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This NCA live video is at the BMO LRT entrance to the Calgary Stampede.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

This NCA live video is public mass surveillance site in Calgary East, Alberta, Canada. It is one site of thousands across the country, which are part of the surveillance grid.

On Tuesday July 20, NCA will discuss live surveillance in terms of the online, physical, and biological surveillance stemming from the Great Reset. It is important to know that there is no constitutional right to privacy in Canada and any other western and non-western country.

NCA believes that privacy should be a constitutional right.

Three Cell Towers in Toddler Playground

This NCA live video is of playground in Signal Hill, Calgary SW, Alberta, Canada.

Potential risk for the children’s health is very high:

the absorption of the electromagnetic energy in a child’s head is considerably higher than that in the head of an adult (children’s brain has higher conductivity, smaller size, thin skull bones, smaller distance from the antenna etc.)

children’s organism has more sensitivity to the EMF, than the adult’s

children’s brain has higher sensitivity to the accumulation of the adverse effects under conditions of chronic exposure to the EMF

EMF affects the formation of the process of the higher nervous activity

today’s children will spend essentially longer time using mobile phones, than today’s adults will.

According to the opinion of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, the following health hazards are likely to be faced by the children mobile phone users in the nearest future and over lifespan:

disruption of memory, decline of attention, diminishing learning and cognitive abilities, increased irritability, sleep problems, increase in sensitivity to the stress, increased epileptic readiness. Expected (possible) remote health risks: brain tumors, tumors of acoustical and vestibular nerves (in the age of 25-30 years), Alzheimer’s disease, “got dementia”, depressive syndrome, and the other types of degeneration of the nervous structures of the brain (in the age of 50 to 60).

This NCA live video originally on NCA FB page uncovers small cell and cell tower deployments in a residential and recreational area of Signal Hill, Calgary SW, Alberta, Canada.

NCA detected extreme EMF meter readings of 31 v/m peak signal from both the small cell site and cellular tower. At 4.76 v/m DNA breaks have been detected in rats and release of free radicals at 28.3 v/m. Similar to the Sun's rays, NCA believes based upon scientific evidence that EMF radiation is a mix of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, thus making a serious health concern. 5G will bring an increase in radiation by 10 x to 100 x and most notably severe oxidative stress.

NCA supports technology advancement but not at the expense of public health and well-being.

This NCA live video of several dying and/or dead trees in direct line, close proximity of a cellular tower.

EMF radiation has both short-term and serious cumulative long-term health effects.

On Thursday June 10th at 8 pm on NCA FB and Youtube platforms, we will discuss live food security in terms of the quality and source of foods, and how it relates to the bigger picture.

Here is the NCA policy on Food Security:

In this live NCA video, we test a Tesla Model Y for EMF radiation. The testing occurred while parked and then short drive that included the automated driving mode.

The computer console using WiFi and Bluetooth act as the user's central source for vehicle functions, and runs the automated mode. Telecommunication connection is essential.

In this EV, it operating in the 4G LTE mode or under mobile data when there is no WiFi connection. Eventually, these vehicles will be operating under 5G, which will allow for full self-driving mode.

The NCA meter detected peak signal of 31 V/m throughout the short drive and pulsating levels in the range of 6.5 V/m to 31 V/m (and higher). These findings are consistent with a 4G WiFi modem.

According to the BioIniative and Building Biology, adverse health effects start at 0.5 V/m, and at 4.76 DNA breaks have been found in rats, and at 28.2 V/m increased free radical production in rat cells.

On a positive note, it is very likely the EMF radiation can be screened in these vehicles, but at the same time, it may effect connectivity. With 5G and self-driving, there must be consistent connection.

National Citizens Alliance supports technology and its safe use. We are convinced that EMF radiation and its health impacts have been completely ignored by the establishment and telecommunication industry. Public health must come before any technology.

Surveillance Grid... Canadians have no right to privacy from the government, which is suppose to represent the people, and when it really represents central banks...

This particular CCTV camera is connected to small cell antenna, which is sending video to select command IT rooms... These camera have facial recognition capability through facial recognition algorithm software. We know unequivocally that federal government agencies such as the RCMP are using facial recognition cameras, and it is very like that provincial and municipal counterparts are using them as well. In Toronto, the City of Toronto has deployed over 5,000 CCTV cameras... and the City of Calgary has around 3,000, and these cameras connected into command IT rooms similar to what is occurring in Canada.

Why do Canadian have no constitutional right to privacy? How could that basic, fundamental right be ignored in the Charter?

Where is this surveillance creep leading to?

NCA Members will discuss the deterioration of rights and freedoms in Canada, and answer public questions and respond to comments.

In the NCA's opinion, the deterioration of rights and freedoms is symptomatic deeper social issues that will only get worse unless they are fully addressed.

We hope that this dialogue will contribute to addressing the serious issues facing the Canadian people.

In this NCA live video, we document surveillance of the public from a location in Country Hills, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Similar deployments are occurring across the country.

Canadians have no constitutional right to privacy. NCA believes that this lack of privacy rights is unacceptable, and inconsistent with a "free and democratic society."

We have that the establishment authorities engage in online censorship with the social media tech giants, and they engage in mass dragnet of surveillance and targeted surveillance without a warrant.

With the deployment of 5G technology and facial recognitions (which the RCMP admits it uses), we are concerned at the direction of Canadian society especially in consideration of China's AI Technocratic, Social Credit society.

The Great Reset via UN Agenda 21 and 2030 is real, and it includes mass, total surveillance like already in China.

NCA encourages Canadians and people worldwide to question and discuss these important issues.

Do you agree with NCA on the right to privacy?

Another high use public area with extreme levels of EMF radiation in excess of 31 v/m peak signal. According to the BioInitiative and Building Biology, the safe level is below 0.50 v/m peak signal.

Today's readings are derived from a 20 antennas operating in the 4G and 3G realms. Once 5G is live, the radiation levels will increase by at least 10 times. That is very bad for public health. All forms of radiation should be taken seriously.

NCA supports technological advancement, but not at the expense of public health. We support independent, factual assessment of the health impacts of 5G technology before being considered for public deployment.

NCA Member Panel will discuss the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in relation to the ongoing curtailments on basic freedoms.

In addition, we will specifically discussion the limitations of the current Charter and how it can be improved.

During the panel discussion, we will display comments from the audience and answer relevant questions.

Overall, we are concerned that Canada beneath the surface is anything but "free and democratic" as alluded in section 1 of the Charter.

In this NCA live video, we document on the ground reality through technological deployments. We are at highway #1 and 10th Street NW, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At this intersection, we unpack what is going on: monstrous cellular rooftop tower, speed, red light camera, intersection traffic related cameras, small cell antennas/router, and newly deployed facial recognition camera.

The NCA meter was maxed out from the rooftop cellular tower in excess of 31 volts per meter (V/m). According to the BioInitiative and Building Biology, the safe level is below 0.50 V/m, and at 28.3 V/m free radicals are released in rates, and at 4.76 V/m DNA breaks occur in rats. Not good.

The facial recognition camera, which is a closed circuit television camera, may be connected facial algorithms or at least has the potential to be so. RCMP/CSIS have already admitted to using facial recognition, and we assume other government agencies are using the technology.

At NCA we are concerned at the incremental direction of the country in light of the 5G deployment and what is going on in China in terms of its social credit system. We do not believe that an AI technocratic society is in the best interests of the Canadian people. Individual freedom and privacy will be replaced by enslavement and control. We signs of this through the push for universal basic income, and keep in mind that the so-called 4th industrial revolution via 5G and AI will result in at least 40% jobless, and we have not even talked about the ramifications of digitalized, centralized currency.

NCA Members with an interest in finance will present the proposed Liberal Establishment 2021 Budget from the standpoint of its overall impact on Canadians and five main issues stemming from it.

NCA as a grassroots, non-establishment registered federal party is deeply concerned at the extreme currency printing through the Bank of Canada central banks. We will discuss this paramount issue, which impacts every single Canadian.

This NCA live video is of EMF meter readings of 20 antenna monopole tower with 5G antennas on the upper boom. This tower is situated on a church's property and right beside residential homes and small park area.

We detected meter readings in excess of 31 V/m peak signal. According to the BioInitiative and Building Biology, the safe level is below 0.50 V/m peak signal. At 4.76 V/m, DNA breaks have been detected in rats, and at 28.3 V/m, free radicals have been released in rates. We were able to communicate the findings to some local residents.

The serious health effects from extreme EMF radiation is well documented in over 10,000 scientific reports.

In addition, there is a privacy component as surveillance cameras including facial recognition are deployed using the 5G technology.

In this NCA live video, we document the deployment of facial recognition camera at an intersection in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

These cameras, which are central the social credit system in China, are being deployment in Canada and throughout the West. We have documented similar cameras in Canmore and Banff, and we know that major urban centers deploy thousands of cameras, which are connected to IT surveillance rooms.

Mass, total surveillance is one of the component of the Great Reset.

NCA rejects categorically this nefarious globalist agenda that is an attack on liberty and privacy.

In this NCA live video, we uncover recent surveillance deployments.
We are concerned about a numbers of issues including mass surveillance and growing censorship.

The "Great Reset" is real. Through UN Agenda 21 and 2030, the establishment cabal in Canada through the multi-controlled opposition and fake media are deploying this reset in incremental steps. NCA is here in full opposition to these globalist sell outs and to document their agenda, and challenge their governance.

NCA was created as a vehicle of the people. So we encourage to more and more people to use this vehicle in these increasingly challenging times. Our basic freedoms, way of life are threatened.

Vicious Cell towers right next to Daycare and Community Centre.

Health Effects:

In the NCA live video, we document a monopole tower with newly deployed antennas. The deployment has caused a significant increase in EMF radiation in this public area of Calgary NW, Alberta, Canada.

According to the BioInitiative and Building Biology, the safe level peak signal is below 0.50 V/m. We detected around the tower including at a school playground maximum readings in excess of 31 V/m peak signal. At 4.76 V/m, DNA breaks have been observed in rats, and at 28.7 V/m free radicals released.

Further, the newly deployed antennas are only around 20 feet above ground, thus making them in close proximity to the public.

Furthermore, we identified 4G antennas on this tower. With the 5G deployment, the radiation levels, which are already extreme, will increase up to 10x and maybe more.

NCA supports safe use of technology, and it should not come before public health and well-being. In terms of 5G, we support a moratorium and update to Safety Code 6, EMF radiation regulations, to reflect accurately non-thermal effects.

NCA has been facing censorship since October, 2020. Please be sure to
share and like our page.

Dangerous EMF Radiation Zone in Calgary NW, Alberta, Canada

This NCA live video is meter readings of covered up cellular tower that is part of the roof of an apartment complex. The antennas are coloured the same as the brick they are attached to, thus minimizing their visibility to the public.

The NCA meter detected extreme RF radiation from the tower in direct line and within 200-400 meters. In fact, the meter was completely maxed out at the strip mall and gas station across the street from the tower. This means the readings were well in excess of 31 V/m peak signal. According to the BioInitiative and Building Biology, adverse health effects start at 0.50 V/m.
What is more troubling is that we are only measuring the radiation from 4G antennas that are functioning at at a maximum 2.6 GHz frequency and 1200 Watt power output. With 5G, the RF radiation will increase 10 times and more. The NCA is alarmed at the pending health impacts from the 5G deployment.

NCA live presentation on financial realities involving the federal debt, money supply, inflation, and central banks.

In a group session, we will discuss these realities and help provide solutions to the looming financial collapse.

101 Antennas cellular Site in Public Area of Calgary SW, Alberta, Canada
In this NCA live video, we measure the RF radiation from the two cellular, talk to the public, and examine the towers up close.

Overall, we detected maximum meter readings in excess of 31 V/m peak signal within 500 meter radius of the towers. Within this radius there are children facilities including playgrounds, child ice rink, and recreational and educations sites.

According to the BioInitative and Biulding Biology, adverse health effects start at 0.50 V/m peak signal. We felt external pressure on our heads and tightness in our chests while measuring at the site.

It is important to know that we were only measuring RF radiation from 4G and 4G LTE antennas. 5G antennas, which are being deployed, will be 10x or more worse in terms of pulsating RF radiation from cellular sources.

National Citizens Alliance as a grassroots, non-establishment registered federal party wants to do more, but we need your support.

New surveillance technology being deployed... this deployment is at main intersection and off ramp at Glenmore Trail and Crowfoot Trail... the position of the cctv cameras directed at drivers and passengers rather than intersection with potential facial recognition capability confirms that they are all about surveillance... as the saying goes when you sacrifice freedom (and privacy) for security you deserve neither...

#surveillancestate #technocracy #greatreset #policestate #surveillance #socialcreditsystem #Canada #5Ggrid

RF Pollution from multiple and growing sources.

In this NCA live video, we show RF pollution near Glenmore Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

There is no identifiable source of the RF pollution.

With deployment of 5G, the RF pollution will increase and will the health impacts.

NCA live dialogue on firearm confiscation and the Great Reset.
We will look at the firearm confiscation creep in Canada and around the world, and show the connection to the Great Reset.

Public comments welcomed and encouraged.

National Citizens Alliance supports responsible and sound gun regulation whereby a balance is attained between an individual’s freedom to own and use a firearm, and the safety of society. The NCA takes a preventative approach that does not discriminate against law abiding firearm owners.


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NCA’s Mission
National Citizens Alliance’s agenda is Canadians First. All Canadians. We are here to protect and enhance Canada, and that includes provincial equity and fairness. We identify as true populist, Canadian nationalist.
Since the best interests of the Canadian people guide us, we have no set position along the political spectrum: some NCA policies may be deemed right, while others may be deemed center or left. Our values of freedom, fairness, and equality of opportunity and belief in strong democratic institutions guide us, as does fact-based research, member and public feedback, with the overarching and defining commitment to put the best interests of the Canadian people first.
NCA became a registered federal party on January 30, 2019.
The NCA platform and policies are centered on Canadians First in all aspects. We believe in Canadian sovereignty and citizenship, Canadian identity, heritage, and cultural norms, secure, regulated borders, democratic mechanisms that empower the Canadian people, and smart, fair international trade that is in the best interests of the Canadian people.
Most notably, we support
- a two-tiered flat tax of no tax on income of $22,000 or less, and a 15% tax on incomes above,
- justice reform including increased access to justice and greater accountability within the justice system,
- a moratorium on immigration followed by 50,000 or less total annual immigration for economic, environmental, and societal reasons,
- robust regulation that will ensure polluter accountability,
- strong measures against radical extremism including a ban on the practice of political Islam,
- and a shift in the public lending right back to the Bank of Canada and creation of a national people’s bank.
NCA Founder and Leader Stephen Garvey has a BA in Political Science from UBC, and MA in Environmental Development from the University of Cambridge, and experience in policy development and the non-profit, small business, and public service sectors. Stephen brings passion and intellect to the National Citizens Alliance, and tremendous value in being a non-establishment and non-career politician.
We believe Canada has been stuck for decades in a top-down globalist agenda that is transforming Canada into a third world both financially and demographically. Since 1968, the federal debt has grown by over $683 billion an almost 5,000% increase, and in 2019 alone, 1,087,621 migrants largely from the third world are projected to enter Canada. The very existence of Canada and future generations is in the balance. We believe that the country needs new vision and leadership that will bring the greatest possible prosperity and security to the Canadian people in the context of a turbulent world. Doing the same thing over and over again even though it is not working will only bring increasing economic pain and societal decay. Currently, there are globalist and separatist forces that threaten to undermine Canada. NCA and its true populism and nationalism stands as a last defence.
PS: NCA is all about love and compassion for our people and country, despite being maligned maliciously by certain media outlets including Wikipedia, an open source encyclopedia, which attack any individual and organization that challenges the status quo.