumerians, Babylonians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Dogon People, and Hopi Indians have Illuminati connections? We think so. The Dogon people may just have had some of the earliest secret societies in Africa, and perhaps the rest of the world.

Have you ever heard of the underwater stonehenge structures discovered around the world the last few decades? Yes, as unlikely as it seems, there seems to be strange underwater structures that eerily resemble the sky calendar we have come to know as the stonehenge monuments in England.

Graham Hancock, alternative historian, showcases some very interesting images from dive sessions he had in Japan, where he studied in multiple dive sessions what has been termed the Yonaguni Monuments. The submerged Japanese archeological site is not only interesting, it could essentially rewrite human history if confirmed by academics. One of the more interesting sites in Japan, located 400 miles from Yonaguni, is a circle of stone pillars that resembles the famed stonehenge structure in England.

How capable were ancient humans, and why did they universally build stonehenge and pyramid like structures around the world? Could the similar stonehenge and pyramid like structures found around the world imply that the cultures of the world universally connected to the same source of knowledge? It seems difficult to explain how Yonaguni underwater monuments could match structures found under a lake in Michigan. These are some of the critical historical questions we attempt to tackle in this video.

The #ForbiddenArcheology is the result of #JapaneseMonuments that look like #UnderwaterStonehenge being studied by researchers like Graham Hancock, Robert Schauch, the late John Anthony West, and Randall Carlson.

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Please check out Graham's work on this webs..

The future is here when it comes to A.I. and cognitive studies. Scientists at University of California San Diego have managed to created self-organizing, growing brain cells (organoids) in an attempt to understand cognitive diseases better. After retrofitting the biohybrid organoid robot-cell entity with an artificial retina and electrodes, the organoids began to grow. Even more creepy, these robotic cells began to produce brain wave patters akin to what embryos make when they are beginning to develop. Scary how far fast humanity has skyrocketed into the future of artificial intelligence come 2020.

Talking about rockets, the experiment headed by Alysson Muotri, also included shooting the organoids into space. The cells seemed to have an autonomous sense of conscious self, as they did not mingle with one another while floating in space. Is this a form of rudimentary consciousness?

So what does the future for artificial intelligence hold in 2020? It seems with new advancements in the A.I. components like artificial electrodes with self assembling biological brain cells, it is kind of a scary future with ethically dubious scientific research and development seemingly impending.

Will these brain-like organoids ever be used in conjunction with building an artificial brain for a social robot like Sophia of Hanson robotics? The fact that biological self-assembling cells (mini brains) could theoretically store inherent human tendencies, for a robot to understand a human better, it certainly seems like a feasible next step for A.I.development in 2020. The danger of artificial intelligence is not only real, it is here!

#AIDANGER #ArtificialIntelligence #AI2020

Any support from the community is not only noticed, it is very helpful and much appreciated!

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It is a havoc of a Labor Day when it comes to weather. As Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 hurricane, approaches the mainland US East coast residents are getting ready to evacuate. This hurricane ravaged all of the Bahamas and the Abaco Islands, creating was said to be “unprecedented destruction,” with winds breaking the 200 mph benchmark that is more commonly associated with tornadoes. The most dangerous aspect of this is storm is how slowly it is moving. It’s tracking at a snail’s pace of 1-2 mph (last updated Mon. 12:00pm). Though pressure is decreasing, the circumference of the hurricane is getting bigger.

My parents live in Stuart, Fl, which unfortunately lies in the cone of uncertainty when it comes to a potential hit. Even that wasn’t concerning enough, we haven’t even reached the peak of hurricane season yet, as other hurricanes have begun to form around the world. Let’s pray Florida and North Carolina come out with minimal damage.

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#HurricaneDorian #Dorian #DorianFlorida

China’s Chang’e-4 lunar rover has discovered a strange and mysterious ‘gel-like’ substance while examining the far side of the moon.

The rover Yutu-2, made the discovery in only it’s eight day of exploration, surprising scientists. There wasn’t much further detail given, outside of the enticing description that must be getting moon fanatics all excited about what the discovery could be, but to say ‘gel-like’ seems strange as the lunar surface is incapable of retaining liquids. Though water vapors have been detected in the past, that barometric pressure is close to kill.

Other have speculated that perhaps this is a meteor glass, formulated by the high-heat impact. Surprisingly, this wouldn’t be the first time glass-like shards have been discovered on the moon. Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmidt discovered orange-colored soil that turned out to be contaminated with a distant volcanic eruption. So what strange green substance is lurking on the dark side of the moon? I guess only time will tell.

Also, an UPDATE on Tulsi Gabbard and the DNC essentially stiffing her from the next debates.

The #moonmystery was discovered by the #ChineseLunarRover called #Yutu2, which discovered strange #greenSubstance on the dark side of the moon.


Styhexenhammer666 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pNDtLCYxzk

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UFOs are real, and this channel is dead set on understanding more!
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We cover the topic of UFOs, extraterrestrial visitations, mass sightings, earth mysteries, and the advancement of A.I..

We strive to go deep with our episodes. Truth to some can be subjective, but what's not subjective is how you attempt to attain truth. Are you courageous? Are you willing to sacrifice for a greater good? No matter the race, the class, or the sex, we all smile the same. We all have the same fervor for success and doing what is best for the world. In short, what we strive after is truth done the right way. It's easy to submit to what seems easy and safe, but then what? Will you sleep better at night knowing that a part of you didn't take full grip of the UFO and extra terrestrial reality that was starring right into your eyes the whole time. If you have no see a UFO, or been part of some mass sightings event, chances are you have a friend who has.

Look into the stars, and tell me what you see? Little white dots, just massive balls of gas igniting with fusions, other planets, maybe other homes? Extra terrestrial life is real. UFOs are real, and this channel will stop at nothing to get to the bottom line of this mystery that has been the source of so much secrecy on this beautiful planet.

To my amazement, it seems that the NASA Mars lights UFO anomaly we previously reported on looks exactly like some Mayan artifacts reminiscent of flying vehicles! Whats more, it is not just the Mayans that depicted the UFO anomalous artifacts as single-manned flying vehicles, the Hindu had their own version in their ancient manuscripts (Sankrit epics and Hindu tests), called Vimanas (quoted from Pushpaka Vimana of Ravana [Vedas text]).

UFOs and ARVs (Alien Replicate Vehicles) have been witnessed since the dawn of time. Many skeptics assume that the UFO phenomenon and recent Disclosure Project is jus a modern adaptation of fanatic minds with a world ever expanding in information. In truth, these UFO sightings have been happening for much longer than our society, as is reported in some of humanity’s oldest manuscripts.

A month ago this channel 2ndEarth reported on the Mars anomalous lights. After some photo analysis, we came to the conclusion that this is likely an object, an unidentified flying object, to be exact. Only a month later, I incidentally came across some images of Mayan (Remojades) and Aztec artifacts and figurines. As it turns out, the Mayans had many figurines of gods akin to Kukulkan and Quetzacoatl manning one-manned vehicles, not too different from the pod racer type UFOs we reported on months before.

Is this a big coincidence, or is there a deeper connection that roots itself to ancient gods like Shiva and war-associated planets like Mars?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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2ndEarth: In the News - published 10/23/19 - New Zealand man threatens to kills his childhood friend and his friend’s father over a $10,000 over a bet whether the earth is round or flat. Louie Franz was confronted on multiple occasions by his childhood friend, Jamie Mathew Sutherland, at one point being told “I’ll shoot you and your father, put you in the trunk and they’ll never see you again” over a flat earth bet, citing that the earth is round and Jamie has lost the bet. The harassing party, Jamie Mathew Sutherland was charged with threatening his friend, Louie Franz and his father, and was forced to apologize to the dual despite “winning the bet” that the Earth is indeed round and not flat.

In other news, Tulsi Gabbard is struggling to qualify in polls. Is there a DNC coverup behind the Google censorship acts, and Tulsi’s strange poll results? After the first Democratic Debate, there was only four qualifying polls conducted, and some polls were done will dubious methods (like CNN polling only people over the age of 50). Why is the economist poll not included in the qualifying polls?Tulsi is trying to petition the DNC’s methodology at determining which candidate qualify for the upcoming elections. Given Tulsi endorsed Bernie Sanders in the last elections, it’s no surprise that she being stiffed by the Democratic National Convention the was mostly controlled by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton.

Please leave your thought and comments below.

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The year 2019 is fast approaching and the robots are not getting any dumber. Do your pets instinctually feel the danger behind A.I.? I may be only half kidding. In this funny animal compilation and pet reaction video, we show why our beloved pets are so frightened by the coming robot apocalypse. With artificial intelligence on the rise, you have to wonder if your cat or dog recognizes the dangers associated with A.I. and these robots? If you ask Elon Musk or departed Stephen Hawking, they will both say that there is a potentially very perilous future with artificial intelligence, and the advancement of A.I. should be taken with precaution. Many A.I. researchers are predicting a dangerous future with machine learning and robotic enhancements..

But is anyone listening to the A.I. Danger warnings? Perhaps you pet is. Known for being highly intuitive, pets are often great predictors of earthquakes and other natural disasters. Your dog can also be a great judge of character, warding of dangerous people. And have you heard that cats can see ghosts? So with the singularity fast approaching pets across the world are becoming ever more afraid of the innovative robots that the robotic industry has manufactured to the consumers. It is very up to debate whether artificial intelligence companies, such as Hanson Robotics with robots like Sophia, will indeed pose an impending danger to the future of humanity. Is a robot takeover possible? Dog only knows.

Venus figurines are the stone-age Paleolithic females statues found in much of Europe, Russia, and pockets of Middle East. Venus figurines, some covered in red ocher, generally date between 11,00 years to 40,000 years old, with one outlier in Israel that is thought to have been created by Homo Erectus.

The big question is: Are the Venus figurines, female figures with exaggerated sexual anatomy parts (breasts, hips, uvula) really made by Cro-Magnom that later evolved to Homo Sapiens, or are they another example of a newly discovered type of Neanderthal art?

Few academic, if any, have yet to propose this idea. Perhaps because the dates of the supposed Neanderthal presence doesn’t quite align with the date of when Homo Sapiens or Cro-Magnom [archaic human with higher Neanderthal DNA] first arrived in Europe. We attempt to showcase evidence, especially with Gobekli Tepe (by Michael Collins) that Neanderthals may have lived much longer, up till 12,800 years ago.

But if Neanderthals can be determined to have outlived the 40,000 year benchmark commonly assumed by academics, would it make more sense to think that the Venus figurines, whose anatomy more closely fit the Neanderthals, actually be Neanderthal as opposed to the previously assumed Homo Sapiens (Cro-Magnom)?

New research has expanded on the idea that Neanderthals were not just anatomically adapt at doing fine arts with their hands, they also harbored the dream-quality intelligence to be cognitively capable of doing so. The cave painting evidence in caves like the El-Castillo caves in Spain, which were dated to 64,800 yeas ago (via red ocher) seem to indicate that Neanderthals were responsible for cave art paintings that were previously thought to be exclusively human made.

Could the Venus figurine artifacts discovered in much of Europe, Upper Middle East, and Russia just be another example of how little we underestimated our cavemen cousins?

We believe we may be algorithmically shadow-banned by YouTube. T..

TR-3B BLACK TRIANGLE UFOS - Are they ALIEN or GOVERNMENT? If not not extra terrestrial, could they be inspired by Aliens?

Call what you will, UFO, UAV, ARV (Alien Replicate Vehicles), AAT, UAP, etc... it does not matter, what matters is that it appears that our aeronautical capabilities may have been inspired by extraterrestrial sources, at least that's our opinion.

It may shock you to know that there is also a patent for this TR-3B triangular UFO. As was mentioned in previous episodes, it appears the Navy also has a patent of their own UFO design. Surprisingly enough, both aeronautical designs, which produce anti-gravity effects utilize perpendicular electromagnetic fields to create the space-time benditure that allows the crafts to stay afloat (a true anti-gravity craft).

Some have speculated that the T3-RB may indeed be a time machine, but if the craft is capable of harnessing propulsion by bending space-time, it's not completely out of the question to wonder if the effects can be applied to time traveling.

The big question is not whether TR-3Bs exist, rather it's who inspired the engineering of such crafts? Could an Alien civilization account for this breakthrough technology, or is there more mundane answer to this mystery.

We analyzed multiple images of supposed TR3B UFOs in Photoshop to see if we can extract any further details on these black triangular crafts. Some of these images came from the Belgium government themselves. like the French, the Belgium Air Force was one of the first government agencies to publicly showcase UFOs, to which they displayed the black triangular UFOs.


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Who was our “Jack Ruby?" Jeffery Epstein, a pedophile who was waiting trial for crimes against children was found dead from apparent suicide. The only problem is who commits suicide on suicide watch? That’s right, Jeffery Epstein has already allegedly attempted suicide only a month before. I think Tim Pool made a great point when he quoted Occam’s Razor, stating that it might be actually more probable to think that elite wealthy men, some of them Democrats, who were being implicated for crimes against children may indeed find a way to exterminate their threat (paraphrasing); to kill Jeffery Epstein.

Styhexenhammer also does a great job of analyzing why this suspicious suicide may indeed turn the concept of “conspiracy theories” on its head. But it’s not just YouTubers who are alleging that the death may be a murder as opposed to a suicide, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC stated in a tweet that the death seems to be too neat for it to be coincidental, half-facetiously blaming the Russians, or another interpretation was that he meant Epstein was killed in Russian-style (mafioso). Irregardless, if Jeffrey Epstein was indeed murdered, it seems many elite individuals potentially implicated with Jeffery Epstein’s crimes against minors will be sleeping sounder tonight.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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Why is Democratic candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, allegedly being CENSORED by GOOGLE? Don’t take my word for it,Tulsi Gabbard, who is running to become President in 2020 is suing Google for 50 million dollars after Google suspended her account due to “suspicscious activity” only hours after the Democratic Debates. Not only was Tulsi Gabbard the most searched candidate from the Democratic Debates, Google only reinstated her account six hours later, after most of America had gone to bed. Talk about elections meddling?

What happened with the Mueller report and Senate hearing? Was Mueller lying while pretending that he has the ability to exonerate President Donald Trump?

Is it true that Russian bots are behind the popularity of Tulsi Gabbard, or is this another conspiracy smear propagated by unknown or not-investigated sources?

Tulsi Gabbard is running for president in 2020. Many independent online channels have endorsed Tulsi Gabbard including Jimmy Dore (previous contributor for The Young Turks). Others who support her bid for Presidency but may not have officially endorsed her yet are: Joe Rogan, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Styhexenhammer666, Carl Benjamins (Sargon of Akkad), Luke Rudolski (We Are Change), etc…
Given the massive online supporte Tulsi Gabbard has garnered from other independent and moderate minded YouTubers, it’s tough to think that Kamala Harris was being sincere when calling Tulsi Gabbard a 1% support candidate.

Could Tulsi Gabbard defeat Donald Trump come elections in 2020? Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

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Yes, people all over America are claiming that our politics has gone awry, just crazy, pure insanity! Is there a root cause for all this political confusion as well as the pervasive anti-Trump media coverage? Did the Clintons influence the Steele Dossier, nearly indicting the United States of America president, Donald Trump?

Why is Tulsi Gabbard suing Google on an alleged censorship claim? The left and the right have been warring the last couple years over many issues. You could say it has been decades since America was so heated politically. Are the Republicans and Democrats ever able to come to common ground?

For a democracy to function, one important ingredient is an informed populace. If Google is indeed censoring, what does that say about the future of our democracy? Tulsi Gabbard has had an onslaught of online endorsements, but strangely enough political polls still places her in the low single digits. Lastly is Clinton body count trending in Twitter (#clintonbodycount) any indication of the potential criminal actions associated with Hillary Clinton and Bill in their past? Or is it just simply a conspiracy as the Washington Post asserts? Though we don’t touch on the Detroit democratic debate, we do go over the issues that Tulsi Gabbard had with Google on the previous democratic debates.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below

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REAL PHOTOS of extra terrestrial ALIENS taken seven decades apart. One was taken in 2018 by an alien abduction victim. The other photograph was famously captured in 1952, New Jersey.

Though shot nearly seven decades apart, the analysis show eerie similarities. Are extra terrestrials sometimes visible when piloting their flying saucers. Did big question is if UFOs are real, who are piloting these crafts. Are they military UFOs or are they more like ARVs (Alien replicate vehicles. Who are the occupants of these Unidentified Flying Objects? Do you see an an extra terrestrial ALIEN?

Please comment below
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Jaw dropping, unbelievable UFO evidence from already mentioned ALIEN ABDUCTION victim - 2019 evidence. SHOCKING! Are these crafts piloted by extra terrestrials? Perhaps the best UFO evidence 2019 to date for this little UFO YouTube channel.

We used Photoshop to analyze the unidentified flying object to see if there are any new details that inidicates these crafts are either terrestrial and extra terrestrial. Interestingly enough, we did uncover some interesting light and color signatures emanating from this UFO that seems to indicate it is exotic and perhaps extra terrestrial.

In addition we review more images of UFOs from another alien abduction victim for comparison purposes. Could all these alien abduction victims be making up a fantastical story, or are the corresponding UFO evidence (perhaps some of the best UFO evidence I’ve seen n 2019) be the proof that indeed WE ARE NOT ALONE?

UFO Disclosure in 2019 seems imminent.

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President Donald Trump in NOT racist, he is just a winner. In a stunning twist of political play, Donald Trump has united disparate factions of the Democratic party over his racists tweets. But was Donald Trump really being racist? Nancy Pelosi apparently took the bait and convened with AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez) and the rest of the progressive “squad” (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressly) to cease on the opportunity of condemning president Trump once again. All the while in the background, president Trump was implementing new crucial regulations regarding immigrant asylum seekers, which would restrict crossings from multiple countries. The racist tweets issue was placed on the frontlines of democratic discussions, which resulted in Democratic House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi not only looking hypocritical (at one time being accused of being racists, and then joining forces with the “squad”), she managed to go out of order in the proceedings visibly frustrating many democrats while highlight the loosing mentality that is often associated with racial identity politics?

Is Donald Trump complicit in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? Watch and find out our opinion. Will Donald Trump win the elections come 2020? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Oh snap, who wants "to see them aliens" at Area 51? And, what are protesters planning to do at the secret government facility in Nevada? Intent on escalating an inconceivable encounter you think you would only see in a movie like “Independence Day,” over half a million people have signed a petition indicating their intent to invade the NO TRESPASSING Area 51 base and "see them aliens".

In this episode will also examine UFOs on the NASA images of the Apollo images using Photoshop’s 2.0. Are extra terrestrial aliens piloting the crafts. We analyze the anomalous images with an A.I. filter to see what other details we can be brought about from the NASA archives. Lastly, how to these UFO crafts share commonalities with the Bob Lazar working at Area 51 (S4) description on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast?

Contact; [email protected]
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2ndEarth in intent on covering the latest subjects regarding UFOs, extra terrestrial Aliens, and the secret government programs, including Area 51!


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2ndEarth reports on the latest eclectic topics; from UFO disclosure, to Earth mysteries, and even A.I. advancements. It it's not being covered by the mainstream news, there is a good chance we may have an episode on the topic. 2ndEarth prides itself in being credible, whether confirming or debunking cases. We have had a great track record for being right more often than not, and at times have even been outright predictive with certain episodes. We predicted that the Ichthyosaur (largest marine reptile) fossil had to actually be larger than the paleontology consensus based on our own findings a year before National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine confirmed this claim. We also highlighted Christopher Mellon in only our second episode, and a year later he was introduced as one of four TTSA (To The Stars Academy) members who brought forward the UFO pentagon disclosure to the mainstream news, including the famed NY Times story. Let's not forget about the alien abduction episode that accurately described a near identical account to the one presented only three days later at the premiere of the film, "Australian Skies 2."

If you are looking for credible information on far-off topics, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to 2ndEarth.