The new Torbjorn.

The Courier gets a message to donate to orphanage. This will go well, right?

Scares away the hobos that always want to rob you.

The negotiations were short.

The druggie bro of the Mojave wasteland.
Still hoping he gets completed one day.

Niner by Mishaxhi

To vote or not to vote.

An alternate recruitment of Cait that was cut from Fallout 4.

Those voices sound familiar.

More Perks / More Traits for New Vegas

A Roleplayers History

Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas

A glimpse of what New Vegas Bounties III will have.

Getting in on some robot boxing betting in the boxing gym near Old North Church.

Tales from the Commonwealth

That's ace.

You can challenge Cass to a whiskey drinking game. Make sure you are tough enough for it.

Setting how you look in third person.

What happens in Vegas

A hunt for a slaver brings the Courier and Russell to Wolfhorn Ranch.

New Vegas Bounties II by someguy2000

Time to bring an ending to the Syndicate in the Mojave.

The Inheritance by Someguy2000

Requires Wild Wasteland and high Strength and Melee Weapon skill as well. For the cyborg samurai run.

Project Nevada

When Railroad agents meet.

Tales from the Commonwealth Mod

The search for Bradley's inheritance takes on a twist when both the Courier and Bradley arrive at the Las Vegas Arsenal.

The Inheritance by Someguy2000

Local assassin traumatizes Legion Frumentarius.

Also includes Willow's comment on Vulpes death.

Getting the keycards for Bradley in two dungeons.

The noir ending to Nick Valentine's personal quest.

Music: Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul 03 The Steel Samurai


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