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This is the greenhouse my brother and I built from scratch.

What do I need before February when I hope to start some plants?:

I had 2 designs in mind and blended them together on a piece of paper. I handed it to my brother and asked if he could build it. He said, "Sure".

After extensive reading on how greenhouses worked, we now have a fully operational greenhouse. It has automatic vents that lift when it reaches 85. It has an exhaust fan on one gable end that automatically turns on when it's 80. It has a circulating fan on the opposite gable that, unfortuantely, does have to be manually turned on to either low, medium, or high. In the font left corner, is an area for planting with a removable large green bucket. In the back of the greenhouse are 2 large rain-barrells that collect water from the roof and are hosed into the inside of the GH to water plants.

Lastly, we have electericity, as you probably already guessed. The only thing we don't have is a sink with a drain. I find I really don't need it. I just step outside, put dirty pots in a large tote of water and wash away. This is my second year with the greenhouse, and I wish I had made it bigger .. ha ha.

P.S. Live in southern New Hampshire, zone 5b.

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