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Please share widely with your downline. Here we explain in less than 11 minutes the relationship between Israel-Abraham Burla (aka Bourla), Pfizer and the global deep state known as the Pilgrims Society.

Mike and Doug bring up some important historical documents that show President Abraham Lincoln knew what the bankers of his day were up to and called it out, only to be assassinated by a Pilgrims operative. Same think with John F. Kennedy... and the verdict is still out with Donald Trump.

The American Intelligence Media reviews Dr. Richard Fleming's book "Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon" and the result is clear - humanity is being genocided.

Let TRUTH HISTORY break the locks on our planetary PRISON and destroy our enslavers the Rothschilds and British banksters. To read the evidence that we have collected, go to: In the meantime, buckle up "butter cup" for history lessons that government indoctrination centers do not teach.

Mike, Doug, and Tyla explain the historic significance of the suppression of silver and why the bankers have to kill off humanity to hide their Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. To read our research and program notes:

Douglas and Tyla have been avid Trump supporters since he announced his run in 2015. If you don't believe us, look at the thousands of articles and videos we did - very supportive at We aren't 'Never Trumpers' ....

Then.... along came this evidence:

Weyne and Tyla get together to compare notes about what is going on in South Africa regarding the planned genocide operation by the Pilgrims Society.

This truther expresses his vision with art. What is your vibrational expression of the New Earth?

Move over Barak Obama, the internet has named DONALD TRUMP, Father of Vaccines, the new antichrist, Who better than Donald Trump for the AntiChrist to use as a human vehicle for 3 1/2 years to destroy humanity. He commands the world stage and his global popularity combined with Operation Warp Speed has already killed and maimed millions of people around the world.

Read the report and decide for yourself:

John B. Wells gets to the heart of the matter in this clip.

Correction to video: Alice Bailey’s husband was Foster Bailey not Paul Foster Case. St. Germain’s lodge in France that he participated in was The Nine Sisters not the Seven Muses. Sorry for the mistake, Douglas knew better than that but was going too fast and not being careful enough.

To read more:

Romala D. does a great job interviewing Mike and Doug. Hard to believe that Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed 'Father of Vaccines' and 'stable genius', doesn't know how the world really works. Make sure your downline is informed of REAL HISTORY and then start asking President Trump why he is not exposing this global evil from the British Pilgrims.

This hilarious exchange between Lionel and Douglas Gabriel (aka Thomas Pain-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists) was originally aired on YT in February 2018. It was removed and we are posting it here for preservation.

For those of you new to our channel, we have been researching and uploading articles and videos since 2015. Our mission is to provide documented and evidence-based research to citizens around the world. Over the years we have discovered that the evil being waging WAR on the world comes from the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY, not "Mr. Global" or the "Bug" or whatever nonsensical names our alt media colleagues call the enemy. To defeat the PILGRIMS SOCIETY war against humanity, you need to know who they are and how they do it. Check out to start your truth education. Use our search bar to locate research pieces on the people and topics that interest you.

Inside this link is a collection of top research items that we have produced and need to be shared with your network of truth seekers:

'Betsy and Thomas' have supported Donald Trump since the day he and Melania came down the escalator in Trump Towers to make their announcement. We are as devastated, as any of you might be, after discovering that Trump threw the whole world under the bus for big pharma with an executive action that he signed in January 2020. If what we discovered is part of a counter intelligence operation to expose and destroy the British Pilgrims, we need to know now. Is Trump a man of God and TRUTH or son of Satan and lies?

Listen and decide for yourself.

AIMCats have known for some time that Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, and Mitt Romney control the software in these rigged election boxes. It is called OPTECH. This video from November 30, 2020 was originally posted on YouTube until it was CENSORED. Re-uploaded. Please share widely.

This hilarious video was uploaded to Youtube on January 21, 2018. While it was there it received almost 1 million hits, plus it circulated dozens of mirrored copies. Eventually the truth became too much to handle so it was removed. Thanks to German AIMCat Huber for resurrecting a copy. Meow.

PS - Lionel doesn't call us anymore for interviews.

AIMCats have known since 2019 that Kamala Harris has BIRTHER issues - major ones that will not be easily covered up since we obtained an official copy of her record before she ran with Joe. Nancy Pelosi was supposed to vet her - but didn't tell the American people that she is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. This way, Nancy can step into the presidency 1 - 2 -3. Once Dictator Joe is deposed, Kamala becomes president for a few brief moments until Nancy waves her birth certificate in her face and says "Resign or be deported."

This video was uploaded to YouTube on August 25, 2020. It was removed shortly thereafter.

This video was featured on August 15, 2020 - long before most people were aware of the British Pilgrims plan to genocide the world. Once the cat was out of the bag and our video more timely for the censors at YouTube, it was removed. Now, we will start uploading our censored material to refresh our "lessons" for AIMCats.

Dr. Douglas Gabriel reviews Rudolf Steiner's indications for vaccinations in this video, which is supported by an article at

Also here:

Scotty is an AIMSOT graduate. Several years ago we met him online and shared this video of his life on the road. We have refreshed it on Bitchute. Please share widely.

This clip from AIMCat Africat in South Africa.


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