Sense-A Prana Pro Grindin' 2021 Hip Hop Instrumental Funk Soul Remix

Sense-A DJ Mix Records Congregation Gospel Soul Music

Sense-A Prana Pro 45rpm Reggae DJ Mix

Hip Hop Funk Remix Vinyl Records DJ Turntable Technics 1200s Prana Pro

Sense-A Prana Productions Beat Chop Instrumental 2020

Hip hop instrumental beat sample from a record

Funk Mix 2020 DJ Phillie Prana Productions Hip Hop Vinyl Records Turntables

Sense-A Prana Productions Record Room Vinyl 45 45rpm --- Timmy Thomas - Song I Always Wanted To Sing

Trump mocking the corporate conglomerate fake news media cartel propagandists

Just sorting through some Wu-Tang hip hop records I've collected

Record I have

Me playing records in my record room. I'm just learning how to video record. Sorry for the portrait view. Things will get better from here on.

This is a video of me listening to Christian Gospel Music. I hope you enjoy. Sorry for the portrait view. I'll get better.

Trialing some beats on Akai MPC 1000


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