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There are many signs that the US Empire is in terminal decline.

Here is how the USA could rebrand and restructure to reclaim its power and prosperity.

00:00 What made the US an Empire
02:07 Reason 1 for decline: weakening of US dollar reserve status
03:45 Reason 2 for decline: failure of military interventions
04:52 Reason 3 for decline: absurd priorities at home
07:22 Solution 1: Focus ONLY on defense, foreign affairs, interstate relations
09:10 Solution 2: Act as mediator, not dictator, between states
09:58 Solution 3: Allow states to join or leave union freely
10:40 Solution 4: States pay taxes to Federal Government, not individuals
12:48 Solution 5: End Federal Reserve, float currency/ interest rates, print no more dollars
14:30 BUT none of this is going to happen so instead...
16:17 Make sure you don't rely on any "services" that will collapse with Empire
16:37 Make sure you have the strength to survive in the vacuum, or in an era of increased corruption

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Starting a parallel economy business is good for you, and it's good for the world.

01:24 Install off grid energy and water systems
03:12 Provide Education Alternatives
05:42 Create a Club for Community Support
07:39 Integrate Businesses with Crypto
08:45 Plant Food Forests/ edible self-sustaining landscaping

You just have to think about where your interests and expertise meet the needs of people currently dependent on the bad guys.

Here are a few ideas to get the blood pumping.

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Here I discuss projects which tried to gain some level of autonomy, such as Operation Atlantis, two named after John Galt in Chile, Liberland, and Prospera.

After publishing this video, Prospera's legal team reached out to inform me that although the legislation authorizing ZEDEs has been repealed, the government has "not officially denied our position that the ZEDE repeal does not apply to Prospera."

Furthermore, if it comes to it, the project will likely not be arguing in Honduran courts due to "legal stability agreements that ensure jurisdiction for any dispute is the international arbitration body known as ICSID."

I do however think my earlier point stands: how much growth and prosperity do you expect to attract locked in a legal battle for existence, in a hostile political environment?

I take a look at what went wrong with these attempts to start something new, and suggest how I would fix them.

Then I present my five step plan to actually make starting a new sovereign country a reality.

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One concern among red-staters is that blue-staters will flee their high tax, high regulation, high cost of living state… and then keep voting for the policies which made it undesirable.

But when you look at where ideological people are moving, they’re mostly going to places that already match their politics.

In this video, I look at surveys from Republicans and Democrats looking to move states, to show where they are planning on going.

I also go over a recent Redfin report that shows the top ten metro areas people are leaving and moving to.

And finally I look at the makeup of the Florida electorate, and "Super landslide counties" to argue that people are self sorting themselves at the state and county level, according to their politics.

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Amazon affiliate link):

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Links to the court documents:

In September, 30 scientists and professors filed a lawsuit to force the FDA to release the documents it reviewed to approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

The scientists want to “settle the ongoing public debate regarding the adequacy of the FDA’s review process,” which should “confirm the FDA’s conclusion that the Pfizer Vaccine is safe and effective and, thus, increase confidence in the Pfizer Vaccine.”

The lawsuit says that the FDA refused expedited processing of the scientists’ Freedom of Information Act request on the grounds that they did not demonstrate an urgent need.

The FDA proposed releasing the documents on a rolling basis of 500 pages per month.

That means it would be just under 55 YEARS before the FDA released all 329,000 pages of documents it used to approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

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Facebook blatantly uses the "Missing Context" label as propaganda. They attempt to make people think an entire post is untrue, by sharing their own misleading articles with a massive amount of "missing context."

The headline of the "fact check" makes it seem like my entire post was false. In fact, the "missing context" was that the IRS spying had been "proposed" not "declared" and that it dealt with aggregate transactions, not individual transactions.

But they know most people only read the headlines, which is why Facebook added a deliberately misleading headline.

Joe Rogan Clip:

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It makes perfect sense to be angry at the government. It might even be what "they" want. The government is becoming increasingly authoritarian, which makes people angry, increases suicide, drug addiction, mental illness, and yes, domestic terrorism.

If the government can ruin so many lives that people turn to terrorism, then they can round up all the "deplorables" they always wanted to get rid of anyway.

If you become violent, they win. The government is basically good as one thing: violence. So don't play on their turf-- don't allow them to define the battlefield.

Don't become violent, however hard the government makes your life.

Instead, turn to building a parallel economy-- competing institutions that will not only help you and other to rely less on government, but should turn you a profit in the process, for providing such valuable goods and services.

How the Government Literally Drives People Insane:

'Domestic Terrorism' Fears Will Be Used To Justify Increased Snooping and Harassment:

New Study Finds Growing Number Of Young People Suffering From Climate Change Anxiety:

New government program helps you snitch on your family members:

Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism:

FBI informants had bigger role in Whitmer kidnap plot than thought: report:

Justice Department Addresses Violent Threats Against School Officials and Teachers:

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I'm back after a brief hiatus.

YouTube deleted my last video for COVID misinformation (I literally read information from the CDC), around the same time that Puerto Rico, where I live, implemented a vaccine passport, and the Biden Administration increased its use of unconstitutional dictatorial edicts to rule.

This all can be overwhelming. But there are some signs that the tide is shifting against the authoritarians. How much longer can they expect people to trust, or even listen to institutions like the Federal Reserve, media, military, scientists-- which as I discuss in today's video, have all shown massive conflicts of interest, just over the past few weeks.

After spending my free time reading Stoicism and Buddhist meditation, I decided the only solution is to forge ahead with building parallel economies to replace the collapsing and untrustworthy institutions we currently rely on.

I get into this a bit at the end of the video, and there will be much more on the subject to come.

Articles I talk about in this video:

US military admits it killed 10 civilians and targeted wrong vehicle in Kabul airstrike:

Gen. Milley Allegedly Promised To Warn China In Case US Prepared Military Strike:

Biden administration moves to stave off shortages of monoclonal antibodies:

Fed Chief Powell, other officials owned securities central bank bought during Covid pandemic:

The COVID-19 Hospitalization Metric in the Pre- and Post-vaccination Eras as a Measure of Pandemic Severity: A Retrospective, Nationwide Cohort Study:

Revealed: How scientists who dismissed Wuhan lab theory are linked to Chinese researchers:

Number of states with high obesity rate nearly doubles since 2018: CDC:

Obesity in children accelerated during the pandemic:

In this video, I use official data from the CDC,, and the Brookings Institute to explain why it doesn't make sense to panic over COVID-19.

Most people's perceived risk of death is wildly inaccurate, and the attempts to bully young healthy people into taking a COVID jab do not hold up to logic.

Click here for links to the sources of the data discussed:

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In this video, I analyze a recent Gallup poll about the low confidence Americans of all stripes have in the major institutions which underpin our society. I make the case that this is a good thing, as it provides a market opportunity to replace these crumbling rotted institutions with something better.

I also take a look at another poll which asked Americans from different regions if they would support new regional governments which replaced the United States.

The data shows people are not happy with how things are currently run, and want other solutions for how to run society, and solve political disagreements.

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A 1997 book called The Fourth Turning looked at American history through the lens of generations.

America goes through cycles of four, roughly 20 year long generations-- with the whole cycle lasting about as long as a typical human life. The cycle follows a pattern: after a Crisis, society experiences a High, followed by an Awakening, then an Unraveling, and finally, another crisis.

Generation Z, or Zoomers, are being raised during a Crisis period. If the hippie movement of the 1960s and 70s against the military industrial complex is any indicator, Gen Z will rebel against their strict upbringing and dominant "woke" socialist institutions of their youth.

Read the book, The Fourth Turning (amazon affiliate link):

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Joe Biden recently said that the people who think the Second Amendment is to keep a tyrannical government in check are mistaken, because they would need nukes and F-15s to fight back...

History--and even the current situation in Afghanistan-- shows that is not true.

But he also said that certain people have always been restricted from owning firearms. That IS true.

Those certain people were black people-- restricted after the civil war from owning firearms through gun permits. That made them an easy target of the KKK.

In other words, gun licensure is a perfect example of structural, systemic racism that still exists today.

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Government is an area of little innovation, ripe for a market upset.

Forming new, better systems of governance is where I intend to make my mark on the world. In this video, I’ll outline my basic design, but certainly not the only design, for a free private city which could replace the nation-state.

It will be built in a jurisdiction negotiated with a host government like a special economic zone, and focus on attracting young entrepreneurs by positioning as an alternative to college...

Why Nation-States Will Die-Off in the Information Age:

Free Private Cities: Making governments compete for you: (Amazon affiliate link)

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Why Nation-States Will Die-Off in the Information Age

Election Maps Prove We Need City States and Beer

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If government services were transacted exclusively in the free market, we would be living under an umbrella system of anarcho-capitalism.

Under such a free market for governance, we would see many different types of societies emerge, and one may be anarcho-monarchism. That is an extreme form of private property, where by owning land, you become the exclusive sovereign over that land. You own it, you set the rules.

In this video, I explain how that would work.

Read the article here:…-a-king-or-queen/

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Large centralized nation-states may have been useful during the industrial age to protect capital tied up in factories.
But in the age of information, wealth and production are more more mobile.

People are already choosing the best government for them, and nation-states will not survive in a world where they can't take more money than their services are worth.

The nation-state will therefore die-off as more and more jurisdictions offer government as a service, priced to the actual costs, siphoning off the wealth of massive bureaucracies.

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The system is designed so that you never even try to get ahead. Instead, you are bogged down with bureaucracy. This is the Kafka-esque experience.

But in The Trial, Kafka also hints at a few ways to get around the system. Using this method to avoid bureaucracy also helps fight back and bring down an unjust system.

Let it be your gift to future generations.


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Studies confirm people who "virtue signal" their woke mindset are more likely to be psychopaths and narcissists.

Of course this study simply confirms what most of us intuitively know: that bad people take advantage of other people's good intentions to gain power.

I also discuss how to protect yourself from virtue-signaling psychopaths.

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On a mass scale, the elites in the media, government, and corporations use a mixture of marketing and hypnosis to gain compliance from the people.

How much of this is literal mind control, and how much can be fight off, as long as we have the proper tools?

In this video, I go through the basics of hypnotism, how it affects the brain, and how the people in power use psychological "shortcuts" to hypnotize and control the masses in everyday life.

In you want to learn the basics of hypnosis, I recomend starting with the Audible exclusive, "Reality is Plastic" (Amazon affiliate link):

Try Audible plus for free (Amazon affiliate link):

How the Elite Trap You in Their Unfree World:

How to manufacture a prince-- first, find a genie, or better yet, become a genie.

All it takes for the Genie to transform Aladdin into a prince is the right clothes, a proper entourage, and a few carefully placed "regular people" to tell all their friends about this amazing Prince Ali-Ababa they heard about.

Here I analyze the classic Disney Song, "Prince Ali", written by Alan Menken (music) and Howard Ashman (lyrics) sung by Robin Williams as the Genie, in the 1992 "Aladdin".

I provides an amazing lesson in marketing, and what it takes to create a spectacle that the masses will love.

Here is my Hypnotism video I mention, "How the Elite Use Hypnosis to Control the Masses":

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Brienne of Tarth is one of the most noble characters in Game of Thrones, while The Hound, or Sandor Clegane has plenty of flaws, is violent, and destructive.

Yet the Hound was able to keep Arya Stark safe. And Brienne's attempt to "rescue" Arya and "bring here to safety" actually make Arya more vulnerable.

As The Hound so eloquently reminds Brienne, “There is no safety you dumb bitch. And if you don’t know that by now, you’re the wrong one to watch over her.”

Brienne misunderstands the nature of the world. She is wrong to think that there is a safe place to take Arya. But because she thinks she knows better, Brienne's good intentions lead to more danger.

Here I discuss what we can take away from this example.

Anti-fragile: thing that gain from disorder, Taleb (Amazon affiliate link):

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I feel compelled to note that this video criticizes the country of China, and some Chinese politicians. It does not criticize or demonize the Chinese people, who are victims of China themselves, nor any other Asian people.

We can't allow debate over important issues to be stifled by false claims of hate speech.

China, with the help of the praise of the World Health Organization, helped set the global precedent for authoritarian lockdowns in Wuhan. Then the country basically carried on as normal while the rest of the world damaged their economies.

China emerged stronger, and the West weakened, which was likely the entire plan in the first place.

This is not even discussing the possibility that China created or spread the virus, but rather how China took advantage of the situation to position itself to become the global dominant superpower.

This is a video version of an excerpt from a free blackpaper from The Daily Bell called: Four Ways the Elite Control You in a Crisis, and how to flip the script to seize their power now.

You can download a free PDF by going to the following this link, and entering your email address. This will also give you access to the approximately 28-minute audio version of the blackpaper.

Here are the information sources for this video:

Everything has become controversial. You can't simply have a rational conversation. It all has to be emotionally charged vitriol.

This has made me police what I say LESS so as to purposely repel the Social Justice Warriors. When we speak truth, we will naturally attract likeminded people, and create a proper tribe where we can thrive.

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