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Has Bakhmut finally fallen? Narishkin spills the beans on Poland's aspirations.
Will Ukraine get a new National Anthem? How about " Breaking up is hard to do?"
Poland/Ukraine's weird Geo-Political relationship Article;
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Ukraine Forces Trapped in Kherson. Europe fed up with their Kleptocracy. Biden goes quiet while Weapons go astray. Euro Parliament Pot calls the Kettle black. More horror in Donetsk.
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Poland under attack!! Zelensky calls for War (again) and shows off his Acting Skills.
Burns plays Mediator and comes out a turkey, Russia readies for Winter Assault...
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R.F Forces leave Northern Kherson Territory, Kadyrov speaks well of Surovikin, US talks with Kremlin, some hope of Peace?
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The Scythian exposes Canada's Ukrainian Nazis, the WEF and Chrystia Freeland's 'special' connections to both. US Mid-Terms looming and more prominent Americans speak out. Join me on Telegram for all the gritty details
Cited Articles and Interviews + more

Time is running out for Kiev. MacGregor speaks out. Poland shows her true colours.
Kadyrov calls a spade a spade.
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Western Nuclear War Rhetoric reaches hysteria levels. The US shows her cards. Zelensky gives the game away. Shoigu makes an offer the West can't refuse!
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Kiev Forces lash out at Civilians in desperation. Zelensky in hiding. US supplies Tactical Nukes and hatches dastardly plots. Australian Govt. puts Taxpayers in another $500M of Debt for Zelensky Regime. Huge protests.
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Missile Strikes continue, Zelensky goes to Code Brown, Russia Mobilises, Biden looks after Family Interests. Commonwealth WOKE woes...
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Russia Strikes Back! Kiev finds out about consequences for Terrorist Acts. Lukashenko takes up Arms and things take a grim turn for Ukraine.
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Desperate Counter Offensives in Luhansk and Kherson as the West spirals into Economic chaos.
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A momentous day for Ukraine and Russia

Referenda, Sabotage, intrigue. The Ukraine plot thickens.

The old era is gone, now we can be truly free.
I don't usually give links to Jootube but this one is worth the 20 odd minutes

Vladimir Vladimirovic calls the Western bluff.

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Ukraine, who's War is it really?

Episode 1. Written during the lull between C19 and Ukraine.
Suggestions for future episodes including collaborations are welcome.


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