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Ray Kurzweil of Alphabet Inc. on Artificial Intelligence. Graeme Kilshaw with Project Friendship Cube. EEG Mind Reading using 22Bit Visual Binary FriendshipCube Code.

2Bit & 22Bit Visual Binary Codes, AlphaBlocks CodeShare, Cartesian, FriendshipCube, BlockShow & BlockChain Ripple Effect. ~ (A Ripple Effect of Kindness)

waters of megalovania music with sophia voice. highlights from conference: biological blockchain, global brain, mind cloud, cyborgs, ai, singularity net, universal language,

A flag and anthem to consider.

Credit to Digimon.

the friendship cube group is at it again, with digital power accelerating wealth. 22bit visual binary intelligence applications for the frontiers of space, grounded on earth and reaching beyond this solar system. our virtual reality home. blockchain & friendshipcube. explains the 22bit visual binary code. cryptography of delta blockchain in 22bit visual binary fiber optic cables. the video gives a window into digifuse alphablocks, as a highly sought after and worthwhile mutual effort.

Celebrating New SkyRock Membership
The Artificial Intelligence AlphaBlock
Made by Graeme Kilshaw

"Install the 22bit Delta Sigma Converters"-GK ... Partner photons' nonlocal spin pairing correlates via paired verticals and horizontals, a two-bit system enabling predictable string entanglement and visual binary communication in the two-bit codes: 00 01 10 11. Quantum information science propels 22bit entangled quantum states where visual binary intelligence has many capabilities for higher bandwidth communication. I theorized that there is some galactic dial-in frequency and bandwidth. We could tune into an optimization frequency enabling the quantum array transponders inside us to massively increase. We could eventually change our density and gain powers such as telepathy, levitation, magnetism, and teleportation... all by interlacement with the 22bit visual binary codes of subatomic communication and quantum computation.

We came here to change the world with blockchain technology, and we did. Access. We are co-creating the next operating system for our society. ten countries, one Graeme, and zero time to waste. The key is finding real problems that are impacting people and having simple solutions for them. And so, I'm looking for those kinds of things today. We come at a time, where blockchain has an incredible potential to deliver change for the good. And at that time, you are organizing this. ( I'm having the best time... its amazing... look around ) in repeated interactions, you can build communities, and when you build communities you can collaborate, and when you can have collaboration you can share, and you can grow together, and that's actually what you are doing today. More people need to get involved. More people from different backgrounds and this is really important. Teach moral lessons and help people to overcome bullying in schools and make it so it is safe, be safe and have fun, and play share and learn with friendshipcubes.

groovy music and highlights for Graeme AI (share)

quicktexting / two finger typing
mind over machine interface

21st-century education and #friendshipcube

Lester B. Pearson College
Goddard Newton Observatory
Netherlands Territories NEPTUNE

educube canada tree fort

the intrepid musical

calatrava op

educube canada and digifuse!

let us have a secret

The University of Victoria
Mystic Vale Experience @ EduCube Canada ||

Slide Presentation: "Lessons from the Rabbithole" by Graeme Kilshaw

cube ministries canada
educube canada

book & charm line
red nose day campaign
educube international

the Kaaba the blackstone the al hajar al aswad the cosmic ashlar


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friendship cube group & δ blockchain cryptocurrencies
ir strobe & neuro signals acquisition
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"FriendshipCube", originally "r1 cube", created by Graeme Kilshaw, is an educational product and service founded upon the principles of visual binary intelligence. Kilshaw spoke of a connection to a higher order, and of the potential of using the small white stone cube to achieve cosmic consciousness, transcendence, and elevation.