80 IQ White dude falls for FBI nonsense.

A video every American needs to watch:

A classic video from around 15 years ago. If I knew who made it, I would give credit. Hold through it, the 9/11 stuff stops around halfway through and it gets to the stuff that is happening now.

As for the choice of music, look, a lot of good people in the oughts still thought that lefty nihilist cunts had good points. Hopefully the handful of old-timers here have realized why that was a mistaken presumption.

Optics talk with Der Versucher:

Her Name is Ashli Roberts

From 2011, I think

Fuck all camofags.

Willie Nelson

Seals & Croft

It's not chiptunes, but it sounds like it.

Yes I'm White, and I make no pretense that it's anything but my favorite

No clan better than the Titans who marched over the face of the world

What's my tribe of choice? the one that I've got

Don't wanna be cast down to the dark melting-pot

Seems so sick to the telivized norm, mouthing their vapid mantras

Oh yes we are an elite race, it is known: the Honkeys, Crackers and Pinks

I be 'racits,' so you say, as if you think that I care

Social standing means nothing to me when society's a cause for dispair

What's my tribe of choice? The one that I've got

Don't wanna be blended in this dank melting-pot

(this melting-pot)

They can't understand the White Man's mind, and rarely earn our degrees

If you'd stop making yourself willfully blind, I'd bet you'd be thinking like me

And we'd be less sad

What's my tribe of choice? The one that I've got

Wearing the uniform that can't be taken off

This is the consequence of not removing them.

Take this seriously.

White Niggas not understanding how a calendar works and trusting government numbers that don't even make sense.

These are the Peers who (((review))).

If ZOG is gonna kill you, at least don't let them do it by gaslight.

Video of anti-White agent attempting to entrap patriots into saying illegal things:

Extraneous content edited out.

Believing that Earth's polar ice caps still exist is a conspiracy theory.


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The strongest weapon we have is truth.

That means our prospects are bleak.

But not nonexistent.