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How much can someone be a "good person" if they unwittingly support authoritarian injustice? Larken Rose gives an excellent explanation in this video! This video is mirrored from

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In this video I share the latest news about the Globalists agenda New World Order for a Technocratic World Dictatorship. Check out the shownotes

In this video I read an article written by Henry Makow called Freemasonry: Mankind's Death Wish. Read the article here

In this video I share a video that reports how the World Economic Forum declares that the United States will eliminate elections and to have a council to appoint political leaders. Check out my website

In this video I discuss the latest headlines of the plan to abolish all national sovereignty and also the latest news about protests against the agenda to confuse children about their gender and sexuality. Check out the shownotes

Dr. Michael Yeadon gives a mind-blowing analysis on the Covid Scamdemic.
"Last week, I conducted a one-on-one interview with Michael Yeadon, PhD. As many are aware, Dr. Yeadon was formerly a chief scientist and vice president at Pfizer's Allergy and Respiratory Research division. However, in the wake of Covid-19, Dr. Yeadon emerged as one of the most prominent opponents of the Covid-19 vaccines, the associated mandates, and the broader vaccine agenda propagated by Big Pharma. It was one of the most interesting discussions I have had in some time, and there are a few surprises."
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In this excellent interview, David Icke has a discussion with David Whitehead (aka The Truth Warrior) and Josh Reid about who the Cabal is and how they control the world. Personally, it is a delight to for me to watch David Icke and David Whitehead together on a podcast because I have been a big fan of both of their work and I have had the privilege of interviewing both of them myself a while back, which you can watch those interviews on my playlist. This video is mirrored here

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Russ Dizdar is just a Christian, and although he has "delivered" hundreds of people from demonic possession he maintains it is just one aspect of the complete ministry of Jesus.

Nevertheless, over the past 30 years he has become an expert on Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Satanic Ritual Abuse, MKULTRA type mind control (sometimes called Trauma Based Mind Control.)

Because of his work with the victims and perpetrators of "Cult Crime" he has discovered an "underground" that most people could never imagine exists.
He says that these "Chosen Ones" are planning for something they term "The Black Awakening" and Russ and his team at (his ministry website)
Are seeking to do whatever they can to heal those involved, rescue victims, expose and bring to justice the perpetrators, and Let Them all know of the power and love of his king Jesus Christ.

In this video I read am excellent article that spreads the important message that there is no dangerous virus to hurt you, but it's the fear of viruses that will. Link to article
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Etienne and Sarah Westall discuss the slavery of "Government" - The difference
between a free man and a slave is that slave's can't say: NO! Get the rest of
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Check out the latest Litteral Truth Podcast Episodes September 15th-20th (2023)

On this video I share a short video that points out that the government in the US is using covid mandates to herd people into states. The dots that are connected and what to expect is very alarming! This video comes from the website
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Check out the latest Litteral Truth Podcast Episodes September 15th-20th (2023)

In this video I discuss some of the latest news and information about the jabs. Check out the shownotes
Check out the latest Litteral Truth Podcast Episodes September 15th-20th (2023)

In this video I discuss the potential plans for a series of events that could take place in October. Check out the shownotes
Check out the latest Litteral Truth Podcast Episodes September 15th-20th (2023)

In this video I share information that indicates a possible plan to use pulses of 5g frequencies to activate a payload of bioweapons that have been injected into people. Pray that it does not happen. Link to article
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Check out the latest Litteral Truth Podcast Episodes September 15th-20th (2023)

This video is a clip from the recent video by Jeff Berwick (Dollar Vigilante) where he shows the attacks of Directed Energy Weapons on Maui and how it compares very closely to the attacks of 911 where the use of Directed Energy Weapons were obviously used. He also shows witness testimony by Maui citizens who talk about how police were forcing people to stay in places where they would eventually be burnt alive. Only some disobeyed and lived to tell their story. He also shows witness testimony by citizens who testify about how the government have been evicting those who have property there but their property was not destroyed. Evil land grabs by government and the "Elite" who are forcing people out of their homes and property. This information HAS to be shared to the public because the mainstream media is not reporting on it!
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This video I give some final thoughts on 911. I highly recommend to watch part 1 and 2 as well.
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Today's 22nd anniversary of 9/11, begins with a LIVE interview (Sept. 11, 2023) from NYC with Richard Gage, Richard shares a wealth of evidence that contradicts the official story:
• Government's extraordinary hypothesis
• Sudden free fall, including Building 7
• Molten metal spheres, nano-thermite
• Pulverization
• Missing bodies
• Lateral ejections
• Problems with NIST report
And more…

Two more 9/11 bodies identified just before the 22nd anniversary but most have been disappeared. Why?

This is part 2 of the video I did yesterday about what really happened on 911. Watch part one

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Here is the video that I talked about in this video about the footage of a fake plane going into the WTC

This video is part one of a video series that I am doing on 911, 22 years later.
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In this video I go over an article by Henry Makow called "Porn is why men don't resist"

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Richard Hillgrove - Excellent advice about how to avoid reacting emotionally and reacting to make yourself a target during the Covid narrative.

In this video I discuss how the jabs were being produced well before 2020. I also show how the graph that shows how many countries have fully participated in the jab agenda also is a chart to show what parts of the world are controlled by the Illuminati. I also explain how BRICS is part of the NWO agenda as well as NATO.

Article on BRICS

*MUST SEE. Education you do NOT learn at ANY Level - high school or college.

NO Income Tax prior to 1913. NO Inheritance Tax prior to 1913. NO Inflation prior to 1913. You actually owned property prior to 1913.

Then the banking cabal took over in 1913 and have been convincing us to volunteer income to help them with their agenda which is to control the world and phase us out of the equation. So, we are self-funding our demise.

They knew from day 1 back in 1913 that this financial system would collapse so they have planned the date decades ago. They will have a RESET with a One World Digital System with rewards for "Social Behavior", this will be phased in so the sheep remain in their brain washed coma and will not see that it is created to imprison the masses.

They printed money at 7.12%, known as the Rule of 7 as the money supply doubled every 10 years. The problem is that base wealth doesn't double. This is INFLATION. Inflation is the INCREASE in SUPPLY of MONEY.

M1 = Original Money Supply in 1913.
M2= First double of money supply in 1923. All prices DOUBLE. A $2,000 house in 1913 now costs $4,000. Taxes INCREASE. Owning property becomes a BURDEN.

It compounds. Now be conscious of prices of new homes today and double that in 10 years and you can see how this is DEFINITELY going to fail. I would say it fails within the next 10 years.

This is a good lecture, well worth the time.

This was Don Fletcher. He lived in the San Francisco Bay Area (La Honda). He was seized by IRS in January, 2002. Spent time in Lompoc and Texas. Died in prison April, 2004. He took his Christianity pretty seriously.

In 2016, The Corbett Report released the 9/11 Suspects series in individual installments. Now, as we approach the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag, The Corbett Report is proud to re-release the documentary as a single upload. This release features updated visuals courtesy of video editor Broc West. Please spread the word about this important information.

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