When nobody is playing healer, you have to step up.

The Railroad Heavy meets the Combat Zone Headliner.

These couriers gotta stop waking me up in the middle of the night!

Room featured is the Courier's Room by arlekin, don't install the exterior esp though, it causes quite a few issues.

Mods Featured:
Novac Motel - The Courier's Room by arlekin

The Inheritance by someguy2000

Plot twist, he supports the Brotherhood.

Audrey doesn't say anything regarding the "monster".

The Tales Companions meet a veteran Minutemen soldier.

Get your very own bloodied knuckles in the Scrap Palace.

More Uniques - Unique Weapons Expansion by KosorsomesayKosm

The trio from Tales from the Commonwealth included.
Excluding Deacon, X6, Piper, Valentine and Strong.

This conversation only happens when you are going for the rangefinder during Veronica's personal quest.

Flexing in style.

The story of the modded Railroad heavy from Tales from the Commonwealth mod.

Cliff Briscoe is shocked by a confession, learns to do wake up calls properly.

Reactions to Supervisor White in the Graygarden settlement.
R4-04 doesn't say anything with the option on robots needing supervision.
Audrey meets her robot doppelganger and Birdie gets confused.

The hypochondriac sniper meets the robot doctor. Match made in heaven.

It's a small world after all!

Tales from the Commonwealth

Audrey, Mara and Birdie respond to the fate of Austin.

The ghoul heiress speaks with the smartass spy.

Birdie's quite hard-hearted.

Audrey doesn't say anything regarding Austin's condition.

The Burrow Bounty

New Vegas Bounties II by someguy2000

Alley-Oops all around.

Cut content, thugs can attack you when you investigate the Westside water situation.

This game still surprises me.

From The White Wash sidequest.

Saving Paladin Brandis.


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