Funny FAKE video of Labour's Diane Abbot talking about funding the police.

Diane Abbot is a real UK politician and heads the UKs lefty leaning Labour party as shadow home secretary and she is also noted for being really stupid.

It is also reported that she had a full on sexual relationship with the now current (2018) Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the late 1970's / early 80's.

Video made by Facebook group "Jeremy Corbyn Watch", please visit this group for lots of funny but very relevant content.


Video uploaded due to the high possibility of Facebook deleting it.

Not my video, backed up from YT before the delete it.

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I did not make this video, its a backup before youtube take it down
Sadiq Khan fiddles while London burns. Support the makers channel: https://www.makersupport.com/YouKipper

Youtube taking down all the good vids.
Let's make Europe great again. #MAGA #MEGA #BREXIT
Glitch Mob Seven Nation Army European Awakening Remix


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