Tldr: learn how to write the föreningsintyg correctly and forget about those fudds.

Me doing a classic PRS skillstage with my suppressed AR15.

Sorry for shit video of me in the shadow.

Tldr: good enough

Filmed after it happened September 2019.
Media reported this a lot in Sweden but never mentioned afterwards that the attorney dropped all charges of hunting crimes for the man defending himself by killing a bear in self defense. This is why the video is not up until now.

Still has 4G full connection on my phone 😂
Filmed on my hunting trip 2019-09-25

If you do not want something painted, mask it with masking tape.


Because of stupid fudd laws these are what is available 2019-11-23 if you like fun firearms in Sweden on a hunting license.
1022 and bolt action + other cool stuff accessories for anything: https://scr.nu/
Browning Semi auto .308 etc: https://vildsvin.se/
Accessories: https://infitech.se/
Ruger PC carbine etc: http://fksport.se/ and http://kruttunnan.se/

My Russian Ishmash tigr SVDS clone
Norinco NDM-86 SVD mil clone.

Me showing of a typical Swedish hunting cabin.

Testing armor from this place: https://www.tyrprotection.com/epages/tyrprotection.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=Categories
9x19 (m39b)
7.62x39 (m43 and m67)
5.56 mil surplus
7.62x51 NATO spec.

Actually Tigr civilian version converted as far as I can (everything except barrel) to milspec.
Ammo is 7.62x54r military ball surplus from 1977.
Distance: 500m / 547 yards.

Stage 4: H´s to the Hesco´s. 8 shots, 3 minutes. 2 targets
1: 400 meters / 437 yards, 30cm / 11.8”
2: 700 meters / 765 yards, 50cm / 19”

Shooter must transition between 4 preselected positions on the hesco and the wooden barricade. 2 shots per position.
First 4 shots at 400m (Target 1), last 4 shots on 700m (target 2).

But mostly 2 beers 😂

...or how to legally have large magazine shotguns in Sweden.
vildsvin dot se sells them in Sweden


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