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Eva Winterkin
Don't own any of the music, just the art.

Willfred Carter is a character from the Seekers written by MyriaCarter.
Don't own any of the music, just the art

I honestly don't know what I was trying to draw here... I just remember wanting to make another video, but I had nothing in particular to draw, so I just started draw thing for heck of it. OH WAIT, now I remember!! It was because I just bought a new camera and tripod, so I was just testing them out with a random meaningless drawing.
Don't own any of the music, just the art.

I'm ashamed to admit I'm a neopets fan and one of my favorite neopets is the Xweetok.
So, I drew my xweetok on Neopets, (Yes, I still play it) sleeping in a bed of flowers.
I don't own ANY of the music. Annoying as it is, I feel comfortable putting disclaimers on my videos....even though I forgot to put on the last video I uploaded...

If there is one thing I love drawing the most, its my husband.
Quality isn't great,because I was using an old camera at the time to do all my speeddrawings.
Don't own ANY of the music, as usual, just the art.

Another speedpaint I did as a cover to a comic I was working on, then gave up because I'm not writer. I'm only an artist. My husband is a writer, though.
Again, don't own ANY of the music from this video, just the art.
Here is the list of the songs if you're interested. (Not in order)

One Last Wish by Casper
Bonded By Claire by Theads of Fate
Sanctuary (music box version) by Kingdom Hearts
Peace of the World by Dark Cloud
Yiruma-River Flows In You

Since youtube is being....weird, I am bringing all my art vids here.
This video I did a year ago for a riding club I was in on SSO.
I don't own ANY of the music what so ever I just own the art.


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I'm bringing all my videos here from youtube, since its being weird...And honestly, I just don't feel comfortable on youtube anymore.
I do art and stuff.. So yeah