I LOVE fall fishing.

Kayak fishing under a river barge pays off!

Just being silly and over dramatic. More videos to come.

Amazing Day of Creek Fishing

I finally land my first smallmouth from a lake. Previously I had only caught them from creeks and rivers.

This is a VERY special video for me. I got to spend some real quality time with my son in the Ouachita National Forest. I really can't express how happy this made me. I hope you all had an equally wonderful Independence day!

First video with my new DRONE!
After a long dry spell I finally land a big bass.


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Crusty old YakBeard gives up his pirating ways and learns to become a kayak fisherman. Join him on his journey as he explores the rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds of Arkansas and surrounding states on his quest for peace as a paddler and angler.

UPDATE: Ole YakBeard has expanded his horizons, not content with spending all of his time in a kayak. New adventures abound as he takes on many forms of fishing, camping, shooting, hiking, fitness activities and general adventuring.