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Catz Spiritual TV ~2,810,000+ Views ~8,100+ videos

5D or Bust


Mirrored from Next Level Soul ~ Alex Ferrari

God bless and protect Dr Jane Ruby. She IS one of the most bravest people who is exposing the truth.

Have you priced dog toys? Outrageous...$20 is about the cheapest....and many over $40.... JUST for one toy!!!! SO...I'll make Ruby her own toys.

Don't assume anything. Just because she is leaving....doesn't mean she has turned a benevolent page.....

Mirrored From Next Level Soul ~ Alex Ferrari


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This channel uploads daily. Through the spring/summer and fall, uploads will be done later in the morning or early afternoon due to tending the garden.

This channel is dedicated to our evolution, and the events of the day....from Astrology Reports and ET's, to Ascension Events, earth and space weather, NDE's, psychic reports, earth news - 3D to 4-5D The mass majority of the videos presented are mirrored. I pray whoever comes to this channel and views the videos will be enriched with knowledge to move forward with confidence in a loving way. I'm on the biggest journey of my life right now. As I learn and grow, through uploading videos that (mostly) resonate I pass this information onto you. Not everything I upload I resonate with. Lets grow together and create the most beautiful planet possible. .... a planet the universe will be proud of and want to visit because WE THE PEOPLE created it.

Some of my content will only have links to information; information in print. I wouldn't take the time to post this information if I thought it wasn't important. Uploading information takes time and my time and YOUR time is precious. I wouldn't want to waste it. Link to a blog in description or intel below and now a video that states there is 'no video' will be presented. Again, not everything I post I subscribe to their information/beliefs. Even I put a thumbs down on what I upload.

YT saturates ALL its videos with adverts. Interuptions....are ridiculous. Videos I share from YT do not have adverts for easy smooth and seemless viewing for a few exceptions of content providers putting their own adverts within their own Icke and Dr J Ruby. I can't help those.

I will never ask for money. The majority of my content comes from other sources so asking for money to profit from someone else's work is just wrong.

Obvious & deliberate stupidity, abusive, rude, bs, nonsense, obnoxious and spamming comments will be removed; most people permanently. People I have muted on other channels will be automatically blocked on mine. I've experienced your nastiness elsewhere, I won't revisit again. I am not going to waste the time of people who read comments with this 'class' of expression. I recommend if you need to express your vitriol and ignorance, do it on your own channel. I don't like reading your ugly, crude and vitriol ever and I highly suspect most people don't either. You only get to do it once. BOTTOM LINE ***THIS CHANNEL DOES NOT TOLERATE TROLLS***
Thank you. Much love to all.