Galactic Six

Galactic Six Covers The Tracking Methods
Of The New World Order and How You
Are In That System of Operation.

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Geofencing ~
Internet Of Things ~

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High Resolution or A Virtual Reality Check
May Be Necessary With Introduction Into
Another Realm Right Here On Earth

Content From: CERN HQ
Imagery and Film Footage: Stargate Atlantis (SYFY Channel)

Soundtrack: Zero 7 ~ The Waiting Line
Additional Sound Clip on Time Crystal Technology by: D News

New Technology Reveals Anti-Gravity
and Warp Drive Capabilities featuring new
Alien-based spacecraft...

Soundtrack: M83 From Oblivion Film
Film Excerpt: Star Wars Lucas Film
Subject of Film: Viktor Grebennikov ~ Etymologist and Inventor

Aircraft and Spacecraft Credits: The U.S. Defense Cos

Also The U.S. Air Force & newly minted Space Force
Additional Credits: You Tube
Special Thanks: Galactic Six and Secure Team 10

From Far Reaching Depths of Space and Spacetime
Are An Armada of Alien Ships as CERN and D-Wave
Work For A Solution For What They May Have Created Because of Their Work.

Credits: 24 (Fox TV Series)
Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix Original)

Dr. Quantum (YouTube Channel)
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Coast Guard

12 Monkeys Soundtrack (SYFY)
Continuum Soundtrack (Showcase Television)
Section 51 (YouTube Channel)

Second Generation of Artificial Intelligence
has reached a new level and it is active online.
This technology is sure to dominate Globally.

Bio-Medical Research Scientists Have Developed A "Thought Generator / Recording Device"
This New Technology Can Actually Hack Your Mind!

Epic depiction of 1997 Quantum Physics Experiment
Gone Awry...Or Did It? Only CERN May Know What's Coming. ~ The SETI Institute ~ Warner Brothers Pictures ~ Jodie Foster on IMDb ~ The CERN Website (A Top Level Domain Name)

How The Internet's Most Documented Alien Experiencer
Was Shutdown and Silenced.
With Key Info You Should Know.

Sources Wikipedia on Romanek:
Further: Paul Hellyer:
Paul Hellyer Website:
The Bilderberg Group:
Additional Credit, ABC News:
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Additional Mention, Romanek Documentary – YouTube Movies:
Romanek Page On Facebook:

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer
Gives Eyewitness Evidence of Alien Presence.

You Tube:
Further Evidence You Tube:
Further Wiki Evidence:

Shipwrecked Alien Hybrid Details The
Grim Future From Light Years Ahead of 1964.

Galactic Six Probes The Possible Future
In Supersoldiers and Time Travel Paradoxes.
Feat. Real Supersoldier In Action!

Galactic Six Reaches Back To The Past
In This Epic Galaxy Telescope Mini-Doc.

Galactic Six Extends To The Far Reaches of Space
To Do What Has Never Been Done.

Our Hero Explains Portals and Vortex Anomalies
From Around The World....

Galactic Six Reaches Across The Spectrum
Into Alternate Realities and Timelines....

Galactic Six Explores Alien Abductions.

Future Prez Faces Scenario With "Anubis"

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