Star Trek: Picard appears to be a contrivance made strictly to turn a beloved character into an aged whipping boy for a forced narrative about male human organic once-able-bodied privilege. This is the sort of thing coming out from the official source for Star Trek, and as far as I am concerned, the franchise has died.

The article in question that I read off: https://www.startrek.com/news/the-humbling-of-admiral-picard

I go through some reader feedback that I figured was worth bringing up. The article in question:

(My V for Vernon blog): https://vforvernon.wordpress.com/2020/05/17/on-the-i-dont-remember-my-circumcision-argument/

(A Voice for Men): https://avoiceformen.com/featured/on-the-i-dont-remember-my-circumcision-argument/

It appears "Based Mom" Christina Hoff Sommers and her co-host think involvement with the men's movement is "taking things a bit far" and those that identify as MRAs are of the exact ilk as radical feminists. They also say that Erin Pizzey is a "forgotten feminist" that was unfairly airbrushed from the women's movement, but go out of their way to snidely airbrush her serious longtime involvement with the men's movement. This is what happens when we let "equity feminists" dominate the discourse regarding men's issues.

Note: Yes I keep using the phrase "going too far" even on the clip they actually say "taking things a bit far". My mistake.

This is the first instrumental demo under my project name The Worldless. This is the instrumental version of the title track (the making of the version with vocals is currently a work in progress!)

If you like it, you can download this track for whatever price you'd like (every bit helps!) right here:

Including the version of this track with vocals, a full-length demo album is currently in the making. Half the material as of 5/9/2020 has been recorded, I will continue work on it throughout 2020 and maybe 2021.

Any support or feedback is appreciated, eventually I intend to make The Worldless a fully fledged band! Thank you for listening.


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