TLDW: My SIG716 is working fine. I should reload for it to get some nice accuracy as well.

A little cheap mod or modification for your dillon to make it a tiny bit more enjoyable and useful. I got it at ebay from snowshooze. Very helpfull seller.

Tldr: Dependant on how good YOU are 😉

0:00 Drone intro
0:19 Me talking
1:29 Me shooting m45b
3:30 Me shooting MP5
4:55 Checking my targets
5:50 Friend shooting m45b
7:50 Friend shooting MP5
8:22 Checking his targets.

Me figuring out a load for a bag of cool bullets I got.
Bullet is most likely the tungsten cored m2 AP usually chambered in 30-06, what was used to define lvl4 bodyarmor.

Watch me flinch/blink because I am afraid of loud noises and getting my tinnitus to be even worse.

Sorry for sound (filmed at a shooting range so..). Also my shoulder getting in the way.

The hammer is also a reloading tool.
Press F to pay respects for my finger...

Should be the G17 bc longer barrel, but who can tell?
Both regular and subsonic ammo tested.

Stuff and candy. Happy easter! 👻

Who will win? Soviet API vs modern bodyarmor?

My dillon 550 setup while loading 300 blk with cast 230gr powdercoated bullets.


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