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CAN I GET A HEELLLOOOO THEERREE!!! Ralph hits a home run with this one!!! Boy oh boy can I relate to what he says. THANK YOU RALPH!!!!

Ralph was born March 3, 1986 which makes him 34. Just by changing your eating habits to support sentient breathing life, eating a plant based diet will enhance your looks and the way you feel. I will be 64 this year and I have little grey hair, just a shock of grey/white hair coming from my crown chakra. I do not look 64. This winter is the best I've felt in a long time being able to get back to weight training and cardio. These new energies are amazing; just 'tap' into them.


We are being pressured to evolve over the next week as the planets in Taurus and Aquarius continue to reveal where we are ready to grow and step out of comfort zones. Mars and Uranus are exact in Taurus on January 20, and then Mars squares Jupiter in Aquarius. The Sun makes its annual conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius and brings a concrete goal into our higher awareness. It’s beneficial to stay open to multiple ways a manifestation and dream can unfold, and look at where you may feel locked in with a particular expectation. The energies are reminding us that miracles can happen in unlimited ways, and this is where amazing magic can appear. More to share in this week’s podcast episode.

Message from 5DorBust:
I can't stress enough for grounding. If you can get outside...head to nature. If you can't....maybe pull out your crystals and charge them. Smoky Quartz, Black Tourlamine, Black Obsidian, Shungite. Charge and clear.....even programming for the pure intention of grounding. Hold for a few minutes or as much as you feel you need to do to ground. Keep your emotions neutral and don't invest emotionally for what is going on. So much confusion and what is presented may not be the truth....so don't emotionally invest into anything.

I can only comment on my own experience in respect to 'letting people go' and boy did I ever clean house. Once I started, I was guided to witness the truth of how people really felt about me and that they were NOT my friends. AND guess what....that meant EVERYONE. Once I let my immediate family go (Parents & sibling), that their behaviors and treatment of me was not going to change spite my push back to how their treatment was affecting me. ONE OF THE HARDEST THING I EVER DID. That happened 12 years ago. I was devastated for a long time. BUT once that was done, life unfolded and I could be who I truly was. Then the friends or so called friends had to go too, one by one. Now? No more drama. I can be the best 'me' doing my own thing.

If family, friends are habitual in causing you pain, suffering, controlling...it is overdue to let them go. Who needs that? Who needs all that drama ripping your heart to pieces...draining you. No one. Yes, it is hard to do to cut people out of your life, real hard to do but do you must to move forward. If people are not treating you well, supporting you and loving you....why hold on?

It’s time for a major, more empowered RESET on Ascension. Earlier in 2020 people were saying that all of the suppression and lockdowns on this planet were helpful in inspiring people to wake up. That may have been true at the beginning, but it is no longer true now. The level of planetary control and societal destruction has become far too negative to be helpful any longer. All it is doing now is generating extreme fear, anger, and division. This is not an optimal environment for ascension. Therefore, it is time for us to pivot in terms of our perspective, so we can stay on an empowered path of evolution, and move to a higher timeline accordingly.

Rigid spiritual beliefs are not helpful in such a tumultuous environment. Advanced beings know how to ride the waves of ascension in a way that maintains flexibility, while still preserving the ultimate truth of love, light, and oneness. In this video, I show you how to do exactly that by shifting and upgrading your consciousness so you can stay on track in your ascension journey and continue moving to a higher timeline.


Christina does an excellent job on defining and the method to clear negative energy. I was quite impressed with this presentation.


Ascension is not easier for others. Some start earlier so they have done their spiritual work already. Others will start their work now through waking up due to the chaos on the planet. Be heart based in your thinking. This raises your vibration that is concert with the energies enveloping our planet....our galaxy. Going against what is already cut in stone for this juncture in time will not serve you...will make your process much more difficult. Go with the flow. Look within for your answers. Looking to gov't to fix things is not going to happen.

For this video to be a benefit, you must have your natal chart locating uranus and its position when you were born. Natal Uranus in your astrology chart reveals where you are experiencing more of your true authentic self, and how you need room in your life to be expressive and independent. Uranus is a liberator, disrupter, rebel, and awakener to more of your unique energy field. We’ll journey through all 12 astrology signs and look at how this energy is requiring your freedom in this lifetime. Also important to look at the house placement of natal Uranus as this is the area of life or environment where you really need to go your own way and do your own thing.

Spite the commentator thinking this lifestyle is extreme...it isn't. When you are 'heart based' you respect all sentient life. You can't imagine hurting an animal or human being nevermind kill them, butcher, and then eat them. You are eating 'blood'....just the same as a satanist. Sounds harsh...but it is what it is. I posted this video to show that a person can eat once a day (OMAD) , eat a plant based diet and still build muscle and be super healthy. Now that people are home more, they can focus more on taking care of themselves and learn the science behind OMAD.

Send healing energy to someone guided meditation for effective distance healing. Heal someone at a distance what ever the ailment. Healing for pain, wellness, mental or emotional well-being.

The frequency of your mind, your brainwaves, affects the degree to which you connect with higher aspects of yourself and guides etc. I believe we mentally shift dimensions when we obtain the right mental frequency while setting the intention to do so. Here I explain.

A frontline nurse whistleblower in Australia talks to Sacha Stone on the horror story rolling out via the c#vid scam. Share widely.

People learn from pain and people are stupid. Sorry, I disagree with her 100%. People wake up in their own time. That isn't a bad thing. Its a choice. Free will is in play. Wise people learn from others, but children need pain to learn. Just be the best 'you' you can be.


Nicky Sutton welcomes author and Buddhist Von Galt to talk about our ascension to 5D from a Buddhist perspective. We also cover many other topics, helping us to gain a clearer picture of Buddhism and how it relates to our personal take on spirituality.

It's time to prepare your consciousness for a major ET disclosure! The powers-that-be have already begun disclosure in multiple ways in 2020. They have publicly admitted that UFO's are real. They have admitted that extraterrestrials are real and that governments are in contact with them. And there's so much more to come! We need to get control of our reality now, in advance of whatever is planned for us in 2021. Let's not sit passively by and wait for the media to control the entire narrative about such an important topic. We've already seen how that works out with other topics, so let's not make that mistake again. We are galactic beings who need to take a final stand for our own reality.

Preponderances on Sex, Art & Death (Pt 1) with Sacha Stone & 'Grannymuffin' Gillian Marais ❤️
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