August 9th 2022, Dr Mary Bowden and a group of world recognised medical practitioners vist Twitter HQ in Dublin to challenge its censorship policy.

With over 5 million views across all platforms, our first conversation with Melissa covered the intention behind the medical passports, digital IDs. This conversation exposes the truth behind the green agenda, the rationing of food and energy and the creation of a subscription based society.
First Iconoclast Interview: https://www.bitchute.com/video/A1i3YtzVzKXf/

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Irish Doctors, Vincent Carroll, Pat Morrissey and Gerry Waters talk about their experience whilst under investigation by the Irish Medical Council for "straying from the official narrative". Are there other forces at play?

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In April 2020, the Irish Government published its findings on vitamin D deficiency in Ireland. It was recommended that people should be offered vitamin D supplements when attending Covid testing centres. Over a year later at a press conference the then CMO Ronan Glynn still did not acknowledge the findings.

Eminent physician, Dr Tess Lawrie emailed Dr Máirín Ryan of (HIQA) Health Information and Quality Authority, to recommend the immediate use of Ivermectin for early treament of Covid 19. Here she talks about the response she received.

Robert Kennedy Jr accknowledges the efforts made by the irish people to promote good health and to launch the Health Conference Ireland 2022

Eminent doctors from around the world sign a declaration for the protection of children outside the Irish Parliament!

Actuary and Chairman of PANDA, Nick Hudson talks to Sara Haboubi about the impact of lockdowns and the WHO pandemic treaty.
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At the Betterway Conference Bath 2022, Sara Haboubi talked to TV Presenter and Archaeologist Neil Oliver about his poignant monologues presented on the GB News Channel and his reason for attending the conference. This is a man who won't be frightened into silence.

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At the Betterway Conference Bath 2022, Dr Ryan Cole discusses his findings post injection and possible solutions to minimise effects.

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At the Betterway Conference 2022 in Bath UK, the High Wire's host Del Bigtree talked to Sara Haboubi about his Emmy award winning film 'Vaxxed' and his work exposing the damage caused by vaccines , the CDC and the FDA.

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Sara Haboubi talks to Molecular Biologist Dr Robert Malone about what had him realise "things were not right" and outing of the World Economic Forum young Global Leaders.
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Award winning activist Shabnam Palesa Mohamed Talks to Sara Haboubi about creating a better way to live our lives free from the constraints of the current system.

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Interview with Doctor Katarina Lindley of the World Council for Health at the Better Way Conference in Bath, UK.

Dr. Lindley is a mother of five, a board-certified family physician, and owner of a direct primary care clinic. She talks about her love and passion for people with an authenticity, currently lacking from the majority in the medical profession.

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GP Dr Gerry Waters who refused to administer the COVID19 vaccine was struck of by the Irish Medical Council. He talks with Sara Haboubi about his punishment for "not complying" and the dangers the vaccines pose.
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Sara Haboubi in conversation with Prof. Dolores Cahill on the rollout of 5G, neurotoxins added to our drinking water, the dangers of vaccines for children and holding people to account for their actions.

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With the support of The Irish Council for Human Rights, senior medical professionals appeal to parents to protect their children from the Irish Government's mask mandates.

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Financial Author Eddie Hobbs, Investor Melissa Cuimmei, Public Banking Advocate Jim Miller and International Gold Expert Mark O'Byrne talk about what's really going on financially while the world is distracted by the 'pandemic'.

Dr Marcus De Brun speaks of his concerns around the roll out of mRNA vaccines.

Irish Barrister Una McGurk talks about her personal experience of the pandemic and addresses the dangers of Cancel Culture.

Professor Dolores Cahill talks about her personal experience of the 'pandemic' and provides advice on maintaining a healthy immune system.

Irish GP Anne McCloskey from Derry speaks out about the personal impact of the lockdown measures and the facts about PCR testing.

Limerick GP Dr Pat Morrissey talks about the impact of the pandemic on his personal and public life.

GP Dr Marcus De Brun talks about the neglect he witnessed in the nursing homes during this 'pandemic'.

Outspoken Irish GP Dr Anne McCloskey discusses the dangers of the injection rollout and the assault on our democracy as a result of that rollout!


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