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James Charles releases a video trashing Jeffree Star and Tati and using “receipts” this is why you should not consider screenshots receipts... it literally takes seconds using a program to recreate them... but apparently some people still get it wrong.

Compilations and Explanation of how the media and their bias made half the nation go insane for years.

Plus the unsung hero of the entire Covington Catholic v Nathan Phillips v Black Hebrew Israelites confrontation... the skateboarding jokster.

Bengal cats attack ...

Multi genres, 3 stages, 32 hours straight, 10 venues

That I have seen in my lifetime

The next wave of music social media is here

Those of you familiar with my channel and videos should know by now what this is, but if not , I will let Yuri explain it for you ... active measures of ideological subversion with the aim of demoralization then destabilization of a target country by way of indoctrination of actors, media , news outlets, high society, academia, musicians etc and the spreading of false information using both false flags (like kgb agents sending bombs and letters to black parts of Harlem from KKK offices) and forgeries (like Lee Harvey Oswald’s letter and the Protocols of Zion) in order to make a country not trust its own government, go away from the ideas that make it what it is and divide and fight amongst each other until the country is destroyed from within by useful idiots who cannot tell up from down or right from wrong ... until it’s too late at which point those useful idiots will be the first to go because the idealism necessary for their nativity is dangerous to the brutality and ruthless authoritarian regime to come .... was the favorite method of kgb spies (to this day) applied over a period of decades in plain sight but hidden by its slow drip of misinformation and chaos amongst a people with political ADD every four years

Definitions of words that leftists and SJWs seem to either have forgotten or never learned.

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I have never witnessed as much racism aimed towards black people in this country as I have the fellow former liberals, SJWs and Democrats who woke up and decided to walk away from the party which oppresses, divides, spreads hate and lies and does nothing for those it uses until it attacks them in angry vitriol of sexism or racism or homophobia the second they are no longer useful idiots to be easily played for their vote.

The news has called the entire movement RussianBots and dismissed the black, Hispanic and female parts of it as various kinds of idiots or wannabe whites or wanna please males... but if you wanted to know why black Americans walked away from the hate, the racism, the sexism and division that the left creates in place of any actual solutions to problems it usually creates or sustains... how bout listening to them when they tell you why ...

Another Radio Interview discussing the campaign, legalization and more

The whole truth.

USSR is not right wing sorry

Active Measures to Segregate Hip Hop Culture


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