since YouTube and others have decided to remove this speech, it is a strong indication that this speech has some 'meat in the sandwich' and promotes issues and ideas which the collective Borg left community finds uncomfortable and too rational.
While Trump needs no help from me, i also believe significant voices need to be presented, AWS will no doubt remove this video if i try to host this on my own account, so Bitchute it is!


Some jazz guitar for you, based on the wonderful tune written by Johnny Mercer many years ago, a 'Standard' with some improvised guitar, nice clean tone, courtesy of the BOSS Katana 100 1x12", and my audio rig. Mike Gorman: Guitar player

A piece of music I produced on some commonly available production tools. You don't have to like it, it is music which is a highly subjective matter.
Chromatic, a work of the imagination.

Don't be seduced by the many silicon Valley podcast communities, because they are simply trying to build their own media presence on the back of your work, and control the flow of free speech. Terms of Service becomes the de facto moral standards of our society, and media is once again controlled by central authorities, by the few who own the media platforms. IF you desire to build your own identity, your own media presence, and to by-pass the controllers of narratives, then you need to own your media assets! I teach you how to be a media asset owner, and to create your own digital media platform. https://www.webstruct.xyz - My name is Mike Gorman and I am on your side if you are a content producer, and part of the alternative media community.

Today we have many guru and expert types who seek to exploit our lack of awareness concerning the World Wide Web. There are many good people 'out there' who have incredibly valuable ideas, content which seeks to teach and inform others, creative/technical/practical styles of content. I am kind of conflicted, because I can help many different kinds of people with genuine resources, and communication chops - but in order to make them aware of these opportunities I have to present 'marketing'. I dislike advertising, I dislike cheesy sales strategies, I prefer to just tell you straight up what I can provide.
If you wish to build your independent Media Platform, and be supported, creatively, technically, give me a shout from the page listed in this description, let me know what you seek to achieve. https://www.webstruct.xyz/the-genuine-webstruct-community/

These days we absolutely need to understand the WWW, the internet, social media-but we also need to know how to practically build web media, pages, our own independent HQ our identity, we need to know how to produce!
Join Mike Gorman at the WEBSTRUCT community, and learn how to register your domain name, build a WordPress site, produce your own PODCAST, write your own articles, become a bona fide owner of your media company on the World Wide Web! Special digital education for today's communicators.


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