just practicing some transitions
software used: Da Vinci Resolve 15
【MMD】ミクで「Soleil」 Tda式 https://youtu.be/tg1XV_k-EBM
⋈「 Packaged 」歌ってみた www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm21501571
【MMD】ミクで [ スーパー・ノヴァ supernova mu-cho Remix ] ver.完全版 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nXLuJnIvJs
audio: unknown (from /wsg/)

since i could never find the original editor of this vid i've reedited it in hd
orig amv from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QFtXq5VknY
audio unknown

anon's oc for /wsg/

i'll try to recreate this vid in hd

filename: OSPittan334.swf, Troubled windows ED.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/2585/?OSPittan334.swf
visuals: OS tan
audio: Futari no Xenopittan

filename: sakura95_(os-tan).swf
source: http://swfchan.com/2/7611/?sakura95_%28os-tan%29.swf
visuals: sakura 95

filename: halohalo.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/45/221467/?halohalo.swf (flashyloops.com)
visuals: Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt

filename: Gravitaxis ++.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/11/54459/?Gravitaxis+%2B%2B.swf
visuals: Vinnie Veritas

filename: boreal.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/39/191959/?boreal.swf
visuals: Tsukimonogatari
audio: Hundred Waters - Boreal (Blood Diamonds Remix)

filename: troubled_windows.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/87/?troubled_windows.swf
visuals: OS - tan
first upload with lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYlBuAvSzXk

filename: oasis.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/41/204242/?Oasis.swf
audio: Brakebill - Wrecking Ball

filename: 魔法の二人.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/44/216222/魔法の二人.swf
[ヨエコスキー│Yoekosukii] 魔法の二人│Magic Duo
visuals: ヨエコスキー (Yoekosukii)
Audio: [奥華子│Hanako Oku] 魔法の人│Mahou no Hito│Magic Person
Original: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm9038614

filename: Dragon_Ball_jp.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/42/205810/?Dragon_Ball_jp.swf
visuals: Several Animes
audio: DAN DAN 心魅かれてく- the FIELD OF VIEW
original flash by KingOfGets

filename: witchandforestspirit.swf, witch and forest spirit.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/912/?witchandforestspirit.swf
original: [こしあん堂│koshiandoh] 魔女と森の精霊│Witch and Forest Spirit

filename: Space Out.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/37/181685/?Space+Out.swf
visuals: http://vashperado.deviantart.com/art/s-p-a-c-e-o-u-t-264782890
audio: Arvo Pärt- Spiegel im Spiegel

filename: quietcountrycafe2.swf, Quiet Country Cafe.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/21/103278/?quietcountrycafe2.swf
visuals: ?
audio: ?

filename: BWV 578.swf, Hatsune Miku - Bach's Fugue in G Minor.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/5/20102/?BWV+578.swf
visuals: Miku
audio: Miku vocaloid from BACH FUGUE G-minor BWV 578

filename: keyboardquest3.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/3244/?keyboardquest3.swf
visuals: Haruhi Suzumiya
audio: ROMANCING SAGA -Minstrel Song-

filename: You and me you and me you and me you and me.swf, MonkeyChant.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/3150/?458.swf
visuals: 2 gifs
audio: Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

filename: desudesu.swf, Desu Desu Desu.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/810/?525.swf
visuals: Rozen Maiden
audio: Desu

'probably the flash that started all'

filename: hypnotized_by_desu.swf, 1198075624262.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/461/?578.swf
visuals: Rozen Maiden
audio: Desu + Hypnotize (2014 Remaster)
The Notorious B.I.G.

filename: Miku_Kimi o Nosete.swf, 【初音ミク】Kimi o Nosete.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/10/49326/?Miku_Kimi+o+Nosete.swf
visuals: Miku
audio: Miku vocalid from Laputa - Castle in the Sky


filename: bloodyangel.swf, dogastudio_junjun.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/2/6577/?bloodyangel.swf
audio: Thanatos Bloody Angel from Doga Studio JunJun
made by Doga Studio JunJun 2006

'one of the most impressive flash (vector) animations, probably even on par with current anime standards'

filename: ccsakuraspinnaz.swf, z0r-de_793.swf
source: http://swfchan.net/2/5398.shtml?ccsakuraspinnaz.swf
video: Card Captor Sakura
audio: Three 6 Mafia-Ridin Spinners
'there are probably thousands of variations of this meme'

filename: VISIONSOFWAR.swf
source: http://swfchan.com/1/2985/?VISIONSOFWAR.swf
audio: The Flashbulb - Earthtone Morphine Battery


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In this channel you will find old flash files (mostly music loops) and webms that I make for 4chan.
Since Adobe will end Flash support in 2020 I'm trying to save as much as I can. (pown.it died some months ago for e.g)
Keep in mind that there are thousands and most of them are either porn, poor quality animations or even cringe for today standards so I try to upload what I consider the most 'iconic' ones.

You can visit my YT channel here where you can watch them in HD (mostly 60fps):
If you need to contact me you can add me on Discord

This channel will never be monetized but any contribution is welcome.
Please if you have some old flash files, let me know.