I love this character.

Synth vs Mutant

Funny conversation with Ricky from Fallout New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts.

See in this world there are two kinds of people, those with loaded guns, and those who dig.

Minutemen deserters voice their anger, and a bounty hunter talks to you. (Tales from the Commonwealth mod)

You killed Kenny!

Willow - A Better Companion Experience

The tragic past of Steven Randall.

200 years in ice and she's still a sprightly mother.

Live your life as a King.

Should have been blue Jet.

I bet it plays love songs.

Antagonizer Companion - Court of the Arthropod Queen by grigoriprime

He's not a big fan of philosophy.

In Silverwood lives a big fan of AlchestBreach, Joe Briggs!

Just where did you get it, hmm?

Louis Armstrong and Fallout go together like bread and butter.

A mysterious syndicate known as The Syndicate comes calling.

The Railroad agent meets the Mercenary sharpshooter.

Hai Doggy.

Guts can be found near the Monte Carlo Suites at Westside.

New Vegas Bounties II by Someguy2000

A happy ending for Joana. Novac apartment, a new dog and outfits included.

Joana Companion by grigoriprime


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