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This was SUCH an interesting video to me. I'm sure most are now aware that a huge secret the elite keep is that the giants who died in Noah's flood literally turned into rock. All rocks and mountains are the remains of living creatures either giant, plant or animal. They're "mud fossils".

Anyways this video was really interesting to me b/c he clearly shows how the faces of these giants even resemble the facial features of the nationality of the people in the region where they are located. For example the rock giant's facial features look caucasian in most of Europe...in Africa the giants faces look African, in Native American regions the giants faces look native american, and so on.

And not only that but the kaolin clay (found in the earths surface and the sediments of rocks) in these diff regions of the world come in various shades. SKIN COLOR SHADES. Skin color shades which MATCH the nationality of these giant's facial features! This YouTuber says kaolin clay IS the skin of these giants.

In Chinese kaolin means "high ridge". Hmmm...interesting.

Porcelain is made from kaolin clay. This kaolin clay is also widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint and a ton of other products. It's also used as medicine to treat a range of ailments.

It's so strange....looking at all the photos I have of these faces its almost as if they were "flash frozen". Its as if something surprised them all and came through and froze them in place. I wonder what that was. So many things to think about once you know this basic truth about the rocks. So fascinating now to look at rocks and try to figure out what it was. What body part.

And now it makes sense why New Agers love crystals and believe that they have "special powers". Crystals are the liquified remains turned hard. Like the inside of an eyeball or an organ. So these crystals are literally the remains of these evil giant Nephilim creatures. Which is why ..

This is a mirror video of "The Dave Chapelle Theory"

Original description:

This video is a narration of the website that no longer exists, chappelletheory.com. It was almost immediately taken down as soon as it's "anonymous author" had put it up. Someone working in Hollywood with first hand knowledge of what exactly transpired before the death of Dave Chappelle wanted to get the word out about what he knew and had heard. The powers that be removed the site but you can still find it on the wayback machine here:

For however long it lasts, take a look at this video on Twitter. No context is given, however, it appears someone who "died" is in the same position he was in when he "died" and he's texting.

This video was originally posted on Twitter. Here is the link although it will be taken down soon I would imagine.

The background on this was that it was claimed to be a video taken before the shooting, where they were practicing with the "crisis actors".

I am skeptical, but I also can't save this like I can other videos and there has to be a reason why they are criminalizing having the original - perhaps they don't want people cross examining things. So for what it's worth Give this twitter video a look, I am a little bit skeptical but it does look like this could really be something.

Re-upload by Fisher of Men

Link to original


This is a re-upload (mirror) of a video made by the Dictionary of Truth. Here is the link to the original YouTube video.






Turned to Stone

Fantasy is Reality

Demons have a personality just like you and me and different demons work in different ways. They are extremely dangerous unless one knows about their existence and their goal is just to destroy Gods' creation and hinder us from worshiping him but they are no match for Jesus that will set us free! - Pastor Derek Prince

Re-upload by A & Ω Productions
Link to original

My new favorite YouTuber..."Dictionary of truth." This chick has amazing editing skills. She also always picks great music. THE GIANTS BODIES ARE STILL HERE...the ones that died in Noah's flood....they've turned into rock and are the mountains and rocks we climb all over the world. ALL ROCKS AND MOUNTAINS ARE THE REMAINS OF LIVING CREATURES EITHER GIANT, PLANT OR ANIMAL. THEY'VE EVEN LIED TO US ABOUT THE ROCKS.

15 min of proof. GREAT collection of pics of petrified giants turned into rock. The Rocks were alive! Get ready to have your mind blown.

Dictionary of Truth recently took down her channel with all her videos so trying to upload the ones I have of hers. Her work is so important. I hope she comes back

Also link to video on mudfossils the basic science behind it.

DNA Proof of 200 ft giants

Another AMAZING video. About the giant animals and trees and people who existed on this earth (realm) before the great flood. The ones who's bodies still remain as our mountains and rocks. THEY LIED TO US EVEN ABOUT THE ROCKS. THE ROCKS AND MOUNTAINS ARE THE BODIES OF ONCE LIVING THINGS. If you want to understand the science behind mudfossils check out Roger Spurrs channel "mudfossils".

I ❤️ this girls videos. Her channel has disappeared but join her FB group.

The FB group is fascinating as well.

Dictionary of Truth YouTube channel is gone :(
Mirroring her old vid

Were you aware that a huge secret the elite keep is that the giants who died in tbe flood literally turned into rock? Many mountains you now climb are the bodies of petrified giants! The rocks were alive! There were giants in the earth in those days... Literally in the earth... Their bones became part of the ground... Literally! Where do you suppose the dead bodies of enormous size beings are? Their bodies were not buried in the ground the way we bury our dead. They all died together in the great flood. The YouTube channel "Mudfossils" goes into the science behind it if you want to understand how. But in the meantime check this out! This is wild.

When It All Makes Sense...Giants & Titans Were Real! Link to original vid by the Dictionary of Truth

Road Surveillance Cameras Reported An Unusual Event

(I'm not sure where this happened. This is the source I got it from.
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=168441170605527&id=155834418532869 )

The symbol for Liberty is bondage.
You guys GOT to watch this guy explain what the statue of liberty REALLY is and how it came to be. She's a total and absolute pagan TRANSGENDER sun goddess. She is Aetis, the transgender castrated wife of Baal. That's right....SHE IS actually a HE. A symbol of sin and blasphemy on our soil.

A beacon of liberty and freedom my ass. The United States IS Babylon in the End Times spoken of in the Bible.

I took this clip out of a longer video by one of my new favorite YouTubers "Truth Happens". This girl makes GREAT videos. Her editing skills are amazing. You should subscribe to her if you're not already. I took this clip from a new video she did titled "The transgender agenda". The whole video is great...just like all her vids... here is the link to it if you want to watch the whole thing.

Wow! Un-freaken-believable...Are you guys seeing this?? Proof!!

L.A. Times False Flag Operation Exposed! Contact Reporter Soumya Karlamangla and Los Angeles Times False Flag reporting Exposed. From #HighWire with Del Bigtree

Footage taken From Episode 42 of HighWire: https://www.facebook.com/HighWireTalk/videos/540460059663324/


Joel Osteen Rebuked By 6 Born Again Christians At Lakewood Church
This is an awesome video. These 6 men felt God lay it on their heart to warn the people of Lakewood church. So they went to one of Joel's services on a mission...and ended up in jail. But they had the conviction to do what most would never have the courage to. This vid will give you chills.

Re-upload from a re-upload. The re-upload I copied this video from linked the original creator but the link was broken and no name was given...just a broken link. So Im not sure who to credit. Regardless...here it is...really well done vid.

PROOF of Giant Trees Discovered!!?!! The Tower Of Babel x The Flat Earth Dome Firmament Connection_720P


Original can be found at Voices of the Martyrs and its titled:
iena's Prayer

Stars And The Firmament Diamonds In the Sky - The Flat Earth Reality
Original by Russian Vids

Original by R$E
titled "Inside this ''Illuminati Temple'' will shock you!
Link to original

What happened to our Children? Another fav video of mine.

Re-upload. Although I'm not sure who made it now. The original link I got it from says the channel is terminated and I can't find the original source anywhere.

Re-upload from YouTube channel Kate Slade. Link to original https://youtu.be/G2kPfo27Jl4
Although I believe YouTube terminated her channel recently in their big purge of all false flag videos
Being that Lenny Pozner is on a rampage taking down all Sandy Hook videos, I wanted to make sure I saved this on another platform.

Original description : Pointing out the obvious with the combined average age of these mother's to be 42.2 years old, parents of first grader's. While it is true women are waiting longer to have children, the odds of these mom's being so much older, is pretty uncommon.

This video got my second YouTube acct terminated...they didn't even follow the 3 strike rule. They just straight deleted my acct over it.

A FB friend sent me a couple videos…raw footage of the Vegas shooting. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She wanted to get the info out there but neither of us had ever made a video before. I downloaded a few video editing apps and gave it a try. So this is my first video! I know it’s nothing fancy but it took me HOURS. I have a new respect for good Youtubers. Oh and subscribe to my new channel….my last one was terminated not long ago after my third strike.

A girl named Ashley Galavez uploaded two different videos onto her YouTube channel of her and her husband during the “Vegas shooting”. She claims the first one is from her phone, and the second video is from her husband’s phone. Their two videos both show the moment they came across the victim “Tina Frost”….only each video shows a different take of what’s supposed to be the same scene. In the first video she’s shot in the face…but in the second video she’s been electrocuted on the fence. Both scenes begin with Ashley saying “Hey what happened to that girl right there?” In the second video you can even see the director directing the scene as it happens. See for yourself. And Ashley doesnt seem like the sharpest tool in the shed because in her Youtube comments under each video she admits that the “victim” in both videos is Tina Frost.
Check this out...

Links to original raw footage on Ashley Galavez's channel



The little 8 year old girl named Alisa… of the now infamous Hampstead coverup…. who the world saw speaking on video with her brother about the Satanic ritual abuse they were enduring at their school, was recently spotted in this Audi commercial that was played at the Super Bowl. She was 8 years old in the original picture and today (in the Audi commercial) she would be 2.5 years older.

It is believed she is being advertised to the elites. Perhaps for the price of an Audi?

The original channel who made the video below was terminated shortly after they published this video. My YouTube channel was terminated over it also after I posted it. So I'm posting it here to preserve it forever.


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