The European Union is filing a complaint at the World Trade Organization against Colombia over duties imposed on imports of frozen potato fries, EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said.

Colombia imposed anti-dumping duties of up to 8% in November 2018 on frozen fries from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany after complaining that the prices of these imports were too low.

Belgium, the home of potato fries, urged the European Union a year ago to launch legal action.

on Friday, US administration , will start levying punitive tariffs on 7.5 billion dollars worth of European Union goods, as the World Trade Organization on Monday formally gave the ultimate GO.

To impose the trade sanctions, in retaliation for the European plane maker Airbus receiving illegal subsidies

The U.S. tariffs on European imports range from aircraft to clothes, wine, Scotch whisky, olives, and cheese.

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U.S. administration is potentially set to impose economic sanctions on Ankara, as early as this week, for its incursion

US Secr Esper said on Sunday that the remaining troops would be withdrawn, but US officials told they will just be moved further away from the advancing Turks

Turkish President Recep has turned, as the US has retreated, overseeing key captures along the border that have taken in control

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EU latest 5G assessment report said: member countries can exclude certain companies for national security reasons.

Foreign states and state-backed actors represent the biggest threat, but Huawei started developing 5G infrastructure a long time ago.

The document doesn’t mention China or Huawei, the Chinese company already prepared a response,

“We are a 100 %, private company, and cybersecurity is a top priority. ”We are a giant that is a leader in next-generation 5G mobile communications networks,
that is experiencing around 1 million cyberattacks a day from both inside and outside the country, The company executive said.

United States based, Apple is in a three year race to have their own 5G, but they are trying to end its dependence on Qualcomm for some time now

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“phase one“ deal: US and Beijing agreed to limited measures to improve trade ties between the countries.

In the Oval Office meeting with Chinese Vice Premier He, US president said the provisional deal would take another three weeks to write and would be concluded around mid-November.

China’s government welcomed “substantial progress” but gave no details of possible agreements.


Chinese leaders see those tactics as the surest path to prosperity and global influence.

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U.S. and Chinese negotiators are meeting today and friday met, the first time since late July

US President has scheduled a meeting with China’s top trade official, on Friday as the two countries resume negotiations.

read more: https://gonewsyt.com/china-demands-lift-sanctiontrade/

U.S. Trade Representative and Treasury Secretary, are leading the negotiations on behalf of the US administration.

The sanctions announced Monday restrict sales of U.S. technology to a group of Chinese companies working on facial recognition, artificial intelligence and other advanced products.

World Leaders demand #Turkey to halt, Operations in #Syria

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France’s finance minister Bruno Le Maire. Facebook shouldn’t be allowed to develop its digital currency project, known as Libra, on “European territory” because it threatens the monetary sovereignty of member states,

Facebook has presented Libra as a currency that could be used for digital payments, particularly outside the U.S. It would be backed by real currency, unlike other digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

But its project has been met with skepticism both in the U.S and Europe, as financial regulators and members of Congress questioned the company’s motives for creating a new digital currency.

“We should not accept to have Libra being developed on the European territory,” Le Maire said.

read more: https://gonewsyt.com/france-warns-against-libra/

U.S. stocks took a big hit this afternoon after the US administration announced that it will be placing visa restrictions on certain Chinese officials ahead of Thursday's trade talks.

The planned new round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations is expected to cover a wide range of topics.

According to a statement, the Chinese delegation will include officials from the ministries of commerce, finance, industry and information technology, and agriculture and rural affairs, as well as the their banking system

Bulgarian economist Georgieva, 64-years-old, was giving her first major speech as head of the IMF.

Now, we see that they are actually taking a toll. Global trade growth has come to almost a standstill,” Georgieva announced.

The IMF is expected to unveil its forecast for global growth when it publishes the World Economic Outlook October 15th at the beginning of the Annual Meetings.

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EU officials discussing migration Tuesday expressed concerns that a threat by Turkey to send its troops into northeast Syria.

might provoke a new wave of refugees to Europe.

Interior ministers meeting in Luxembourg, noted that the so-called eastern Mediterranean route.


from Turkey, to Greece has once again become the main channel for asylum-seekers reaching Europe.

“For Greece, the spike of the increase of the flows between May and today is an increase of 240 percent. You can imagine the scale of the challenge,” said Greece’s alternate minister for migration, Giorgios Koumoutsakos.

Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus delivered a joint statement at the meeting calling attention to the eastern Mediterranean route.

In a general election held Sunday, Albin Kurti’s Movement for Self-the Determination, or Vetevendosje, defeated centre-right political groupings formed by former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters who had governed since 2007.


The European Union looks forward to the formation of a new government” in Kosovo, “this is important so that” the country “can quickly resume work on” structural “reforms and on the dialogue with Belgrade”, EU High Representative of the EU, Federica Mogherini, and the European Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn wrote in a joint note, stressing that last Sunday’s elections in Kosovo were held in a “peaceful and orderly” manner

“The renewed armed hostilities in the northeast will not only exacerbate civilian suffering and lead to massive displacement but will also risk severely undermining current political efforts,” spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic told reporters in Brussels.


North Korea has urged the United States, Britain, France and Germany that raising the issue of the tests at the UNl would “further urge our desire to defend.

What started out as a hopeful weekend for North Korea talks quicky went south as Pyongyang said they ended talks because the United States brought no new ideas to the table.

Meanwhile, SOKO FM said a country's envoy will visit Washington this week for talks over Korea .

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Russian President said that Russia is helping China to create system, only Russia and the United States have this technology now.

Russian President also said that US medium-range might appear in Asia soon, and there will certainly be mirror responses.

North Korea chief negotiator, saying the other side’s negotiators would not “give up their old viewpoint and attitude.

The U.S. Department said those comments did not reflect the spirit” of the 8 hours of talks, Washington has accepted to return to Sweden in two weeks.

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The European Union is considering all possible responses to tariffs the United States may impose this month.

The World Trade Organization, has found that both European planemaker Airbus and its U.S. rival Boeing received billions of dollars of illegal subsidies.

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told a news conference. “The EU will not do something that is not compliant with the WTO.”

Washington has drawn up a list of 25 billion dollar, he EU has its own list of 20 billion dollar of U.S. products it could target in the Boeing case.

Europe is also looking “at all options,” including retaliation based on old WTO dispute rulings with which the U.S. isn’t complying

The World Trade Organization on Tuesday cut its 2019 trade growth forecast to 1.2 percent, a sharp downgrade on the 2.6 percent rise predicted in April

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The #EU has announced that while the Union understands the legitimate security concerns of #Turkey in northern Syria, it is still supporting a political solution in the country.

Read: https://gonewsyt.com/e-u-has-grave-concerns-for-northern-syria/

The United States, and North Korea, to hold their first talks in months this weekend in sweden.

The working-level talks mark the first official contact between the sides since US President , and North Korean leader , met briefly at the border in June.

Pyongyang’s chief negotiator, on Thursday arrived in Sweden, where the two sides previously held talks ahead of Trump and Kim’s second summit in February.

United States has repeatedly expressed a desire to restart talks. This week's launch , just after this round of negotiations was announced, has not changed his mind.

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North Korea, test launced on Wednesday a type intended to be launched from a submarine, South Korean and U.S. officials have said.

It flew about 280 miles at a maximum altitude of 565 miles after liftoff from an unspecified place near the North's eastern coastal town of Wonsan.

U.S. President Donald Trump has been eager to resume denuclearization talks with the North, apparently trying to secure diplomatic achievements ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Japanese authorities also initially reported that there had been two, but revised that statement to one.

The ground-launched Pukkuksong-2, also known as the KN-15, is a two-stage derivative of the earlier test.

France calls on North Korea to comply with the UN Security Council resolutions and to swiftly engage in a process to ensure the complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement programs.

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With a potentially round of new tariffs set to take effect, multinationals that do business in China have adopted strategies
depending on whether they buy from or sell into the Chinese market.

The good news is that US and Chinese officials are scheduled to meet this week in Washington to try to make progress towards trade peace.

trade wars between the United States and European Union would be more damaging than the one raging with China.

US been given the go-ahead after a landmark ruling by the World Trade Organisation on a long-running dispute involving the aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.

it’s hard to see who is winning, tariff income is probably going to be less than the illegal subsidies in the first place.

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A permanent rotation of 2,000 additional U.S. personnel in Poland is under consideration, according to President Trump.

Poland have signed a “joint declaration” to advance cooperation, including buying F-35 and US liquefied natural gas

The US administration is considering the possibility of using instruments against participants of the Nord Stream 2 project, though it admits that the participating countries are free to build the pipeline

Russian Energy Minister Novak said Denmark would eventually provide the necessary permits for completing the gas pipeline from Russia to Europe despite US attempts to block the project.

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The United States, has taken a hard stance against the Iranian . since President Donald Trump took office.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov, urged the international community this Tuesday of attempts to isolate Iran which could include a ''scenario.

It is necessary to avoid an isolation of Iran by the international community, especially by the United States

The United States calls on Iran to return to compliance without delay.
They understand the and we urge the JCPOA participants to address this issue as soon as possible

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Mexico intends to discuss the problem, with Brazil, Panama and Guatemala, the countries most often used as transit points.

US negotiators had wanted Mexico to commit to "zero" crossing its territory, but that was "mission impossible".

The Dollar pared losses after weak U.S. jobs report last Friday and rebounded across the board on Monday

China's Xi Jinping may or may not meet with President Trump at the G20 in Osaka, Japan in two weeks, causing Trump to Tweet out that if he gets the cold shoulder, tariffs are going up on $300 million worth of goods.

China will respond firmly if the United States insists , the foreign ministry said on Tuesday

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United States President Trump said on Monday he will huge new tariffs on China if his counterpart Xi Jinping doesn't show up for a planned meeting later this month

and insisted the Chinese economy will never overtake the United States.

Trump delivered his hardline message ahead of the G20 summit on June 28-29 in Osaka, Japan

China’s vast gold stockpile saw another boost in May, marking an ongoing increase for a sixth straight month, according to the latest data published by the People’s Bank of China.

China's exports unexpectedly returned to growth 4.1 percent year-on-year in the first five months of 2019, despite higher US .

According to figures released on Monday by the General Administration of Customs, in such a period the Chinese exports accounted for 2 trillion$ .

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Iran said on June 9 Europe was in no position to talk on Tehran for its capabilities and it called on European leaders to normalize trade ties, U.S. sanctions

The west European signatories to the deal: France, Britain and Germany, share the same concerns as the United States.

Germany’s foreign minister will meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on Monday

PM Shinzo Abe's scheduled visit to Tehran next Wednesday to reduce between Iran and the United States.

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The United States on gave Turkey until the end of July to abandon its purchase of a major Russian system

CEO of Rostec Corporatiop said , Everything is in order.
I think, we will start deliveries in two months. Advance payments have been made, a loan has been drawn up.

Plus, we have already completed the training of Turkish personnel.

The largest sticking point for the U.S. however, has been the prospect of possession of both the S400 system and F-35 simultaneously.

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The deal to avert tariffs that President Trump announced with on largely of actions that Mexico had already promised to take in prior discussions with the United States over the past several months,

In a global sense, this could be bad news for China and, potentially, the European Union too.

China plans to establish a system to ensure , national security, in technology, state media reported yesterday

greater cooperation with Europe may become an increasingly attractive prospect, experts say, diversifying partnerships and fortifying the region .

The region’s 11-member, CPTPP signed by five Asean economies as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Peru, could expand to include the European Union

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