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The Establishment Is LOSING Its Grip, Trump To Step In??

This report explains the current Speaker of the House situation and how the establishment is losing its grip, along with whether Trump could step in.

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Corrupt Ukraine Deals Could Shut Everything Down!

This video details what's coming to the surface about the Ukraine funding and deals and how this could impact global politics.

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Intro video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNRevW_5pVQ

This Is What They Have On Him?!

It Can’t Be Denied!

DRACONIAN: They're Making Huge Moves Against The Anti-Establishment!

This video explains what's going down in court as the establishment is making huge moves against those who stand up to them.

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This Will Shake Things Up 🗳️

Cracks Are Spreading! This Could Signal An END To The Nightmare!

This report explains the averted government shutdown situation and how this could actually signal an end to the nightmare.

Gavin Newsom Confronted On Sickness Policies!

Confronted at the Republican presidential debate in Simi Valley, California

INSANITY! The 5th Generation Warfare Behind This Craphole!

This video shows you Venice Beach, California as a real life example of fifth-generation warfare and the destruction of western civilization.

IT'S HAPPENING: The Riots Will Return Next Year Or Sooner!

This video explains the return of riots and the larger societal consequences of this.

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This Is How Thy Get You To Comply!

HEIL EH? There Is SO MUCH To This Canadian Scandal!

This report explain the truth and the backstory of the Canadian Parliament scandal.

They Want You Going To Extremes!

OMINOUS: Pope Makes Chilling Demand For More Conflict!

This report explains the pope's insane chilling demand and what else is being done to expand the conflict.

There’s A STORY To This

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This Couldn't Get Any WEIRDER...

This video explains a bizarre move that can't get any weirder, as well as a bigger plan that's being pushed.

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You Won’t Have💰Forever!

Have Everything You Want 🔮

AWAKENING: The Uprising Has Relaunched!

This report explains who all are awakening, coming together and rising up.

Intro video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlNjJpwRpsQ

Very Democratic 🗳️

Ukraine Is UNRAVELING! They/Them Called Out For Hit List!

This report shows how Ukraine is unraveling and explains who is getting out called over the expanding hit list.

It All Tracks Back To This!

Russell Brand DEPLATFORMED... For Being Accused!

This video breaks down the possible truth and the deplatforming of Russell Brand merely based on him being accused of things.

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How To Be A Hypnotherapist 👀

With @LibertyLockdown and @marczellk


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