Hats, goggles and sunglasses.

Headgear Is Important - Headgear Pack by hagyjalbeken

The Tales Companions aren't too keen on raiding their home.

Includes reactions from Nuka World companion Gage as well.

Where do I sign up?

What Birdie, Audrey and Mara have to say after you grab some loot off some corpses.

Disclaimer: They attacked first.

The lady and her butler.

Drugged out delivery boy is hilarious.

Real shame, the game was rigged from the start

Better to be a sideshow than be ignored?

Two robo chicks tearing up the Commonwealth.

How do you feel when nobody from the Bear Republic likes you.

Raul always knows what to say.

Random encounter of the New Vegas Bounties II mod, you can get the Raider Psycho Tic Helmet from him.

Appears near the Legion Raid Camp just south of Novac.

Mara, Birdie and Audrey discuss the dig from Goodneighbor to Diamond City.

I don't think he likes Edward Sallow very much.

Legion Camp, the Ninth Circle of Hell?

When the battles are done, they get together to discuss cleaning methods.

Taking the diplomat path isn't always easy.

Also includes cut content from the game: Pacers Gambit

That gambler is a spy!

When you put it that way...

Love blossoms in the Wasteland.

The origins of Mara (R4-04) and how she comes to terms with her past. She initiates conversation only after you have max affinity with her.

Building a resort on Murkwater sounds good.

Acerbic ghoul meets naive scientist.

Behold my awful sniping skills.

Benny can't take his surprises very well.


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