Finally settled in and able to make videos again, a lot has happened since my last one. Things have gotten even crazier and are about to reach levels of clown world not thought possible before. Don't let them leave you in the dark.

Thank you for tuning in, take care.

A documentary I put together on 9/11 which I hope you will watch and maybe learn something from. Thank you to the countless researchers, truthers, witnesses, whistleblowers and good people over the years who made this video possible! 9/11 was the launchpad for the New World Order. Why it happened and who benefited are the questions people should be asking.

New respect for the man

So, not only do the people who control the media and government not want you to think critically, apparently they would prefer altogether if you weren't able to read. In this video I cover the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization document "Education for Sustainable Development toolkit".

This document was published October 2006 and talks about "sustainable education" which according to the authors essentially means more education is a bad thing.

A public service announcement recently aired in the UK on all major channels which has to be the most blatant example of propaganda that has ever existed. This is asymmetric warfare, act accordingly.


What can you even say at this point?

TLDR: The New York Times put an opinion piece out Feb. 18 claiming you should stop thinking critically in order to combat misinformation online.

If you remember my video almost a few months ago I covered an article where they claim a study shows following government guidelines and wearing a mask consistently is better for your mental health and well being. If that isn't ridiculous enough, now you have this.




Exactly as you read.

"⁣A single gene transferred into a tomato or banana plant is reproduced as a protein thousands of times inside the fruit." Sound familiar? Well that's exactly what they tell you this new mRNA vaccine will do. "⁣mRNA vaccines contain material from the virus that causes COVID-19 that gives our cells instructions for how to make a harmless protein that is unique to the virus. After our cells make copies of the protein, they destroy the genetic material from the vaccine."



Please share this. I have always found juxtaposition very effective.

A report entitled "Analysis of the Crisis Management" drawn up by a panel appointed by the German Ministry of Interior did not mince words when they said "The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm."

If you have been following me you know this is all nonsense, from the beginning. Occasionally it is nice to hear it from their own mouths.

When the CDC put their order out and mentioned TSA would be enforcing it, I decided to ask the TSA under what authority they are able to do that. They cite the directive from the Executive branch. In other words, they are following orders not laws therefore you can ignore it. Traveling is a right, period, end of discussion.

I chat with Ramon, an experienced man from the Netherlands who now lives in Hungary. I gather his perspective on current events. If you would like to support him and own a mustang he runs and that is where you can find him.

This is a follow up to a video I made in September documenting possible active Mossad spy rings in the US under the guise of tech companies. There is one company I came across specifically which I seem to be the only one to have covered so far named They are the largest foot traffic tracker based off mobile location data in the world. After reading an article put out yesterday by the NY Times about how the feds are using mobile location data to identify persons of interest who may have been at the Capitol protest, I figured I would check in on have a few new points.

Original Video promotional video deleted the DAY AFTER I upload my video about them. In fact they deleted their ENTIRE Dailymotion channel.

Unit 8200 Tech Start-up Articles

If you have seen my videos you will recall this document entitled "The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography" put out in October 2001 by the Center for Immigration Studies. They say some pretttttty damning stuff in it. Well I call them and ask about it. I try to come off to her as a regular guy who just happened to discover Zionism during my time off in the pandemic.

Try to drop as much info as I can.

This is the most important video I have ever done. I plead with you to watch the entire thing. There is so much valuable information in it and if you choose to apply what you learn we can change this entire country overnight. With recent events on Wall Street and Gamestop, they have made it very clear to us we are slaves and financial independence is not something they want for us. This parasitic class which controls our society can only exist when high levels of ignorance are present.

The income tax in the United States is 100% voluntary, that is a fact. The IRS is an illegitimate agency as well as the Federal Reserve, those are also facts. I did my best to help you understand the IRS in this video and once you watch it and hear the phone calls at the end you will be blown away at how fraudulent it actually is. We need to boycott the Federal Income Tax but it will only work if we all decide to do it. After viewing this video you will be forced to make a decision, hopefully it is the right one.


We knew he was a Zionist shill, like Trump. We have heard him call for a new world order on camera but now hear him in his own words as documented in this 1992 Wall Street Journal Essay.

He was recently purged off Twitter due to the mass censorship campaign and lost a lot of work and over 12k followers. Help him get back what he lost and rebuild those relationships with his viewers.




Gets yours today at the Capitol before Daddy says no more!


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