Nifty fingers.

SMAP - Kimi Iro Omoi
The DVD release amended the song to the Shoko Sawada version.

Nisha and Mags give you something if you complete Nuka-World siding with them. Poor Mason though.

God Bless America!

More Uniques - Unique Weapons Expansion by noptasis

The Tales Companions and Heather share their opinion on the synth detective.

A ghoul town that holds a non-violent option to a quest in Nuka-World

Is the bounty on a Diamond City resident what it seems?

Mara, Audrey, Birdie and Heather talk about raider camp in an old satellite station.

Mara, Birdie and Audrey talk about the settlement with a radio tower and a raider with a Fatman.

A Brotherhood of Steel quest if you did not help Danse at first and went with the main quest in defeating Kellogg.

A painted machete can be found on Mason if you have the More Uniques Mod.

More Uniques - Unique Weapons Expansion

Beware the red deathclaw...

The detective of Diamond City is missing and Audrey, Birdie and R4-04 (Mara) have to look for him.

A lot like the GOAT test in Fallout 3.

Delivery of packages means cleaning out a location.

Not the robo sheriffs!

This happens if you did not meet Dogmeat at all at Red Rocket Gas Station.

Spoiler alert:

Captain Avery is a synth.

DiMA replaced her with another synth and memory modification in an attempt to bring peace to Far Harbor.
Birdie and Mara (R4-04) give their opinion, Audrey doesn't say anything.

Atomic Radio and Tales from the Commonwealth

The Mechanist has to be stopped!

The compulsive liar of the Railroad comes clean about his past, or does he?

The people in Goodneighbor are less than impressed with the Silver Shroud vigilante fighting crime.

Put your enemies on ice.
The revolver and the schematic for cryo rounds are found in the Brotherhood of Steel bunker workshop.

These weapons are more of a gimmick, they are not very powerful and the Cryo grenades are very loud. Companions cannot equip the Cryo Revolver.

Heather, Audrey, Mara and Birdie have something to say when you go shopping at Super Duper Mart in Lexington.

Atomic Radio and Tales from the Commonwealth

Heather Casdin - A Unique Companion Experience by llamaRCA

While you were busy being frozen, I studied the blade.

Audrey, Birdie, Mara and Heather talk about the Robotics Disposal Ground northeast of Sanctuary.


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