Chickens coming home to roost, women belong in the kitchen!

Ramble about how we have a generation of infantile

Don't let this scumbag get away with it!

Self care as a homemaker.

Wisdom is knowing when to turn the other cheek, and when to use the whip.

Claudia Tenney,
Sessions, Ginsberg,


Memes are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Why protestors don't want to talk.

Has anyone seen the unskippable ad of the cantaloupe in the vice?


Just some of my observations

My opinion, all credit goes to Trump Dayz for the video: https://youtu.be/dHNDF7k0gTw

He only cares about your looks, she only cares about your wallet. Don't be a dumb fuck.

Ricin attacks, emergency broadcasts, is this 9/11 all over again?!

Thoughts on the censorship of Alex Jones

Some observations on the shady things that went down.

Reporter on wktv admitted that the protestors came from Albany!

Struggling to deal with fucked up eyesight

Whistleblowing from my time working in the school system. NYSED instructed us to obstruct. Documents here:

Nothing you probably don't already know, just my perspective

Literal false flag. Most juggalos are Trump supporters and antifa has been trying to recruit juggalos since at least last year. Video of said juffalo: https://youtu.be/tGNkJFmawvI

My junk for the month of July. Makeup, skincare, infowars supplements.

Kavanaugh, disinfo, going after Clinton?

My junk this month...

Discussion about a Twitter post that is all over Instagram. May be a hoax, but even of it isn't, perfect illustration of Trump derangement syndrome


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