This is the guy that got upset at bagel shop about short comments, he explains why he did it.
Here is link to first video:

Confucius said only a fool burns down his house to catch a burglar

Is this word change going to do anything about stopping cops from using deadly force? I say it will not change anything.

This is discussing the case of John Bad Elk verses the US case where the USSC over-turned a lower court that found a man guilty of killing a cop due to unlawful arrest. Details Matter.

These cops could use better tactics but shooting is justified, imo.

This is a case where this cop needs to get the max sentence.

Be nice to everyone or be ready.

Do you have to show your ID to cops? It depends

Did Govt really save the day? or is that what we are being told.

You will never see this on the Lamestream media.

This is a follow up to the police chief bathroom incident and a new story where govt is going after citizens who caught car thief.
Here is LINK to funny horse video:

Take over robberies are becoming more popular with TEENS because they Work and normally everyone gets away with FREE STUFF.

Police Chief that can't keep up with her gun, bet that city feels safe..smh

Hockey says it like it is.

This is what happens when people get tired of allowing others to act ignorant.

There is some great body language in this video about Situational Awareness, reading body language and surviving in the hood.

Big bullies LOVE NO GUN ZONES, it empowers them to be violent on helpless fools who think gun free zones are safe.

I don't know how this cat was missed with taser.

You can video tape without getting arrested.

I explain why I am not a fan of this gun takeaway. Even thou it looks nice and it worked, I would not use the way he did.

Cops abusing their own dogs like they abuse the public. Nothing to see here, the Govt said this was normal and accepted.


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