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Construction site noise violation documentation April 22, 2024 at 7:58 pm. Wake Robin St., Corvallis, OR.

Annex Construction site noise violation documentation April 19. 2024. Back up construction equipment noise at 6:30 pm on Wake Robin Street, Corvallis, Oregon.

Construction noise violation at Wake Robin construction site documentation April 5, 2024. Noise occurred at 7:54. Noise is not allowed after 6 pm. per municipal codes.

Construction on Wake Robin noise violations March 21, 2024. On March 21 construction noise was particularly loud at times and continued until after 8 pm, violating Corvallis City municipal codes which require a permit to continue noise after 6 pm.

Knights on horses jousting, medieval reenactment.

Planes seen on NBC and CBS on 9/11

Tim Roemer (former 9/11 Commissioner) on CNN's 9/11 The World Remembers (2006) talking about a "missile, uh airplane" hitting the Pentagon. I'm posting this clip since all the other copies of it seem to have vanished off the Internet. It will stay here until I die.

Opening up the container of live bees and cocoons from

UFOs, UAPs, or drones? White orbs flying around the twin towers on 9/11.

Covid vax ingredients and their safety data sheets. Many are labeled "not for human, food, or drug use," some are labeled "may cause cancer," "may cause harm to unborn child," "should not be released into the environment," and "toxicological properties have not been fully investigated."

How mRNA causes leaks, clots and damage to blood vessels and organs in the body, why it is so damaging to the brain and heart, how it causes immune suppression, why athletes die while exercising, why you don't need most vaccinations, and why every booster increases damage to your body.
Also included is a discussion of the article: "A case report: Multifocal necrotizing encephalitis and myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination against COVID-19." This report proves mRNA vaccines have caused encephalitis and myocarditis. Spike proteins were found in the brain and heart, yet no other viral proteins were present in the patient's body proving the spike proteins came from the vaccine and not a covid infection.
Full 1 hour version of this video is here:

Dr. Paul Alexander was HHS advisor to former president Trump. In this shortened video he calls the mRNA injections bioweapons and explains why. Full version available on infowars
00:00 Intro
01:30 all the covid policies failed
02:00 we should have protected the vulnerable and left the healthy alone to form natural immunity
03:00 masks don't work and cause harm
03:30 natural immunity is lifelong, immunity from vaccines is inferior
04:30 Fauci lied when he said that vaccine immunity was superior to natural immunity
05:00 children and vaccines, immunity
05:45 Trump was misled by Fauci and others about the vaccine
06:30 the Deep state is real, covid designed to make Trump look bad and put society into chaos
07:00 social distancing was made up, there is zero scientific data for the 6 foot distancing rule
07:30 if we keep vaccinating it will only prolong the pandemic
08:00 vaccines are causing immune suppression
08:30 children do not need to be vaccinated with mRNA, they need natural immunity, mRNA vaccinations will cause rise in autoimmune diseases
09:20 covid is lab made
10:00 we should have done early treatments, treated the vulnerable and let the healthy develop natural immunity. Why there are no vaccines for respiratory viruses
11:00 mRNA vaccines will keep the pandemic going nonstop, booster treadmill, vaccines have negative efficacy
12:50 surges in hospitalizations and deaths after 3rd booster - the vaccinated are sicker than the unvaccinated
13:40 animal studies of the mRNA vaccines failed, the animals got sick and died
13:50 this is a bioweapon designed to slowly kill people
14:00 new bivalent shot was only tested on 8 mice, and all the mice got covid. This is the shot now being given to everyone (9/22)
14:40 FDA has been hijacked, they no longer protect Americans' safety
15:10 Pfizer study used relative risk instead of absolute risk - misleading
15:40 evidence of FDA and Pfizer collusion

Psaki making a Freudian slip saying she loves working for President Obam... [whoops] President Biden. This is nothing new, we saw the same thing with Bush Jr. acting as puppet for Dick Cheney.
Original video:

Weird crescent shaped shadows seen during 2017 eclipse in Oregon

Microscopic photos of contamination found in Pfizer covid vaccine vials by scientists in New Zealand.

Mason bees hatching from cocoons, leafcutter bee husbandry

Views from the highline trail, Glacier Park, Montana

Views around Apgar and Lake McDonald, Glacier Park, Montana

Views at Logan Pass and Hidden Lake including mountain goats, ptarmigans, Columbian ground squirrels, marmots, and many alpine flowers.

Tidepools and seals at Yaquina Head, Newport, Oregon.

Take a virtual walk through the trail of the cedars and Avalanche Lake

Start with a skyride over Lower Spokane falls, then visit the riverfront, upper falls, and Indian Canyon.

Daylyt talks about pedophile rings, human trafficking and pizzagate. This is an excerpt from the 3 hour video "Celebrities Exposing Elite Pedophile Rings +" which can be viewed at:
Daylyt asks the hard questions that no one else asks, bringing long held secrets into the light.
I wept the first time I watched this, and thought - everybody needs to see this. Consider this a teaser for the full video, there's a lot more to be said on this topic. It's real, and it won't stop until people acknowledge it's happening and demand something be done about it.
I hope the clips I added on the sides of the video are okay, I don't mean to detract from what he is saying. I wanted to show what he is saying is real and offer some proof to those who refuse to see it and won't take the time or effort to look things up.

Videos of Wenatchee river, mostly in Waterfront Park, and stills of Bavarian style stores downtown.

Seals playing in the water at Yaquina Head. Sea lions resting, barking, and fussing at the bayfront at Newport, Oregon.


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