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Iain Tough from The Last Jacobites expresses his thoughts after their musical performance which alas I had too much background noise on the video to make it worth sharing. Hope you enjoy his talk. Cheers.

My contributions to Olly Connelly's Daily Chaos show.

I perform Before and The Time Has Come poems in Hillhead Bookclub bar in Glasgow.
Quite a challenge in front of a virus believing audience.
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The first poem I recited at Poetry In The Corner in the Hillhead Bookclub bar in Glasgow.

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I got a poem published in a book called Calton Ceilidh and went along to perform it at the book launch.

A short promo for my Interview section of my website which you can access for free at

A video to promote the Poetry section of my site.

Come and join the group livestream 3 times a week.

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I chat with Murray about Common Law.

I interview Sean about the law and his viral videos of him talking to the police when stopped by them back in the day.

Another chat with Tony Sayers.

I chat with Andrew and Tom about the fraudulent science of virology as well as diet and their upcoming True Healing Conference.

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I chat to Dawn and David about their book The Nature of Reality.

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I interview Adam Edwards, the man behind The Illusion youtube channel, for the 2nd time.

I recite a viewers poem during my livestream.

A poem I wrote about the virus and sovereignty.

I talk about Glasgow Rangers fans being the most mental in the universe.

Come and see me perform in Edinburgh for the remainder of the Festival.

A video I made about the France v Ireland World Cup Qualifying play off where Thierry Henry infamously used his hand to control the ball before setting up the French winner.

Nob Stewart presents his website the others members of the course and the Scottish Government officials who gave the grant for funding it.

My second gig at Bob Walsh's 'Wrong Comedy' night at the Globe in Edinburgh.

I perform Porn Addict at Bob Walsh's 'Wrong Comedy' show at The Globe in Edinburgh.

First time on a comedy stage for 18 months at Bob Walsh's Wrong Comedy show in The Globe. Started off ropey but pulled it out the fire by the end...I think!


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