Is compassion and empathy for men enough, especially since we don't address the fact that men's existence as their own individual (as opposed to roles assigned to in society) is never honored? As long as men are "valued" for being valueless, disposable and expendable, what would compassion and empathy amount to? What could it do if it cannot lift men up from the hell of expendable non-existence?

I present to you, the Humanity Gap - I illustrate that women's humanity is valued in excess such to the point that men's humanity is sacrificed to uphold it. In order for this to be implemented, a social "morality" in which men are valued strictly for their lack thereof (therefore conveniently used disposably).

So long as the Humanity Gap is not addressed, compassion and empathy for men may not be enough.

The subject of men as the ones who either kill or be killed for the good of society (in an evolutionary context) was recently brought up to me and I've had some thoughts on that. I talk more about male disposability and the idea of "precarious manhood", and a concept I find ridiculous: "Women are human beings, men are human doings". I talk about how this phrase and the idea of women's agency cannot coexist. I close off talking about men's value as men.

I guarantee I will piss off some people with some of the things I say here, in particular about the idea of "thanking sacrifice".

Just wanted to rattle down a few updates in one video.

1. Why I cancelled my former audio commentary series Trek Through Trek

2. My tentative schedule for blog articles as well as other upcoming things

3. A question to the audience about what the direction should be for uploading videos.

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Part 3 of the conversation Elizabeth and I had with William Costello!

In the most multifaceted part of the three videos, we branch off more towards the subject of technology and the future. We speak about how sex robots and virtual reality can serve as additions to a man's sex life instead of the replacement of women that the detractors tend to fear about; William speaks on the idea of "fake fitness" for those that become too shut in with the virtual world but also we discuss our sense of optimism for the future and technology as well as transhumanism in general. We touch on the idea of balancing spirituality and the drive to cross a taboo when it comes to sexual more of the day. Elizabeth brings up the subject of how old people tend to be denigrated in modern society, and we trade thoughts on the value of age. Finally we speak on the idea of the strive for utopia.

Many thanks to William for chatting with us!

Part 2 of the conversation Elizabeth Hobson and I had with William Costello!

In Part 2, we touch on the subject of sexual values, as well as the perceived imperative on the part of men to be sexually successful. William clarifies more on the subject of evolutionary psychology, and also talks about the "whorearchy" of high status women seeing men as success objects. We compared and contrasted between discerning sex transaction customers and "simps", as well as male sex clienthood, the popularity of OnlyFans vs other platforms both paid and nonpaid, kink pursuit as a form of therapy, we trade critical ideas on "findom", and William also speaks on how we should focus more on fidelity in relationships than the monogamy.

Don't miss part 3!

The final interview of 2020 is with William Costello (@CostelloWilliam on Twitter)! Elizabeth "Antifembot" Hobson joins me once again as co-interviewer!

William Costello's article "Step Your Dick Up: Why Incels Deserve Better Advice" https://williamcostello.medium.com/step-your-dick-up-why-incels-deserve-better-advice-307879d7c97b has brought him a great deal of attention from various walks of life, with the feedback being mostly positive! We talk a little about that.

(yes, I misread the article title at the beginning of the video)

In Part 1 of three parts (my longest interview yet, had to split it up), we talk about the perception of incels from society at large, men, women, and even incels in terms of their self-identification with the label. We also speak about the male and female gazes, in particular how men are damned if they do, and damned if they can't when it comes to scoring sexual success, and also we trade remarks about women who can't seem to handle the sexual revolution/liberation bestowed upon them by history! William also touches a bit on "tradcon feminists", and we exchange thoughts on evolutionary psychology.

A one-on-one chat with Graham of Voluntary Japan, whom I've wanted to have a conversation with for some time! We spoke about Japanese culture, whether its people are really as collectivist as the mass media likes to portray them as, how libertarian/voluntaryist is Japan, COVID/Mask culture in the present day and other serious subjects, as well as fun subjects like yakiniku, highballs, and comedy! I've also gauged him on men's issues in Japan and in general and he shares his thoughts on that, and in particular we've talked about male genital mutilation as well! I hope you enjoy this interview - I certainly have, and I hope this is the first of many conversations with him!

Traditionalists and their friends in the IDW talk a great deal about the absurdity of how the Social Justice Left supports and encourages sex transitioning for children, as a form of gender mitigation, and the criticism is rightly given. But the tradcons and the IDW justify a form of child gender mitigation of their own, and that is their longstanding practice of genital mutilation. I address their hypocrisy on this video; they say biological sex is real (true) but then go on to make excuses for mitigating it, especially for boys.

J4MB's Elizabeth and I were able to catch up with Sydney MGTOW and have a conversation about individuals going their own way and related subjects! I was compelled to reach out to Sydney after watching his great talk for ICMI20: "Life Is a Ballot Box: Vote In Your Own Best Interests" https://youtu.be/evK7-Mqmb-0 and we were able to speak about positivity for self-interest, what it means for men and women to go their own way, and a little about the idea of brands.

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For more of my videos: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6HFFn72UDuEB/

Sydney can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSKhcq_fYLgYMWzVw52GjBg
The Unapologetic Aussie podcast: https://anchor.fm/unapologeticaussie

Elizabeth Hobson can be found here:
Her Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/antifembot/

Part 2 of 2 of my "Confronting the Intellectual Dark Web on Infant MGM" series which was split for BitChute due to uploading issues. The previous part focused on Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. This part speaks on some snide bullshitting on the part of Bret Weinstein.

DarkHorse Podcast Clips - What is the evolutionary advantage of foreskin?

I want to take the time to make what I think is well-needed criticism on how members of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web (the 'IDW') still justify infant male genital mutilation (MGM) on the ground of culture, tradition, religion, etc. I know these are supposed to be highly regarded individuals speaking out against political correctness (in particular, I take no pleasure in calling out Jordan Peterson, one who I am by all rights a fan of). Nevertheless, I don't regret calling out misgivings where they manifest themselves, even if it means calling out sacred cows of the IDW.

Source of clips used in this video:

The Rubin Report - Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro: Religion, Trans Activism, and Censorship

Graves - Discussion with Jordan Peterson on clinical psychedelics, circumcision & the Biblical stories

Adam Shellard - Jordan Peterson on Tattoos, Sacrifice, and the Symbolism Behind Circumcision in the Biblical Stories

Happy International Men's day 2020! here are my two cents on how we can appreciate men in the best way, for this year and the coming years!

Wanted to make a quick unscripted disclaimer video before the week of ICMI20 to clarify that I made a silly mistake in my video that I noticed too late after having submitted it, but yes, I am aware of it in case you watch the video that week and were wondering.

Also, my new SubscribeStar page is live! It's got two affordable tiers at present, but I want to think of new, somewhat interactive ones for the future. What are your thoughts?

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A one-on-one talk with Elizabeth Hobson, leader of the UK political party Justice for Men and Boys (And the Women Who Love Them).

In this interview, we compare the differences of attention and recognition that men and women in the Men's Movement get, and whether we should be more discerning about who deserves and receives that attention. We speak a bit about her experiences and feelings being a high-profile woman in the men's movement, and her thoughts on the male MRAs that deserve a higher profile but may not be getting such recognition (as well as female MRAs - some that do amazing work, others that might just be doing it only for the attention and not contributing anything meaningful).

I had the pleasure of talking to Elizabeth Hobson of J4MB and Greta Aurora together for an interview! We discuss Greta's music and musical interests in general, hints of what to expect from ICMI20, feminine and masculine forces in nature, what is the magnetism of rockstars like Elvis Presley, and other subjects!

This was my first interview of this format and I wasn't able to guess at the time that the Skype recording of the conversation would scrunch everything so close like it did. Definitely got to use something like Zoom next time. I hope you still enjoy this talk as I think we had a very fun, productive one!

Greta's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCto8-zDVrUntzmt2ZnO-6tA

Elizabeth Hobson's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqSb_Z7IaNytozheZbPQrg

J4MB's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKhX1c3ow6BrzdzP3ydpeZQ

Just a catchup video for the Bitchute channel. Plus I make good on a certain challenge...

Youtube link to the Bridger Walker discussion from July 24th.

My solo demo 'Echoes of Inner Space'

Information for ICMI20

Be sure to watch Part 1 beforehand: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kf0V9tVfk7j8/

In Part 2 I single out a few of the ones that signed the Harpers letter that I know something about, to varying degrees. I offer my opinions on them, and why I find it ironic, disappointing, or downright unsurprising that any of these would sign on to such a thing. I also talk about what Cancel Culture is really about beyond the "free speech of overprivileged commentators" scope, that the mindset of this article doesn't seem to fully grasp, if at all.

I talk about this new trending letter https://harpers.org/a-letter-on-justice-and-open-debate/ that professes itself to be an anti-cancel culture statement as signed by big name writers, journalists and the like. I am skeptical of this letter largely due to it pinning the blame on "right winger demagogues" and Donald Trump when in fact extreme woke SJW types are blatantly the driving force in cancel culture. Part 2 will be where I talk about some of the people that signed this letter, so stay tuned.

I have titled this "Hijacking the Anti-Cancel Culture Initiative" on the grounds that this resembles a co-opting of the fight against cancel culture by those who have practiced it previously but now that the extreme SJW left are starting to eat their own, they are now starting to panic and profess to be against cancel culture, and made sure to blame the right.

We see the term "POC" a lot, more so in recent weeks given the circumstances. I talk a little about how silly it was to be referred to as a POC all of a sudden because of my half-Japanese heritage, how the term is about defining oneself against whites and nothing actually productive, and share some premonitions I have about already-bad race relations caused by PC culture.

Star Trek: Picard appears to be a contrivance made strictly to turn a beloved character into an aged whipping boy for a forced narrative about male human organic once-able-bodied privilege. This is the sort of thing coming out from the official source for Star Trek, and as far as I am concerned, the franchise has died.

The article in question that I read off: https://www.startrek.com/news/the-humbling-of-admiral-picard

I go through some reader feedback that I figured was worth bringing up. The article in question:

(My V for Vernon blog): https://vforvernon.wordpress.com/2020/05/17/on-the-i-dont-remember-my-circumcision-argument/

(A Voice for Men): https://avoiceformen.com/featured/on-the-i-dont-remember-my-circumcision-argument/

It appears "Based Mom" Christina Hoff Sommers and her co-host think involvement with the men's movement is "taking things a bit far" and those that identify as MRAs are of the exact ilk as radical feminists. They also say that Erin Pizzey is a "forgotten feminist" that was unfairly airbrushed from the women's movement, but go out of their way to snidely airbrush her serious longtime involvement with the men's movement. This is what happens when we let "equity feminists" dominate the discourse regarding men's issues.

Note: Yes I keep using the phrase "going too far" even on the clip they actually say "taking things a bit far". My mistake.

This is the first instrumental demo under my project name The Worldless. This is the instrumental version of the title track (the making of the version with vocals is currently a work in progress!)

If you like it, you can download this track for whatever price you'd like (every bit helps!) right here:

Including the version of this track with vocals, a full-length demo album is currently in the making. Half the material as of 5/9/2020 has been recorded, I will continue work on it throughout 2020 and maybe 2021.

Any support or feedback is appreciated, eventually I intend to make The Worldless a fully fledged band! Thank you for listening.


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