ALICE after some use and touchup with the loam color camo stick.

Applied the loam color to my Medium ALICE day pack to reduce black and tan to od green contrast.

Medium ALICE Pack with Wiggy's Compression Stuff Sack and Ground Pad.

Maybe ... new learning curve about to open up though.

Pictures of 9 miles of Portland Parks.

Replaced the e-tool in its carrier with binoculars, dead drop stake, eating utensils, and chem-light kit.

2021 Season Packs.

Large ALICE Pack with ALICE Training Pack and M-81 Camouflage Pack Cover (spare tire cover type in BDU fabric). The Butt Pack (Training Pack) attached to the bottom with a strap this time, instead of the Type I Paracord I used previously. I suspect that this is the proper way; it only took me eight years to see it clearly and then try it. It works like it was designed into the ALICE system.

Alex Jones synced with Hanna (2011)

How "conspiracy" is done.

Temple Dreams Study

Planet Terror movie poster synced.

Sovereignty exploration continued with history and dream access considered

Meaning of...

U.S. Founders...

Communist infiltration and invasion...

British Intelligence or Communism?

Note: This video has become partially obsolete due to revelations that Manson was CIA and likely was not in prison after the Tate murders.

British Intelligence, or Communism?

Uncovering British Intelligence involvement with Freud.

Readin' again.

A second mounting option for the M7 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard on the Medium ALICE Pack, this time also mounting the M-16A1 Rifle Cleaning Kit.

Contract-dated 1984 with 1987 LC-2 Pack Frame assembled from parts during the transition from green to black pack frames.

Rain Forest Camo waterproof nylon.

1980 Contract date does not fit the LC-2 Pack Frame in the video. Clearly it was built for the LC-1 Pack Frame even though it has the full range of 1980s ALICE build-items.

The pack is 2005 contract dated and the frame is in foliage green.

ALICE Pack w/CamelBak Drained

Late 1970s Transitional Medium ALICE Pack


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