Taunting Marko's little brother and punching him endlessly.

The Sole Survivor investigates the mysterious disappearance of Earl Sterling.

Cannibal clown killers? Get them out of here!

To be fair it was the Zarya ult that helped the most.

The Arizona Desert Rangers meet the man who is running the show in Colorado. Saul Buchanan, also known as The Patriarch.
He is requesting the Rangers solve problems for him in Colorado for his aid to Arizona and to bring his estranged children to him without killing them. That can't end well.

She's a flirtatious gal.

A more durable 10mm pistol can be found in the Prospector's Den near Primm, nothing too fancy. Also includes the Powder Gangers ambush near the area.

Project Nevada

Audrey, Birdie and R4-04 discuss the train station infested by Super Mutants.

Ever wanted an artillery barrage at your command? Now you are able to (with a 6 hour gap)!

More Perks by dree74

Saying goodbye to the desert of Arizona, the Desert Rangers are now braving the snowy wastes of Colorado to seek the assistance of The Patriarch. An ambush creates a bump in their plans, however.

The origins of the double named mercenary.

Vincent Vincent - A Fallout Character by kristakahashi

Or something like that.

The alien gun that's a reference to the 1951 science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still. Also made famous in Army of Darkness, said as magic words. Not really powerful, but it farms the critical bar in VATS super fast.

At this rate the Commonwealth would be overrun by raiders.

Some easy listening by the Heinz Kiessling orchestra

The Sole Survivor fluffs up a tale in front of the children of Vault 81.

Squidward got it twisted.

Benny is a horndog, and that was his undoing.

Bust a groove like its 2299. Happy 12th anniversary to Fallout New Vegas.

Music: Los Retros - Last Day On Earth

A creepy look.

A Courier that has no belief in any nation faces Ulysses, the original Courier 6.

Brad Pitt plays his most convincing role as a doctor yet.

A search in the Jury Street Metro station yields another Vault hidden under it, with the confrontation with Gabriel and a choice to be made regarding Audrey.

Choose to walk away (and abandon Audrey) 11:15
Choose to martyr Gabriel 12:15

This is the final part of a 3 part questline.

3DNPC Fallout 3 Bundle v006.7


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