From the ChromaToast BodyPaint Event in Atlanta, Ga @ Ambient+ Studio
Models: Ebony and Miracle
Artist: Andre R.
LiveStreamed worldwide on MainEvent TV/Radio platform
Next event: https://galaxy9.net/events

Footage from a design practice session, preparing for one of our themed Atlanta BodyPaint Weekend events. Even if its a test session Mz BrownEyez always wants to turn it into a show before we're done. Then we end up with footage like this.
Next event: https://galaxy9.net/ii/1

BodyPaint posters featuring Grace from her first bodypaint poster session.
--> https://galaxy9.net/ii/40shop

Our creative agreement grants a share from each folder sold to those involved in that poster's production. This means director, photographer, models and artist (in addition to their pay for the session).

Design style for a Fearless Vixen event. Model: Ashley
Clip 1

From our first Small-format BodyPaint Social Exhibit before doors opened
Next event: https://galaxy9.net/ii/1


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Most of the videos may be from events and shoots by Big 40, Galaxy9.net, plus some associates and co-conspirators.
Content range: Projects, experiments, and promotional material (shameless, shameful and otherwise). Understand that this all comes from artists, not drones and clones.