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I started nightclubbing when I was 15 in Manchester City Centre. There was a goth club called Berlin that a friend of mine had been frequenting. He took me there. He also introduced me to this album. I remember dancing to Vengeance on the Berlin dancefloor and listening to it in my dark, cold Victorian bedroom. The lyrics still resonate and I can hear a bit of Spirogyra here and there.

00:00 1. Christian Militia
03:22 2. Notice Me
05:57 3. Smalltown England
09:13 4. A Liberal Education
14:37 5. Vengeance
18:44 6. Sex (The Black Angel)
22:05 7. Running
25:50 8. Spirit of the Falklands

The second track I have finished writing for the new My Computer album, which is going to be called 'Nobody Wants To Know'. Mix 4, Unmastered.

This song is not about me and it is not about you. It is about them.

Written by Andrew Peter Joseph Chester
Butterfly classical guitar made for me by Matthew Wan in Hong Kong - Me

Movie recommendation

Written by me
Recorded by Pete King
From the My Computer album No Computer 2006

Hard on myself
I seem to be
None of my friends
Would disagree
Good luck just keeps
Running away from me

It's a funny world out there
When your broke it isn't fair
It's a funny world out there
Doesn't anybody care?

I just can't write
Meaningless shite
Each song it has to have
Something that bites
I get myself
In all kinds of fights

An amazing band I just discovered courtesy of fellow Bitchute music channel. Night_Shade. She has done a very good cover version of it -

I woke up with this song in my head. I think it was the second EP I bought after Dr Mabuse. Then again I was buying every Cocteau Twins EP at the same time when I was 17, so I can't quite remember.

From the new My Computer album I am writing that will be called 'Nobody Wants To Know'.

Written by Andrew Chester
Butterfly classical guitar, wobbly flute, seeing sound, sine wave, wind noise, live drums - Andrew Chester

I lost Adam & Jo
Yeah man this a low
Where do musicians go
Up above
Or down below

I lost Adam & Jo
Yeah man this is a blow
I lost Adam & Jo

Adam music and me
Happened so suddenly
We both had a degree
Of street philosophy
One song after the next
Then he sent me a text

It's all done now to hear
Get your arse over here

I lost Adam & Jo
Yeah man this is a blow
I lost Adam & Jo
Where do musicians go?

I love this cover version. It is nice to see that dance music is turning it's head to classic songwriting. Generation X used to pick up guitars and learn chord structures and songwriting. Then, at the end of the 80's they picked up record decks.

Are you losing your religion?

The song Jo Whilley said sounded like smelly socks.

From the My Computer album Vulnerabilia 2002
Written by Andrew Chester/David Luke
Produced by My Computer

How did it ever get to being this way?
I look around me
All my enemies surround me
All my inhibitions hound me
Will I ever be saved

How did it ever get to being this way?
Religion never found me
Holy water never drowned me
How the devil still astounds me

How did it ever get to being this way?

Don't know my own mind
Not since I left it
I left it behind

How did it ever get to being this way?
In the drug store
I found what I was looking for
And then I found I must find more

How did it ever get to being this way?
I was so sure
There was no cure
Then I fell in love
With the dancefloor.

How did it ever get to being this way?


''Vulnerabilia' is the most original debut by a Manchester band since 'Squirrel & G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People..., maybe even 'Unknown Pleasures'... Astounding'.
(Uncut - ***** Sept '02)

'Leaps straight to the head of the queue for the title of album of the year'.
(Sunday Times - Aug '02)

'A nine minute debut single. Folk songs fed through computers. Mike Leigh attitude, Brian Eno sounds. Tracks which in a second swing from Jeff Buckley to the Prodigy... You can trust My Computer. Completely'.
NME - Aug '02)

'On the cusp of brilliance'.
(The Face - July '02)

''Vulnerabilia' is a sprawling work of utter insanity and small g-genius'.
(i-D - Aug '02)

'An album of such naive beauty and thought that we may be seeing the birth of a truly spellbinding Mancunian act'.
(The Fly - July '02)

'Like Muse rewired by Squarepusher via Royksopp... Electronic music rarely sounds so human'.
(Seven Update - July '02)

'An oasis of ideas'.
(Music Week ; 'Recommended' - Aug '02)

'My Computer sound like true originals'
(The Observer - Aug '02)

''A quite extraordinary debut album... Vulnerabilia' is a beautiful triumph'.
(The Times ; Album of the Week - Aug '02)

'Acid-house squelches battle against guitar feedback, distorted proto blues is welded to Air-like synths and Farfisa driven funk... Chesy has more than earned his stripes'.
(Time Out London - Aug '02)

'A fantastic, stunningly inventive debut album'.
(Evening Standard ; Album of the Week - Aug '02)

I might actually do this soon. I am bored out of my mind,

From the My Computer album Holy War 2021

Written by Andrew Chester
All instrumentation Andrew Chester
Recorded and mixed by Andrew Chester
Mastered by Jaye Muller

Time Stamps
0.00 - 2:14 - The Apathy
2:14 - 2:35 - The Seasons
2:35 - 5:11 - The Battle For and Against Humanity
5:11 - 7:19 - The Exodus
7:19 - 8:15 - The God Communication

Written by Andrew Chester/David Luke
Produced by My Computer

It was winter, 2001 and two friends were at the end of writing their first album Vulnerabilia, after signing a publishing deal with BMG. David Luke asked Andrew Chester to just "play anything" on the Spanish guitar that had been given to him by a musician and songwriter from Birmingham called Hamid, who Derek Ryder was managing, as he was My Computer.

Andrew played the guitar part at the beginning of the song section and David got to work on the soundscape. Andrew then started to rewrite the lyrics from a Hulio Ridiculo song called Apathy Burns. The song section was soon finished and the concept was developing.

Andrew and David then discussed the second section and four chords representing the four seasons were decided upon by David.

For the next section David asked Andrew to plug the second hand, no name, black electric guitar into the cheap practice amp, using an even cheaper, thin jack to jack lead and play something over the break beat David had thrown up into cubase. The wild noise emanating from the amp was hard to contain. I had to chain the beast. That was all on the first day of recording.

Andrew then left David to finish the track after discussing the remaining sections of the concept. Hole in The Road was to culminate in a morse code message to God, from a spaceship we had built to escape the destruction of planet earth.

Three months later, David had finished the track and squeezed every last drop of processing power from his Apple Mac.

Hole In The Road did not make the final track listing of Vulnerabilia or any of the single releases and David Luke was furious about it.

Half way through making No CV, I got sick and tired of the entourage that had surrounded my writing partner on the album. So, I headed down to London to see John Best and Dean'O'Conner from my PR company Big Dipper and record label 13 Amp.

Richard O'Donovan from Mercury, who we were now signed to and got the recording budget from, had been to see us at the studio. I asked John Best what Richard thought of the new My Computer album.

John Best said this "Richard isn't bothered about the new My Computer album, he is more interested in a solo Andrew Chester record".

As John Leckie had just arrived on the scene, I told John Best that I couldn't abandon the next My Computer album, for a solo album.

Six months later My Computer were dropped by Mercury for delivering the finished aalbum in 7.1 surround sound, not stereo. Lucien Grange went to the playback studio to listen to it and the engineer couldn't open the files.

This meant we lost the second half of the publishing advance from BMG as well as the second option advance from Mercury. After three years of working on the record and putting up with all kinds of shit, I banked a big fat nothing.

My next call to 13 Amp went like this "6 months ago, you could have been James Blunt, six months before he got famous".

So I am going round to Mike Bennett's flat a lot and I get there one morning and his flat is trashed. He'd had a party the night before with Fat White Family, who he was producing. Mike played me this song he recorded during the party about the neighbours complaining, I like to think the footage I collaged together, captured the essence of the party, as he described it to me.

Adam Booth's funeral is happening right now and I can't be there so here is one of his tunes for everyone to listen to. Goodbye Adsinthe, see you on the other side.

Ever felt trapped by a UK mortgage? This one's for you.

Film Recommendation

From the My Computer album No CV 2005

BBC Review of the album upon release -

Written by Andrew Chester
Electric guitar Andrew Chester
Other instrumentation David Luke
Produced by John Leckie (without whom, the record would never have got made)

I believe in love
I do believe in love
But all I'm thinking of
Is making love to you
With some chemicals
Let's get some chemicals

Maybe I need you
Maybe I do
Maybe I do

I believe our time
Is til the end of time
One night the stars aligned
And tempted me to you
With some chemicals
We got some chemicals

Maybe I need you
Maybe I do
Maybe I do
Maybe I need you
Baby I do
I do
I do

From the My Computer album Brave+New=World 2020

Written by you know who
Guitar by you know who
Sung by you know who
Other instrumentation Tom Baird
Final recording and mix by Tom Baird
Mastered by Jaye Muller

Some chemicals are friendly
To your brain
Then two or three days later
You feel pain

I'm gonna get a job
You say
Be a teacher
Earn some pay
Never mind
What was said yesterday
Never mind

Cocaine was not a problem
At the start
Now every fantasy
That I embark
Involves a memory
Not two grams
Make it three

And we'll see who we can be

Some chemicals
Are friendly to your brain
Then two or three days later
You feel pain

I watched this many years ago. My own mother and her brother were born in Burma in 1930 and had a very similar life to that of the Drake children.

Carrying on in my series of bands that never made it into the general publics record collections, I bring you my first band Hulio Ridiculo Live Vol 2. Hulio rehearsed 5 days a week for 5 years and started to gig in Manchester City Centre in 1990. We were a product of our record collections and only tried to emulate them. Many years later, I went to watch Man Utd play at Old Trafford with my publisher Caroline Elleray and Phil Sachs, ex head of A&R at Factory Records. Phil drove me home and told me that Factory wanted to sign Hulio, but my manager was asking for too much money. You can imagine how I felt, as I trudged home.

All songs written by Smith and Chester

Recorded live on to TDK tape at various gigs at Band On The Wall Manchester 1992

Rodney Smith - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andrew Chester - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Adam Speakman - Bass Guitar
Ian Bamford - Drums Backing Vocals
David Luke - Piano and Synths.

Masterd by John Leckie 2018

01. Rope
02. Apathy Burns
03. Just When I'm Feeling Strong
04. Truly Juvenile
05. Family Ties
06. My Disgrace
07. I'm So Confused (Rehearsal Ancoats)
08. Things That Bother Us All
09. The Bubble Of Struggle
10. The Permanent Glow

Me and Adam Booth on our way to see Alex from Bugs in Ember and Jo Rose in Chorlton, Manchester, in 2010 when I had just launched Recreation Records. We are walking through Trafford Park and I had just finished work selling, so I can't shut up. Adam patiently listened to me and this short video shows you what a great friend he was to me and others. The band at the end of the video are called I Am Blackbird and Jo Rose is on keyboards.

I still don't know what happened to Adam or when the funeral is, but I wil announce it here as soon as I do.

From Adam's bother Jake

Time to let everyone know what happened to my big brother Adz, he became a bit ill over the last month, with stomach problems, which ended up being a severe case of peritonitis, a stomach ulcer that ruptured and caused blood poisoning, he was at home with our mum when he passed and fell asleep one last time x
Adams Funeral will take place at Blackley Crematorium on the 9th of April at 2:00pm
We would like to invite anyone along that would like to say their goodbyes and pay their respect to him.

I have just received the sad news that Adam Booth has passed away. Adam was a good friend and collaborator of mine and I loved him dearly. Adam helped me gig Good Neighbour live and collaborated with me on the My Computer album Sirens. My thoughts are with his family.

How I Fell is from the My Computer album SIRENS.

This channel is now dedicated to English bands and recording artists, who never found a place in the general public's record collections; for many nefarious reasons, in their youth.

Following on from Spirogyra, today I bring you another one of those artists - Nick Drake.


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I am the singer from the bands Hulio Ridiculo, Kid Dynamo, Good Neighbour and My Computer. My name is. well look it up. It is not hard to find. I seek neither fame nor glory and I never did. Well actually, that is only true today but when I was a young man, I did seek fame, glory and money and I got it. But that was eighteen long years ago.

I paid my last £10,000 to my music lawyer and said goodbye to the music business.

Three years ago though, my latent talent rose up within me again and the music and poetry started to pour out of my fingers and mouth.

I think we all changed, one way or another in March 2020.

Since then I have written 9 My Computer albums and 7 of these I wrote, recorded, arranged and mixed on my own in a movie software editor with unlimited audio tracks. No click, all first take, mostly improvised musicianship. I am very happy with the results.

I was never one to do a You Tube stream, I just prefer to say it through my music. Popular music used to be a beautiful thing. Now it is a very ugly thing. Everything sounds the same. Nothing is in real time. There is no improvisation.

A lot of this has to do with everything going digital and Cue Bass, Logic and Pro Tools replaced traditional analogue recording studios.

This robbed the world of three very important aspects of music recording, which made every genre of popular music from Blues to New Wave sound human. These three aspects of music recording involved 1. Real Time Musicianship (no click) 2. Recording and mastering to analogue Tape (warmth) and 3. Improvisation (thrilling musicianship).

Most of my 23 albums were recorded that way, but by the time I got to My Computer, everyone had gone. I had no band around me. My Computer began as an experiment with 2 friends trying to make a modern day Dark Side of The Moon.

We did not expect what happened next. Critical acclaim, publishing and bags of cash.

If you want to know what happened next, buy my book 'Don't Go Where I've Been' from Waterstones.

I have just started writing my third book of memoirs. I will leave you with the first line of the first chapter.

I don't pick low hanging fruit, I climb to the top of the tree. That's where you get the best view.

Look after yourselves.