Tracy Connors and Peter Duke discuss getting banned for sharing math formulas and other apocalyptic nonsense.


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Tracy Connors and Peter Duke do a cross-country vibe check over the pre-election weekend. Tracy attended a Trump rally in Reading, PA while Peter attended a MAGA March through Beverly Hills. They share their photos of the respective events, and talk about the mood on the ground in both PA and CA.

Tracy, Peter, and special guest Pat Moise discuss the Hunter Biden audio drop where he refers to himself as "Deimos," (son of Ares) and how he cannot go on without his brother (Phobos). Was Hunter performing an occult invocation?

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Tracy and Peter discuss the work they've been doing to bring George Webb's story to the small screen. Then they get into the publication of the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop by the New York Post and the subsequent censoring of the story by social media giants. They also talk about prohibition being funded by Rockefeller in order to ensure that gasoline would become the primary fuel for automobiles. The documentary that captures this story is called PUMP and can be viewed here:

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George Webb joins us to discuss whether or not the White House coverage has turned into a giant reality show. This became an entertaining digression session, where a range of topics were discussed.

- How reality television is made.

- How much has Trump's reality tv experience influenced the stagecraft of his White House?

- If Trump wins reelection, what will the Trump Reality Show season 2 look like? We hope that it looks a lot like the Apprentice, and each week 2 or 3 government officials will be called into the Oval Office and asked to defend their job performance. Should they perform this task poorly they will be fired on the spot!

- A WHO official seems to have strayed from the party line, and is urging world leaders to stop using lockdowns to combat the virus.

- Was Lee Harvey Oswald a character played by multiple actors?

- Was Fidel Castro a CFR puppet?

- Is Kimberly Guilfoyle a mole?

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Tracy and Peter discuss President Trump's Covid 19 diagnosis, how color correction can completely change the way a person looks in a photograph. They also debunk the idea that the video of Trump was filmed on an aircraft carrier and not at Walter Reed Medical Center. And teach you about how to handle photographic hitmen from the left.

Peter & Tracy discuss how the current human dilemma may play out. Can a Civil War be avoided? How do we dehypnotize/deprogram our fellow citizens who seem to have overdosed on blue pills?

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Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq -

Snow Crash -

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia -

TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave -

My Big T.O.E. -

Irresistible -

Pat Moise has spent 15 years researching occult esoteric mysteries, history, meditation, cosmology, and the nature of reality.

Network Analysis is not a Conspiracy. Tracy Connors and Peter Duke discuss violence in Portland, True Believers, Controlled Opposition, Charlottesville, Stage Managment, Yes Ladders, Steve Bannon, Shadow Gate, and Exoteric vs Esoteric Knowledge.

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Want a better understanding of the nature of mass movements? Read "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer:

Check out the documentary "Hacker Wars":


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Network Analysis is not a Conspiracy.