It’s Red October, the hunters have become the hunted. The Alliance is going after the Kabal and exposing their crimes all over the mainstream news. Trump with covid is a military strategy. WHO to be investigated as Belgium health experts demand a formal investigation. Justice is coming for these corrupt Big Tech Giants. They have been subpoenaed to be in court. Crazy Nancy has an epic clone failure. lol… I’m exposing a big deception with Yoga. You don’t want to miss this!

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Dear viewer,

This video was deleted by Youtube because it contains the truth. I have so much valuable and exciting news to share with the collective starting with the government no longer a USA corporation. I am giving an update on the Coronavirus situation so people stop panicking and also giving you natural remedies to protect yourself. Celebrities who have Covid-19 are guilty of consuming tainted adrenochrome supplies. Find out about the 10 Days of Darkness. The 10 Days of Darkness is still going to happen but the timeline has changed.

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How to make Saukerkraut

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