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Jesus gave us the signs of the times called the Olivet discourse. In it He described things that would be going on in the world near the time of His return. We know that the biggest sign is the fig tree is giving forth leaves and tender figs the time is near. Israel is the fig tree. But there are other signs and two about Noah and Lot that Jesus gave us in Luke 17. Let’s look at them.

It takes a lot of work, digging and persistence to find Gems in the earth. But when you find them you know you have something of great value. The Bible is a rare gem in itself. There is no book on earth like the Bible. There is no book on earth that is God-breathed and God-inspired but the Bible. Proverbs is a book of wisdom, practical wisdom for living life well. There are many gems in the book of Proverbs but it seems like chapter 16 has some of the most familiar.

We know a lot of things in America. We have great researchers and scientists. We put a man on the moon in 1969 with adding machines and mathematicians and computers so primitive that your smart phone would make look like toys. God has given us the desire to build and invent and innovate and we have done well with that ability. But we are smart but not wise. Have you heard of people who are smart but not “street” smart. They have knowledge but don’t have the wisdom to survive in real life situations. Daniel will tell us what God thinks of our knowledge.

The Lord Jesus Christ had a mother just like we have. She gave advice to her Son just like any mother. But she also gave advice to the people at a wedding that turned out to be the greatest advice ever given by any mother.

Luke 17 and 21 give us the Olivet Discourse we find also in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. But many have discovered the four horsemen of the appocolypse in Luke chapter 21. I am not dogmatic on anything I say today. But I believe it best fits what Bible prophecy tells us. I am but a fallible man so I cannot know the mind of God on this. But if we take the scriptures as a whole and scriptures only we can be pretty accurate about our understanding of Bible prophecy.

Why anyone would want to be Ungodly is puzzling. People are ungodly for basically two reasons. Some are ignorant and the rest don’t want any part of God. God loves them. God sent Jesus to die for them and give them eternal life and peace and they don’t want that? That’s correct. They want to rule their own lives and be the master of their own fate. They want to sin, they love their sin and will not give it up. John Milton’s Paradise Lost book 2 quoted Satan as saying “I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.” Who said anyone would rule in hell by the way? Satan isn’t ruling in hell he is headed for the lake of Fire in the very near future. The Bible doesn’t say anything about a king of hell or the lake of fire. People are just deceived or ignorant about their future.

: In this passage Barabbas name is mentioned four times. Jesus name three times. Barabbas mentioned more than Jesus. The world wanted Barabbas more than Christ. Is it that way today? Absolutely.

The Three Stooges were in one of the funniest short movies ever made in 1936 when they did a comedy about a court room as the judge kept pleading for “order in the court” the stooges kept the court in chaos and disorder just by being themselves. We know that God’s Creation is one of order, sense, predictability and repeatability. Chaos did not exist in God’s original Creation. Sin has brought Chaos and confusion and deception. Man descends into chaos when he is in charge. Just look at our world today. Covid Chaos. Sexual chaos. War chaos. Power chaos. There is disorder in the court of the worlds system today.

Many millions have followed Jesus since He walked on this earth. Most people believe in Jesus. Many people go to church and worship Him but only a few follow Him every day. This is the nature of people. Fear, doubt, ignorance, selfish pride, and love of this world and it’s pleasures keep people from fulling committing their lives to Jesus. But in this passage we see where lots of people followed Jesus for many reasons.

The Lord is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. God does have physical attributes. He does see. He does speak. He does hear. He does reach down to us. He wants us to walk with Him. He holds us. He leads us to where He wants us to go. So In todays passage we see his eyes are upon us and His face is against the wicked and that should make us happy

Song of Solomon is part of the poetry section of the Old Testament. Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song Of Solomon. It describes the love between the Shulamite woman and her man. We are the bride of Christ. This book of Solomon is about the love of Christ for His church in my opinion. And God’s love for Israel. The church is married to Christ and Israel is married to God. The Lord yearns to bring us into His presence

Very rarely do people agree on everything. I can’t really think of one thing. People are different with different likes and desires. God made us like that. God didn’t want cookie cutter people. He didn’t want robots. He created people in His image which means we think for ourselves, we are self aware, that is we have plans, we love, we like, we have a will and desires for self fulfilment. Hopefully all in the perameters of seeking God’s guidance for our lives. We have limits and those limits are things that God has deemed wicked and harmful to ourselves and others. Even though we have the free will to do those things, God will limit them in order to keep us from usurping His will. So…even though we don’t agree on everything there are three things every human that has ever lived and will live will do and be agreeable on it and be glad to do it well maybe some not so glad…..

Events at the end of the tribulation and before the Millennium.

Remember last year the world closed their churches for Resurrection Day. But not today! Lots of action at the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Heaven comes down and Jesus goes up, the world shakes and quakes, people pass out for fear and people are shocked. The resurrection was not a quite little moment. There was a lot of action. Let’s look at it.


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Jack Ward is pastor at Tomahawk Missionary Baptist Church in Martin County, Kentucky, USA. He has pastored there since January of 2000. He has published weekly articles for the newspaper "the Mountain Citizen" since 2001. He has served in many capacities over the years in church work since he was born again in July of 1970 at the age of 13. He was a Postmaster at Inez, Kentucky, USA for 33 1/2 years. He is the football and basketball Public Address announcer for Martin County, Kentucky, USA high school. He attended Morehead State University and Andersonville Theological Seminary. He has a doctorate of Theology from Andersonville.

He is known for preaching on Bible prophecy and verse by verse exposition of the scriptures. He maintains a website www.tomahawkmbc.com and has many articles and sermons and sermon outlines. He has a monumental work called "Outline Of End Time Events" on that website. All of his materials are free to use and copy.

He is married with four grandchildren.