Masonic symbolism tells us that the traditional compass is fake N.E.W.S. Between the North and South Poles, THERE IS MORE BEYOND: another pole.
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The real meaning of the name of the hurricane set to destroy the "Sunshine State" pertains to the Saxon word for the pillar that upholds heaven, and a goddess whose name means "universal war." What is being presaged here with this and the foregoing eclipse is the dividing of the United States, the collapse of the sky, and the murder of the Sun. Read Genuflect to understand more: http://a.co/d429laC And visit http://tracytwyman.com/ for more from Tracy Twyman

A film made by Tracy R. Twyman at the film school at New Jersey City University, 1998. The soundtrack is "Can't Go Wrong Without You," a song by His Name is Alive, and was used as such in the original college production.


Here is the beginning of my book Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge from 2010, read by me, with some images to illustrate. I made this video back then and only just recently rediscovered it.

Talks about the origin of the dollar sign, the word "dollar," the creation of the checking system with the Knights Templar, and the connection between money and the alchemical symbol of the Caduceus, as well as Baphomet, Cain, and the serpent of Eden.

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A great old book about the history of Satanism has been translated into English now by Joe Bandel. Here's a review. Learn about how Satan has a vagina on the end of his penis, and how people in the fifteenth century used to dress like the Devil to honor him.

Corrections: This book is available in paperback now. Also, the Church of Satan allegedly began April 30, 1966, not 1969 as I had said.

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The translator:

Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall's monumental essay from 1818, Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum (The Mystery of Baphomet Revealed), containing images and descriptions of what are purported to be occult ritual items used by the Knights Templar, will soon be published in English for the first time, with commentary from Tracy R. Twyman and photographs of the related monuments that she discovered at the British Museum. Here is the beginning of a YouTube documentary about Twyman's work on the Hammer-Purgstall translation and her investigation into the artifacts he documented.

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(Continued from previous vid.) The location of Bloomberg's new London headquarters is not only home to ancient Roman Londinium's newly restored Temple of Mithras, but also right next to the Rothschilds' ancestral London home, the Bank of England, & the London Stone. What does this have to do with John Dee, Superman, the House of Windsor, and the Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond invented by Mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky in Antwerp? Read Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman: http://a.co/c3xY6PT
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Exploration of ideas found in the book Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman.

Tracy R. Twyman and Alexander Rivera talk about the symbolism of Greek creation myths in regards to the Flat Earth concept.

As quoted in the book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled http://a.co/hFrjS5s

Based on concepts discussed in Genuflect, the novel by Tracy R. Twyman. http://a.co/91CDct1

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As excerpted in the book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled.

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