Those bullets took away a huge chunk of his IQ

Feels like I am getting dunked on by Hanzo these days.

Audrey, Birdie and Mara assist Travis in getting his confidence in a totally not rigged bar fight.

The Coyote Courier is fake news!

The Coyote Courier shack is located near the Grub and Gulp, while the newspaper articles Jayson Ambrose publishes are found in the Short Stick Saloon near Novac.

New Vegas Bounties II and The Inheritance mod by someguy2000

We eat what we can.

Fish and ferals, what a combo!

It's open mic night! Mara, Audrey and Birdie do their stage performances at a little bar in South Boston. Watch Audrey and Mara sing, while Birdie does his best standup comedy routine. Eh, at least he tried.

You get a settler in this location as well.

What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

Sniping's a good job, mate.

When the bombs fall, fine dining and fashion take a hit.

Music: Joji - They don't understand

The Bobrov brothers joke about taking out Travis, but just want to give him some confidence.
Mara, Audrey and Birdie react to Russian humor.

Side quest: Confidence Man
You have to go into the Dugout Inn once, and visit Travis afterward. The guards will then tell you that the Bobrov Brothers want to meet you, starting this quest.

Glad I caught it. Apparently the Fantasmic night show is ending March 2020.

After destroying the Silver Rush, you can get a nice energy weapon in the upper room and access to another in the Abandoned Warehouse near Camp McCarran.

Welcome to the Silver Rush, we let just about anybody in.

Mara, Audrey and Birdie assist the Sole Survivor on a side quest developing some pre-war film but recover a naughty photo instead.

2 lads performing in Shinjuku.

Which one are you?

Audrey, Mara and Birdie react to the BOS airship.

Just came back from Tokyo, had a great time!

Music: Elijah Nang - Gaijin LP 01 Journey to the West & 19 Icarus

Features the Stylish Tux in the Wild Wasteland mod.

And Sun's Nier Automata Outfit

You should take the advice of the old lady.

Bastard raiders have to start being responsible.

The other terrible ending for the Tales from the Commonwealth side quest where you euthanize Nilesh Singh.
Special thanks to viewer Der Panzermacher who prompted me to this.

Audrey, Birdie and Mara react to the Sole Survivor's hoarding habits.


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