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The life and prophecies of the Boer prophet Siener Van Rensburg

The life and prophecies of the Boer prophet Siener Van Rensburg
From Black Sun to the Greenlight of Hyperborea. We go deep into the myths with Sigurd.
"Тих бял Дунав се вълнува" ("Still White Danube Undulates") also known as the Botev March, is a popular Bulgarian patriotic song. The lyrics are based on that of a poem by Ivan Vazov titled ''Radetzky'' after the steamship seized by the rebels. The storyline recounts a historically accurate incident from the Bulgarian struggles against Ottoman rule, which has earned the status of modern myth for Bulgarians, to some degree due to this song. On 29 May 1876 Bulgarian revolutionary and poet Hristo Botev at the head of 205-strong company of rebels seized control of the Austro-Hungarian passenger steamship Radetzky by armed force and used it to cross the Danube from Romania to the Bulgarian territories of the Ottoman Empire in order to join the April Uprising. Dagobert Engländer, Captain of the Radetzky, later recounted that "he had rarely met a man so impressive or energetic as Botev". The melody was composed by vocalist Ivan Karadzhov, according to his biography. In some performances of the song, the fourth verse is omitted.
From Black Sun to the Greenlight of Hyperborea. We go deep into the myths with Sigurd.

Exoteric meaning of the Black Sun

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Together with Brother Doom, we will research the kosher world of the Hominids..
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The culture online in many awoobment is one of that is a person disagrees with you over simple information they will label you( guilt by association), Dox( collect personal information) & leak it to the opposition ( jurnos, Jewish organizations, Antifa ). This is creating an extended atmosphere of paranoia which ultimately doesn't lead to much growth or unity amongst pro-white dissidents. In fact, it only helps the enemies ( Antifa, jurnos,etc) who are just mercenary proxies for Neo-Liberal Democracy!

A NEW CHAPTER OF SIEGE AFTER 40 YEARS. Written by James Mason and video made by Black Sun Media.
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German researchers Siegfried and Christian Schoppe locate Atlantis in the Black Sea. Before 5500 BC, a great plain lay in the northwest at a former freshwater-lake. In 5510 BC, rising sea level topped the barrier at today's Bosporus. They identify the Pillars of Hercules with the Strait of Bosporus.[42] They gave no explanation how the ships of the merchants coming from all over the world had arrived at the harbour of Atlantis when it was 350 feet below global sea-level.

They claim Oreichalcos means the obsidian stone that used to be a cash-equivalent at that time and was replaced by the spondylus shell around 5500 BC, which would suit the red, white, black motif. The geocatastrophic event led to the neolithic diaspora in Europe, also beginning 5500 BC.

In 2000, the Guardian reported that Robert Ballard, in a small submarine, found remains of human habitation around 300 feet underwater in the Black Sea off the north coast of Turkey. The area flooded around 5000 BC. This flood is also thought to have inspired the Biblical story of Noah's Ark known as the Black Sea deluge theory.

The Great Atlantis Flood, by Flying Eagle & Whispering Wind, locates Atlantis in the Sea of Azov. The theory proposes that the Dialogues of Plato present an accurate account of geological events, which occurred in 9,600 BC, in the Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor. Glacial melt-waters, at the end of the Younger Dryas Ice Age caused a dramatic rise in the sea level of the Caspian Sea. An earthquake caused a fracture, which allowed the Caspian Sea to flood across the fertile plains of Atlantis. Simultaneously the earthquake caused the vast farmlands of Atlantis to sink, forming the present day Sea of Azov, the shallowest sea in the world.
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How do our enemies think? What is their agenda? How we will counteract them? We will find with Sigurd

Do you wonder how the chosen jews are doing? Well, this is the answer.

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Everything from red-skinned savages to Trumptards is the topic of our conversation.
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