NOW we are just waiting the investigation to find out if the cops are Justified???? Raise your hand if you think the cops will be found UNJUSTIFIED?

Just clearing up some comments and confusion from the last two videos I did, trying to explain the Law, Actions and reasonableness of cops.

Officer tries to arrest a female that is not fighting but Not cooperation either.

Police let six houses burn down because they wanted to protect firemen and keep them safe.

I am with cop on this one. I talk about Primary Aggressor, shooting people in the back and some streets secrets not everyone knows, unless you work in these areas.

Here is update of various oils for rust protection

Great rally, I go over some pics and thoughts about this rally.

List of things to bring and thinks to consider.


So from all the heat I took from my other wiring job, I decided to show how my house was wired at the main panel by whoever built this 20 years ago. Then I show my garage panel that I put in and wired for my barn/garage.

This is interesting, a sitting Gov is so scared of the people he has sworn to serve and honor the Constitution, yet he bans guns because of his FEARS and then tells people it is to keep THEM safe. Smh..

Just to finish my wiring on my water heater and 220 to 110 job.

I know many will say they should have shot him, sad so many have been desensitized that cops killing people now is OK and fully accepted.

We call it a clue when a plane is shot down at the exact time a country is firing missiles in the area and then Russia said WE are NOT releasing the Black Box and the media cheers and blames Trump.

So after doing some checking and reading all the comments from first video, here is my solution. Remember I am not on code in my area.

Now all the real electricians can tell me what I did wrong. :)

Discussing a couple of past videos on search warrants, plain sight, protective sweeps and other police legal issues.

This went from bad to worse fast. Cops did a bad job but did get a lot of help from the other participants.

I am thinking other people filed complaints as well and the number caused the action. Judge is still an arrogant thinks he is above the Law judge. LINK TO FIRST VID:

This union safe is from Harbor Freight and is 59 bucks. It is a nice wall safe but the bolts they provide are not usable and overly complicated. I end up using Lag bolts, 1/4 inch by 2 inch long. They worked Great.

Had I not tried to to use the provided bolts, I would have just put lag bolts into 2x4s. Since I had drilled out holes trying to use the provided bolts, I had to insert lag anchors and then use the lag bolts.

Pretty easy install, but the directions do NOT cover anything but setting up electronic code for key pad.

This is another example of Totality of Circumstances. What don't we know and what did the Officer know at the time he acted?

Can someone explain in the comments what just happened? Cause and or prevention?

I put together several different things to try and see what gives the best rust protection and the worst.


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