Check out the air walking goon on 3:35.
Also the whipped punks of that dominatrix are a pain in the ass.

Did badly against the police commissioner, though I managed to unlock a retro level.
Save the taser and use it only on the arcade machine in the level.

To get Adam, you would need to have played the game until Stage 5 to unlock him, this is a second run that I am trying to get the stage select. Did ok until the boss, got too cocky and lost a life.

Streets of Rage 4 exceeded my expectations for a modern beat em up, and the Streets of Rage franchise is in dire need of a new release. Though Axel is severely underpowered now, only Adam, Blaze and Floyd are good on the later levels.

The snide scientist of the Capital Wasteland is back in the Brotherhood. Oh joy.

Tired of synth spies infiltrating your precious settlements? Get in on the synth spy detection program and get rid of those pesky spies now!

To build the trap and the synth destabilizer ring, you need the plans from the Convenant Compound.
The synth detection glasses are from a separate mod and are automatically added to the chemistry workbench utility list.

Glasses from:
Settlement Aid Program _SPOILER_ by FlatulentGerbil

Synth spy detection plans, destabilizer ring and synth detection trap from:
D13 Settlement Institute Synth Spy Detection and Elimination by Darkangel13

Let me tell you something, brotha!

Shop smart, shop S-MART, you got that?

Create your own legendary modifications, along with removing modifications for an unwanted legendary weapon and attaching it onto another of your choice.

Love to Craft - Legendary by MrPMG

After giving your evaluation to Koestler, the replacement ranger informs you of what happened to Ranger Beaumont.

Finding a tactical harpoon gun near the Kingsport Lighthouse, its primary effect is causing enemies to bleed to death, but it has a slow reloading speed.

Best not to charge into a gang of raiders while wielding it.

More Uniques - Unique Weapons Expansion by noptasis

Female raider boss lays down the law, and Mara is not happy with raiding the Commonwealth.

Mara, Audrey, Heather and Birdie react to the robot gallery in Boston.

"Girl Talk" is a popular song composed by Neal Hefti, with lyrics written by Bobby Troup. It was written for the 1965 film Harlow, a biographical film about Jean Harlow, starring Carroll Baker.

Track 14 from Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 16: Mondo Hollywood

A motel room in the Roadside Pines Motel houses a raider that screwed over his mother.

Reference to Jamie Foxx's character in Horrible Bosses and a certain stage in the Elder Scrolls Oblivion Dark Brotherhood quest line. Also includes the New Orleans Postcard in Andrew Station and the Giddyup Raidercup book that allows you to build Raidercup decorations.

The Wild Wasteland by Watcherzero

It's a hydroelectric dam and everybody's fighting over it.

What happens when you don't finish Tradecraft before Mankind - Redefined. The Railroad outright reject you.

Mara, Birdie, Heather and Audrey react to the glowing ghoul on top of Kingsport Lighthouse.

Giving Pacer a sheer heart attack, ain't that a kick in the head.

Heartbreaking: The worst person you know just made a great point

Assassinating Pacer with a fake note from the Van Graffs and a laser shot to his head, or a plasma grenade in his pocket.

Osaka's No 2 team vs Kanagawa's No 3 team with ace Sendoh.

What happens when you take the corrupt option by letting Red Bear get away scot-free.

A compilation of plays mostly by me, and one by username Usagi that was too good not to share.

Music: Summer Night Party by Lounge Lizards & Skip Peck

Don't get married, kids, or take your own advice.

Scare off a hitman squad with an even more terrifying presence.


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