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Vlogg - 24 Maj (Philippines)

Short intervju with Aetas youth

Pastor wife singing with Aeta children. Pastor Mark tell the story about David and Goliat.
( Sorry for some picture failure in end of movie)

Missiontrip with Jörgen and Kenneth Milton to India

Jörgen och Kenneth Milton samtalar om den kristna tron.
Ett interessant program som bör ses, med personliga berättelser

Jörgen och Kenneth Milton samtalar om livet med Jesus.

Jörgen Milton undervisar om att leva i en nära relation med Herren.
Programmet har tidigare visats på kanal10

Jörgen Milton undervisar om att vara radikal för Jesus
Programmet har tidigare sänds på kanal10.

Talare. Jörgen Milton. Peder Lövkvist och Mattias Dahlberg
Sång. Sylvia Dahlberg från 2008

Jörgen Milton samtalar med Karin Milton om den kristna tron.
Till minne av Karin Milton. (1913 - 2010)

Jörgen Milton talar om villfarelse i den sista tiden.
Denna programserie har tidigare visats på Kanal10.

Missiontrip to India part 2 with Jörgen och Kenneth Milton

Missiontrip to India with Jörgen och Kenneth Milton

Support Mercy Mission. Pastor Mark visit Aetas

About our work in philippines and India. Follow us out to support Aetas people in Salag.

Vi renoverar den gamla kyrkan i Serum ( Guimaras. Filippinerna) till vårt arbete för Aetas

We helping Vincent to pay for repairing of his motorbike

Predikan av Jörgen Milton. Sverige behöver vakna från sin andliga slummer.

We sharing food to the tribe people Aeta in Backhaw. ( Guimaras. Philippines)

We have Sunday school service in Serum with Aeta children. ( Guiamras Philippines)

Church service videoclip, with tribe people Aetas in Pentecostal church in Banban (Guimaras. Philippines)

Pastor Mark dela Cruz visits Aetas people in Umelig ( Guimaras Philippines)


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My name is Jörgen Milton and Im living in Sweden. Im a founder of Barmhärtighetsmissionen ( Mercy Mission).
We have humanitarian and evangelistic work among the tribe people of Aetas in philippines. We have also work
with children and youth in Kerala south India.

Some of our video here is in swedish, but also english. welcome to visit
our ministry website, there you can find translation to many language.

We love Jesus with all of our heart and want you to
experience him.

/ Jörgen Milton