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Part two of 1 in a Million takes you on a horrific journey of the devastation the COVID 19 Vaccines are having on young people. It’s a small drop in the bucket as just under 13 Thousand deaths have been reported to the VAERS system when this film was produced in late August 2021. The COVID vaccinations will go down in history as the worst human experiment in the history of the world.
We can only pray that people all around the world are given true informed consent and told of the potential dangers these vaccines can cause. Currently- the censorship is winning.

In this unedited and completely raw episode, Maija gets unclose and personal about her own personal journey seeking truth in science and medicine. This casual session has Maija engaging with her audience, discussing topics of vaccine injury, captured regulatory agencies, and her own family's personal vaccine injury tragedies, as Maija getting raw and real.

If you want to get to know and understand the backstory and motivations behind Health Freedom UnMuzzled, this episode exposes it all. Feel free to leave comments and your own family's personal experiences with the topics at hand.

And as always, share the truth far and wide. It is going to take ALL OF US to fight against the propaganda machine that has completely consumed not only western healthcare, but all major media and search engines. If we are to save humanity... we all must do our part.

On June 17th, 2021, thousands of Patriots will once again road rally to the Michigan Capitol. This time, to deliver 1000's of affidavits to lawmakers in Lansing requesting a FORENSIC AUDIT of the 2020 Presidential Election. The event, LET FREEDOM RAIN, at the steps of the capitol, is hosted by Transformation Michigan and the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer. A peaceful rally of prayer and plea... in hopes that The People's request for answers, to what happened in Michigan in the earlier hours of Nov. 5th, 2020... are finally heard.
Speakers for this event: Pastor Rick Warzywak, Attorney Matt Deperno, Patrick Colbeck, Mellissa Corone, "Trucker Randy" Bishop, Gina Johnson, Kristina Karamo, Corey Shanleton, Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, Mark Gurley, Ron Armstrong, and more.

*Health Freedom UnMuzzled Productions hold no responsibility or liability for this event.

Tim Brown and Maija discuss the issues surrounding the American Vaccine Program. From corruption to straight up fraud and cover ups, the CDC and other regulators should be investigated. Are there crimes against humanity happening at the very top of America’s health organizations? Tune in.

Special thanks to Tim Brown and Sons of Liberty for raising the voices of TRUTH. Please support them.

To every single American,
Please understand that the CDC has been LYING to us since 2001. Please understand we have PROOF that VACClNES can AND DO cause autism.

Please understand that Black Americans have every right to be VACClNE HESITANT from the past crimes done to them by our government and medical establishment, and to this day the CDC has covered up their findings that black baby boys have a 336% increased risk for VACClNE INJURY.

It’s time to FINALLY expose the fraud of the CDC. The horrible crimes against humanity that they are continuing to commit under the guise of “public health”, and end this once and for all!

Please join me in sharing this with everyone you know. Please contact your congressman and ask them to FINALLY hear Congressman Bill Posey’s plea that he made in 2015.
#HoldTheHearing #subpoenaWilliamThompson #WeDid #ListenToPosey

On this episode of Health Freedom UnMuzzled Maija hosts Dr. Christina Parks, a molecular and cellular biologist who discusses 5 biological reasons why African Americans are more susceptible to COVlD-19 and 5 things they can do to significantly protect themselves.

Aired April 2021

An emotional short film exposing the truth of VACClNE injury with some of the faces and graves of the #wedid movement. The world needs to learn the truth. Their voices have been censored for far too long and they deserve to be heard, remembered, and acknowledged.
Brought to you by Maija Hahn; Host of Health Freedom UnMuzzled and mother to 3 VACClNE injured children who also profiled in this film.

Health Freedom UnMuzzled with Maija and Dr. James Neuenschwander discuss the concerns that are not being discussed in the MSM.


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Health Freedom UnMuzzled is a medical freedom podcast hosted by Maija Hahn. Maija is a Speech Language Pathologist and Autism specialist who brings you TRUTH about government corruption and Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, and Big Tech.

Censorship and propaganda is at an all time high and it’s time We The People find alternative ways to get the truth of what we are being exposed to and how our health is being negatively affected.

This is a science based show ONLY.