Attending some free training at a local trauma center and thought I would share a bit.

This is an outrageous Over and Abusive Use of Force by Police. And there are still those that think if we give up our guns so only govt have guns, we will be safer. Very egregious over use of force with no one held accountable and no one being charged. WAKE UP PEOPLE, the time to buy guns and ammo is NOW.

Know when to defend and protect yourself. Understanding TMJ punch.

You have to be like a midget at a urinal , Always on your toes,when dealing with public.

This is a great way to push back on out of control govt and tyrannical Police. Here is the link to video I did on this before this:

Inglewood Ca Mayor runs red light and causes accident with injury to police officer, no charges yet and I noticed the cops did NOT check to see if he was under the influence? Govt Privileged.

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This is what happens when you hire Ego macho authoritarian cops and then have them abuse citizens rights.
Deputy Travis English, I later found had only ONE year on the job, needs better supervision before allowing him to run around and use his position to push HIS PERSONAL beliefs. I think this is an outrageous abuse of power and hope this guy wins his lawsuit and the money is taken DIRECTLY FROM THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE BUDGET.

After the video on the gun going off in appendix carry and the discussion about blame the gun or the holster. Could this be the answer? Not a bad idea if the price was not prohibited.

This is BS, this story stinks that the cops tried to get this guy for having legal 80 percent guns and when they could not get in following the law, they lied and created exigency.

I did a part TWO where the DA released info and Justified the shooting.

This case is nothing new, it just affirms that Govt always has the option to NOT respond or protect. Never give up your right to Self Protection and Self Defense.

A look at some news in the headlines.

Good quick actions by the female in the room and the dog.

This is old but classic example of Govt Trained Professionals showing over and over that govt is incompetent and never believe that if only govt had guns you would be safe.

This is a video where Tex explains why he shot himself. There are things to be learned from this, try not to make this a hate fest on this guy.

This shows how deep in crap words can be deformed by anyone and how important it is to understand words have meaning in the way laws are written. Kind of dry discussion but arguments and findings are interesting to me.

Here is link to where the guy explains what happened.

Here is how I attempted to fix my cracked tank.

I know all the top military special forces and operators already know this, but I think everyone should know it.

So many bad choices in this video. For sure the cop driver should have been charged.

This is a five man team entering and clearing a large building. I talk about good and bad things I see from a tactical perspective. Some may see things I missed so we can discuss it in the comments.

Worked out OK, he did not spray and was released back into the wild. No skunks, humans or horses were harmed in this video.


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