The truth about the war on Ukraine with Russia, and NATO in the grip of the world dominion of America

Date of this publication: 19 oct 2021

P*f-izer Leak on cell lines incl. in laboratory tests associated with the the Pfizer jab manufacturing
(highly censored on Facebook)

Quick link: confirming Adenovirus cell line used in vaccines.

Wikipedia on *the origin of the cell line
*HIV reception observed for any Adenovirus5 based vector vaccine

Personal research on the danger that come with the jab incl. the risk of HIV
Pathogens can crosss the species barrrier

Source F.I.G.U. *Conversation Report 251:

Project Veritas: P”f!’ze.r employee run aways from the camera
(link forbidden on Facebook)

The Chimpanzee is a human-animal genectic creation by humans
Source F.I.G.U.-*Bulletin 007, line 137 ~ 140

Anti-viral HIV pill for Covid to be introduced into our population??
(Do normal Coronaviruses need antiviral drugs? Indeed they don’t, unless they have been worked upon in a laboratory, sensibly.)


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