We must not allow this evil being to leave the pit and regain any power.

Another truth-teller in prison.

Truth is not important, only the MSM, and Bog Gov narrative.

London celebrates with a traditional stabbing.

Mike Obama, Barry's husband is a victim and you are the problem.

The BBC shows how biased and poor its presstitutes are as Orla Guerin is humiliated.

A good example of what happens when a small and very hostile minority are allowed to take control of over 90% of mainstream media and gradually 'march through the institutions', and hence why they have been ejected from every European nation they've ever dwelt in. This video was displayed at a state funded art museum in San Francisco for several weeks.

I compare deaths in UK, Seychelles, Isreal, and Spain.

There can be no democracy with the deep state, no free press, no opposition, and no free speech. Free Assange.

Alex Belfield has been censored into avoiding certain topics, by the censorial, oligarchy, big-tech propaganda machine, YOUTUBE.

The virtue signalling for pedowood and the demonrats knows no bounds. But judge them by their actions.

The step-by-step move to total control is marching forward. Deprogramme yourself.

Kier Starmer, Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson, Saville, Epstein. The great Assange and Edward Snowden. Who tells the truth???? Pizza gate, epstein, truth. Labour and the new socialism.

Pfizer And so it was agreed, that this time round, no liability would fall upon them. If I'd dreamt it I could think holy shit, what a fucked up dream that was. They won't make the same mistake as Nigeria and have to pay compensation.

Neuralink, SpaceX, Starlink, etc what is Musk up to? do you trust him with controlling your brain?

• Jeremy Poole (the family man)
• June 30 2020 youtube removed 25000 channels
• Alex Belfield
• Alistair williams comedian
• Luke Reid
• Hugo talks
• Ex-army Paz
• Reverand Simon sideways
• Sargan
• red pill Phil
• Banksy
• Project Veritas
• Stephan Molineux
• High Impact flix
• Tommy Robinson
• Steven crowder
• Cross the rubicon
• The right view
• The corbett report
• James even palate, media matters
• Alex Jones info wars
• Tommy Robinson
• David Icke
• Amy
• Patriots soapbox
• One American news
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• welsh boys from swansea
• saltie cracker
• London real
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• computing forever
• the last american vagabond
• rebel news
• the last American vagabond
• sergeant major
• the red pill channel

Then youtube gets a free speech award.
Many gone and returned
many self-censor

Censorship is cancer to democracy.

I'm David against Government and authorities. Stand with me share this. As one person I can slip away silently, unheard. But together we can win.

Who knows, or gives a shit about who won the Oscars, Issac Kappy, Perhaps.

We're all going to die, sooner or later. Don't listen to fear and death on MSM. Propaganda.

Biden is a ball-less stooge.

How did he manage to get by the censors? Best BBC takedown ever!!

My children are being physically, psychologically and pedagogically damaged without any benefit for the children or third parties.
please share.

Susan Wojcicki lives in her bubble, can she really be this unaware of her own lies, or is the money so good she doesn't care, as her soul is already gone.

Australian Biotec company has a product to stop vaccine deaths(which don't happen, because the vaccine is safe)?


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