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You fake news NPCs are not going to ruin my #IndependenceDay!

Let's see how the world handles this! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/4i0n

Just figured out a way to stream Fortnite on my Switch with voice chat, even though I had it disabled in this video. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/4i0n

When I bought my GCHD a few years back, I was under the impression that my new capture card was fully compatible under Mac OS X (macOS now...) and at the time, I was a n00b and had no idea what OBS was. As time went on, I wanted to upgrade the visual experience to my channel on Twitch, but the software that was included with the device, really wasn't cutting it anymore; especially for not having a built-in browser source plugin (at the time...), unfortunately when I installed OBS on my MBPr 15", it REFUSED to show up as a video capture device in the source menu's dialog prompts.

Fast forward a year or so, and I stumbled upon tolga9009's GitHub repo (https://github.com/tolga9009/elgato-gchd), claiming it had open-source Linux drivers for the capture card that, theoretically, could be ported to Mac OS X. I spent hours trying to compile the source code, sweating like some geeky 90's based Apple infused karate kid, banging away at my solder encrusted, sticky with rosin flux, keyboard. Let's just say I didn't learn the full technique to the Whooping Crane.

After my EMOTIVA UMC-1's 2A buck regulator lit on FIRE, probably caused by my shitty eBay HDMI Splitter/HDCP stripper (yes I know), I had to reroute all of my console's AV hookups to my backup Pioneer S-Video receiver/amp (Which isn't that bad BTW...) and send the feed splits to my S-Video distribution amp.

It took 72 hours to complete, decently. After getting it in a state where I didn't feel like a complete failure, I had to send the AV to my one AND ONLY tried & true, old faithful, Elgato GCHD. But alas, my main squeeze Twitch Stream Server (running *gag* Windows 10 - due to same EXACT REASON AS THIS VIDEO) Hackintosh's PCIe "8x" GPU is having these random full system lockups (not BSODs, FREEZE TOWN; requiring a hot reboot - ouch...) and is just a bane to deal with, especially when it happens RIGHT when people join my channel and the stream is getting good. (Which leads me into my usual paranoia bouts thinkin..

Ok, so this is how it's done... on macOS.

1. Restore your iPad using iTunes. (derp)
2. Download the installer.
3. Unzip
4. Right-click the MacOSX-Grayd00r.app, click on "Show Package Contents"
5. Navigate to /Contents/MacOS/MacOSX-Grayd00r - Leave this Finder window open.
6. Open /Application/Utilities/Terminal.app
7. type - "sudo " without the quotes. Don't forget to add a trailing space to it.
8. Drag over the /Contents/MacOS/MacOSX-Grayd00r "Unix Executable" onto the Terminal window.
9. Hit Enter, type your password.
10. Continue installation as normal. ????????☕️??

Seems like the installer needs super user access in order to perform certain operations macOS has recently sandboxed in order to increase security.

Hopefully this helps out those people who are running into "Some files are missing, unzip again" bullshit, lol!

Just venting...

#FLASHINGLIGHTS? What do you know? Think CA, Golden State, Analemma, Torus Coils, DEWs, The Food Basket, The "FireWall", Campfire?, Kayne? Why him? What's in Hollywood, hiding, that fire would conveniently destroy? Think Logically. I'm NOT #Q, but #WWG1WGA #justspeculation ??✌?

This is probably the most REAL episode of 4i0n's Retro Corner that I've EVER done. There are things in this video that may trigger the fuck out of you, or save your life. I hope it does something; because I'm done doing the contrary. There are plenty of "feels" to go around here in the video that you should be able to enjoy in some fashion. Even trolls are welcome, and bring it on. ;-) Once you hear what I have to say, hopefully, your well crafted responses will lack the necessary force to make anything happen... except make me laugh. You're welcome; and thank you for watching me. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/4i0n

This video is a mock lecture of how The Game of Life (created by John Conway of Cambridge University) is in interrelated to the essence of all gaming, and creating strategies using basic critical thinking skills, and planning ahead.

Utilizing this knowledge we can better understand how all forms of reality can be innerstood and dealt with accordingly. Without fear or bias. Warning, you may have children/adolescents that would benefit from watching this video and although they are probably genii, I do slip out a few cuss' and biology jokes. So parental guidance suggested.

This isn't a "adult" video or "contain mature content;" I just thought I'd give you a head up. Follow me on Twitter for more stuff like this, or to learn more about me and how I'm "beating the game."

Also, I chose to use my "raw" editing technique, basically none at all (only to merge the two unintentional parts, you'll see), to remind you that none of us are perfect, and these things are best left said wholly intact. What kind of teacher would I be if I only showed you parts of my "game" where I'm only winning.

You have to lose, before you can win. Never forget this...

May the energy put forth in the current moment as a part of this universe, and all of actuality, be utilized solely for the purpose of generating the maximum amount of tangible, relative, productive, and realizable positivity; plus everything else that benefits the good of all mankind and it’s family throughout. This is my absolute, true intent.
This is the true essence of advice, yet what will you give me, in exchange for something I gave you for free? Well, I’ll share a hint; I’m not accepting anything if it’s less free than what I gave you.
At this point, all I can undoubtably suggest is to: Sit back
and most importantly… ENJOY THE SHOW!

Are you ready?
If you haven't noticed the world around you changing before your eyes, and everything seems just fine; please watch this short video.

If you have noticed the sensory and spiritual alterations and upgrades, and are tired of all of the lies, watching this will remind you that you are absolutely not alone, and you have help.
Much love!

Victory of (Yasmin) the Light!

***music from Explosions in the Sky, "Memorial" off of the album The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place***
(Sorry about the low quality mic, I added captions to make it easier to know what I've saying.)


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4i0n a.k.a. Ⓓⓘⓞⓝ Ⓜⓐⓖⓘⓢⓣⓡⓞ is a call-sign or egotistical title I applied to myself. This channel is a virtual summary of who I am and what I am all about. If you enjoy computers, Apple, retro-gaming, DIY electronics, graphic design, computer programming, and all types of geeky fun stuff, then this channel is for you and highly suggest that you subscribe!

I also tend to dive into the unknown/fringe of our shared collective reality. There is so much more to existence than what we've (my fellow Americans) have been told, especially in school. Most of the things we were being forced to regurgitate have no real practical value, except to pass "that damn test!"

I started off my content creation career all the way back on Google Video, props to anyone who's been around that long. Then YouTube began, and Google acquired them, which allowed me to migrate my videos to the more popular platform. Nowadays, with the demonetization, DMCA, censoring, and shadow-banning, no video is sacred or safe from the wrath of the eConglomerates. This is why I have expanded my horizons to alternative outlets. Let's see what happens!