"I absolutely think it is a US proxy war...and the goals have been made pretty explicit.

In 2013, Carl Gershman, President of the NED, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post where he said, "Ukraine is the biggest prize." Shortly after that you had protests break out in Ukraine. The US and its allies exploited that and basically turned those protests into a coup where Yanukovych was overthrown and replaced by a government stacked with Ukraine's far right.

The US has made it clear they are using Ukraine to weaken Russia."

Aaron Mate with Russell Brand
Jul 17, 2022

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Thumbnail Illustration by Schwarwel

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How Democratic Alliance leader, Johnny Steenhuisen fell from grace and sold his party's Satan (NATO).

REMINDER: The war in Ukraine (the most corrupt country in Europe, ruled by fascist, racist Nazis) was started by the same mass-murdering terrorist organization (US/NAT0) that destroyed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen - to name a few.

IE: Support for Ukraine = Support for Nazis, Terrorism & Genocidal War Crimes.


DISCLAIMER: This satirical video is strictly for educational and informative purposes only and not for commercial profit or gain. The usual Fair Use Licensing Rights apply.

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How accurate were some of David Icke's "Conspiracy Theories"?

"The plan is to engineer events, real and staged, that will create enormous fear in the countdown years to 2012. This includes a plan to start a Third World War, either by stimulating the Muslim world into a holy war against the West, or by using China to cause global conflict - maybe both." - The Biggest Secret, 1998

"Don't surprised if the U.S. finds itself in another manipulated war during this administration. You will see monsters being created in the public mind to justify such action." - January, 2001

"Between 2000 and 2002, the United States will suffer a major attack on a large city." - January, 1999

From the Channel 5 Documentary:

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"They're doing this again.

They're talking about implanting a RFID chip. Of course it could track me, release nano-chem, no idea. But I'm gonna do this...because I will do whatever anybody tells me. If it's wear a mask, I'll wear two masks. Puberty blocking. Abortion. Whatever, tell me what to do. Pronouns? Whatever you want, that's okay, because I have no SOUL. Now I'm gonna put a little chip in me. The phone is terrific, but we don't want the phone, we want this ON you. Remember, Transhumanism starts with jewellery and then works internally. Everybody's doing it, I'm everybody, count me in.

There is nothing that we won't do (for them). Nothing."

Lionel Nation
July 14, 2022

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"You don't have a future. I don't have a future. Nobody has a future. The party's OVER. Take a look around you, man, it's all breaking up!

What can such a specific prophecy mean...?

What they're planning to do - in order to eradicate all credit card fraud, in order to precipitate a cashless society, what they've already tested on American troops - they're going to replace plastic with flesh. Fact!"

Johnny (David Thewlis)
NAKED, 1993
Dir: Mike Leigh

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"Agenda 2030, which is really just the idiot child of Agenda 21, is not about going Green. It's about going without.

And to add insult to injury, the priestly class that preaches Agenda 2030, are doing so from their private jets, as they flit around the planet, coming together in Davos, so they can lecture, We, the proles, about what we should do without, while they continue to live their high-altitude lives.

Far as I'm concerned the Green Agenda needs to be gone. It's not green anyway, it's hiding behind a cloak of green. It's about PROFIT. And the Green Agenda that's being rammed down our throats is anti-human, it's inhuman, it's anti-nature. And it doesn't have to be this way."

Neil Oliver
July 22, 2022

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"NATO is NOT a defence alliance, it's a war machine. Ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. Now we have a US/NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. NATO never wants peace. Want I want to know is, what does the EU really want?"

Mick Wallace
Irish MEP
4 July 2022

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"If you see it from the Russian side, it looks rather different. History has to be part of one's analysis, to understand why things are happening.

You must remember that above all this is a war of propaganda. Almost nothing one reads in the western press about the "invasion" of Ukraine is to be trusted. Nothing can be believed. I have never seen a coverage so utterly consumed by a tsunami of manipulated jingoism, as this one. The mainstream media is part of a propaganda war. That's the truth. And we must be sceptical of absolutely everything.

What to remember here is the USA does not give a damn about Ukraine. Ukraine is simply a pawn in this. The object is to destroy the Russian Federation. That is probably the most dangerous project in the world today."

John Pilger
9th July 2022

Full Video & Channel:

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"I want you to show this to every single American that you possibly can so they can understand...WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO THEM!

The war is going catastrophically for Ukraine. Mainstream media is lying to you! The Russians are winning, definitively. Now it seems clear that Lithuania and Poland are setting up the conditions to provoke Russia into attacking one or the other, or both, and this will draw in all the other NATO states - including the US. Now, it doesn't take a genius to realize that the brains behind this idiotic idea...are American brains: The Biden Administration. There are crazies in the State Department and US Senate and Biden Administration that all WANT war with Russia. They want to have American troops fighting directly against Russians. This will be a catastrophe...and I'll tell you why.

The Ukrainian armed force was the largest, best equipped and trained NATO army that has ever been fielded. And they have been ANNIHILATED! What do you think will happen to Lithuanian, Polish or American troops that go up against the Russians? They're going to be annihilated too. The Biden Administration want a war with the Russians, so that it will distract from the rampant inflation and catastrophic economic situation in the US. That's why they want a war.

I want to prevent that, and that's why I'm making this video. Please share it with as many Americans as you can. Although, my fear is that they will see it and do what they always do...which is nothing."

Gonzalo Lira
18th June 2022

Full Video & Channel:

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"They're upset at Julian Assange's truth. That's why they're trying to kill Julian Assange right now. The guy who revealed that your drone programme killed 90% innocent people, he's in prison. So, it's not the lies that they're afraid of, it's the truth."

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"They don't care for human beings. Fifty seven years ago when Japan was retreating on all fronts...they decided to drop the atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Killed a lot of innocent people. They are still suffering the effects of those bombs. Those bombs were not aimed against the Japanese. They were aimed against the Soviet Union. To say, 'Look. This is the power that we have. If you dare oppose what we do, this is what is going to happen to you.'"

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"He's wanted for trial for one reason only, he told the Truth. As a historic journalist and publisher, he told us what our governments did not want us to know...about what they were doing - on our tax dollar and pound - and in our name.

They wanted to assassinate Julian in London. They were prepared to do it. They spied on him throughout his incarceration in the Embassy of Ecuador - even meetings with his lawyers. In any other jurisdiction, in any democratic country, the case of the US would have fallen at that first hurdle. No case would survive that, it would have been thrown out of court. But it has not been. Instead, the (UK) court has rubber stamped the decision to extradite Julian Assange.

A gentle man has been broken on the wheel of British and American injustice.

I don't have many heroes, but Julian Assange is definitely one."

George Galloway
April 22, 2022

Full show:

Cartoon by Latuff.

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"Have you noticed..? At exactly the moment when the emergency powers they awarded to themselves to fight Covid started to wane...our leaders began pushing for conflict with Russia. Then, on the basis of that conflict, they assumed historic war powers." - Tucker Carlson

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"When the people in Palestine are being raped and murdered, there's no cry from anybody. No passion.

When the same thing happens in Syria, we hear nothing.
When the same thing happens in Libya, we hear nothing.
When the same thing happens in Iraq, we hear nothing.
Nobody in this country is saying anything about it.

NATO bombed many Russian allies, Russia stayed out of it. Since 1990 they (NATO) are coming closer and closer to the Russian border.

Who is the root cause of this whole problem? It is clearly the West and the USA that is the cause of all the mayhem and chaos and destruction all over the world.

Ukraine is being used as a fool by the US and the West, and they're falling into the trap like many other countries have previously."

Shaik Emam
National Freedom Party
South Africa
March 2022

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"And the moral of the story is, if you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don't be surprised if he reacts. As we speak, there are NATO soldiers engaged in military exercises in the Ukraine. Have we taken leave of our senses? Do we actually want to have a war with Putin? Because, if we do...we're certainly going about it the right way. - Nigel Farage

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A tribute to the people of Russia.

State Anthem of the Russian Federation
Composed by Alexander Alexandrov
Lyrics by Sergey Mikhalkov
Rock cover version by Lyube (Lube)

DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and activism purposes only, and not for commercial benefit or profit. All rights including music fall under Fair Use.

Read the blog:

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"We're looking at a world where...arms control may not be enough. We're looking at a need for declaring, first, that nuclear weapons ARE unlawful - and having all of the powers sign on to that. And then do something about reducing the thousands of active nuclear weapons that are still out there.

Ok, we're down from scores of thousands to a "mere" under 20 000 now. That's not good enough. We have to bring it down into the low hundreds and then we have to get rid of them entirely. And that's not going to be an easy process and it's not going to be a quick one.

We now only takes about 100 Hiroshima sized weapons - and that's nothing. If we pop that off...we end civilization as we know it."

Ted Seay
Senior Policy Consultant
(British American Security Information Council)

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"And yet...the world's nuclear not-so-super powers are still spooning up the old New Persian Empire narrative to a hungry and already paranoid populous, while they beef up their stockpiles and hope you don't notice that they're spending our future on mass-murder machines."

Tabetha Wallace on the new Nuclear Arms race - WTH, Oct 2017.

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