Planes seen on NBC and CBS on 9/11

Tim Roemer (former 9/11 Commissioner) on CNN's 9/11 The World Remembers (2006) talking about a "missile, uh airplane" hitting the Pentagon. I'm posting this clip since all the other copies of it seem to have vanished off the Internet. It will stay here until I die.

Opening up the container of live bees and cocoons from

UFOs, UAPs, or drones? White orbs flying around the twin towers on 9/11.

Covid vax ingredients and their safety data sheets. Many are labeled "not for human, food, or drug use," some are labeled "may cause cancer," "may cause harm to unborn child," "should not be released into the environment," and "toxicological properties have not been fully investigated."

How mRNA causes leaks, clots and damage to blood vessels and organs in the body, why it is so damaging to the brain and heart, how it causes immune suppression, why athletes die while exercising, why you don't need most vaccinations, and why every booster increases damage to your body.
Also included is a discussion of the article: "A case report: Multifocal necrotizing encephalitis and myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination against COVID-19." This report proves mRNA vaccines have caused encephalitis and myocarditis. Spike proteins were found in the brain and heart, yet no other viral proteins were present in the patient's body proving the spike proteins came from the vaccine and not a covid infection.
Full 1 hour version of this video is here:

Dr. Paul Alexander was HHS advisor to former president Trump. In this shortened video he calls the mRNA injections bioweapons and explains why. Full version available on infowars
00:00 Intro
01:30 all the covid policies failed
02:00 we should have protected the vulnerable and left the healthy alone to form natural immunity
03:00 masks don't work and cause harm
03:30 natural immunity is lifelong, immunity from vaccines is inferior
04:30 Fauci lied when he said that vaccine immunity was superior to natural immunity
05:00 children and vaccines, immunity
05:45 Trump was misled by Fauci and others about the vaccine
06:30 the Deep state is real, covid designed to make Trump look bad and put society into chaos
07:00 social distancing was made up, there is zero scientific data for the 6 foot distancing rule
07:30 if we keep vaccinating it will only prolong the pandemic
08:00 vaccines are causing immune suppression
08:30 children do not need to be vaccinated with mRNA, they need natural immunity, mRNA vaccinations will cause rise in autoimmune diseases
09:20 covid is lab made
10:00 we should have done early treatments, treated the vulnerable and let the healthy develop natural immunity. Why there are no vaccines for respiratory viruses
11:00 mRNA vaccines will keep the pandemic going nonstop, booster treadmill, vaccines have negative efficacy
12:50 surges in hospitalizations and deaths after 3rd booster - the vaccinated are sicker than the unvaccinated
13:40 animal studies of the mRNA vaccines failed, the animals got sick and died
13:50 this is a bioweapon designed to slowly kill people
14:00 new bivalent shot was only tested on 8 mice, and all the mice got covid. This is the shot now being given to everyone (9/22)
14:40 FDA has been hijacked, they no longer protect Americans' safety
15:10 Pfizer study used relative risk instead of absolute risk - misleading
15:40 evidence of FDA and Pfizer collusion

Psaki making a Freudian slip saying she loves working for President Obam... [whoops] President Biden. This is nothing new, we saw the same thing with Bush Jr. acting as puppet for Dick Cheney.
Original video:

Weird crescent shaped shadows seen during 2017 eclipse in Oregon

Microscopic photos of contamination found in Pfizer covid vaccine vials by scientists in New Zealand.

Mason bees hatching from cocoons, leafcutter bee husbandry

Views from the highline trail, Glacier Park, Montana

Views around Apgar and Lake McDonald, Glacier Park, Montana

Views at Logan Pass and Hidden Lake including mountain goats, ptarmigans, Columbian ground squirrels, marmots, and many alpine flowers.

Tidepools and seals at Yaquina Head, Newport, Oregon.

Take a virtual walk through the trail of the cedars and Avalanche Lake

Start with a skyride over Lower Spokane falls, then visit the riverfront, upper falls, and Indian Canyon.

Daylyt talks about pedophile rings, human trafficking and pizzagate. This is an excerpt from the 3 hour video "Celebrities Exposing Elite Pedophile Rings +" which can be viewed at:
Daylyt asks the hard questions that no one else asks, bringing long held secrets into the light.
I wept the first time I watched this, and thought - everybody needs to see this. Consider this a teaser for the full video, there's a lot more to be said on this topic. It's real, and it won't stop until people acknowledge it's happening and demand something be done about it.
I hope the clips I added on the sides of the video are okay, I don't mean to detract from what he is saying. I wanted to show what he is saying is real and offer some proof to those who refuse to see it and won't take the time or effort to look things up.

Videos of Wenatchee river, mostly in Waterfront Park, and stills of Bavarian style stores downtown.

Seals playing in the water at Yaquina Head. Sea lions resting, barking, and fussing at the bayfront at Newport, Oregon.

Labyrinth, wind, and blowing sand at the Oregon coast.

Warning, photos from embalming work included. Embalmers are seeing blood clots connected to white fibrous tissue in the vessels of increasing numbers of the dead, and they wonder if this is vaccine related. This is a shortened edition of with captions added.

1:10 - Pandemic preparedness plans of many countries were chucked and replaced with unnecessary closures, masking, lockdowns, and mass testing of the well.
2:30 - The Lies of Covid - covid is only as bad as a bad seasonal influenza, PCR tests are unreliable, masks are useless, lockdowns don't work, and there is no asymptomatic transmission of disease, and there are good home treatments for covid, and the vaccines are not safe or effective.
6:15 - Vaccine mandates/passports will be used for control, digital ID, central bank control of cash.
7:00 - Evidence covid is a pre-planned. Event 201, Dark Winter, Amerithrax.
8:15 - Vaccine concerns, all 4 basically the same, make spike protein. Spike protein is toxic and affects immunity and coagulation.
9:00 - A vaccine only needs to be given once or twice, never multiple times. Vaccines prevent you from becoming ill and from transmitting the disease, if it doesn't do this it's not a vaccine and not public health.
10:45 - VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) More adverse events and deaths with covid vaccines than with all the other vaccines in history.
11:50 - Correlation vs Causation - Bradford Hill criteria show the covid vaccines do cause more adverse events and deaths.
12:50 - Thromboembolic disorders are associated with these vaccines and cause things like clots, bleeding and subarachnoid hemorrhage.
13:30 - Pregnant women are being encouraged to get vaccinated but there is NO SAFETY DATA for pregnant women.
15:00 - 90% of the adverse events were associated with 10% of vaccine batches. All lots/batches should contain the same stuff, but the vials contain different ingredients. We have no way to know what is different about these batches.
16:00 - Batches that are not consistently made are "adulterated" and must not be given to anyone. LAWS HAVE BEEN BROKEN.
16:50 - Flu vaccine serious adverse events for comparison given (highest number of serious adverse events for a batch was 37)
17:50 - Covid vaccine serious adverse events show much higher numbers (over 600) and extreme variability between different batches which should NEVER happen. It means they are NOT THE SAME PRODUCT. It cannot be accidental.
20:50 - The drug companies know the batches are different - they are okay with it.
21:30 - Widespread censorship in mainstream media means people only hear information deemed acceptable by the tech/media giants.
24:00 - The most toxic batches go to the most states.
25:00 - HOW BAD IS MY BATCH? hidden by Google, shows which batches are good and bad. Doctors and patients need to look these up and ask!
26:00 - There is enough information to legally stop all covid injections.
26:50 - One manufacturer seems to have bad batches that can be identified by a letter in the lot number.
28:15 - Depopulation? They are experimenting with lethal dosages. For what purpose?!
30:00 - Evil.
31:00 - Speak up! Resist!

Video Contents

Part A.
00:50 Excerpts from “The Pfizer inoculations for Covid-19: More harm than good” by CCCA – Canadian Covid Care Alliance
01:20 Scientific evidence hierarchy – what makes the best and worst scientific evidence?
02:00 Pfizer’s original trial report (Dec. 2020)
02:30 Absolute vs. Relative risk reduction. Pfizer covid inoculation has an absolute risk reduction of only 0.84%.
03:56 Pfizer’s early unblinding of their trial meant there was no ability to get any long-term safety data.
4:34 Pfizer’s 6-month trial report shows Level 1 Evidence of Harm.
08:17 Clinical endpoints were: did inoculated people test positive for covid less often? Endpoints SHOULD have focused on all illness and deaths – did inoculated people have less illness and death?
08:55 CDC admits the PCR test for covid cannot distinguish between flu and covid.
09:09 The inoculation was not tested for spread reduction or transmission therefore, there is NO evidence that vaccine passports serve any purpose.
09:28 Subjective testing. All trial participants SHOULD have been tested for covid but they were not.
10:06 The Adolescent Trial (12-15 year-olds) Pfizer’s evidence shows ALL RISK AND NO BENEFIT.
The case of Maddie De Garay.
12:03 The 5-11 year-old trial showed unacceptable risk of myocarditis. Myocarditis permanently damages the heart and the mortality rate after myocarditis is 20% at 6.5 years. That means 1 in 5 children that have had myocarditis will be dead in 6.5 years.
13:33 FDA statement that we’ll just have to start giving the inoculations to kids and see what happens. What happened to “Do No Harm?”
14:22 BMJ whistleblower – Ventavia (company that ran the trials) falsified data, and more.
14:57 Mixed cohorts of adult and adolescent trials done at different times skews long term evidence.
15:20 Pfizer has proved their inoculation causes harm with level 1 evidence.
15:45 Real world monitoring – active vs. passive surveillance.
17:00 Increased heart problems in young people and athletes.
18:56 Post Marketing Pharmacovigilance Report – during the first 2.5 months of inoculations there were over 1200 deaths.
19:26 Pfizer’s conflicts of interest, 33.5 billion in profit in 2021, record of criminal activities and fraud. 84% of study authors had a conflict of interest.
20:57 Redefinition of “vaccine” following Rochelle Walensky (head of CDC) admission that the covid inoculations DO NOT provide immunity and DO NOT stop people from catching or spreading covid.
22:51 Pfizer and mainstream media.
24:23 CCCA – Inoculations should be withdrawn IMMEDIATELY.

Part B
25:00 Attorney Robert Barnes on Alex Jones Infowars
The DOD publication showing ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) accelerating each week in a study of the fully vaccinated on Medicare.
Pfizer’s “immunity” from suits and prosecution for adverse vaccine effects, EUA, and kids list.
The Supreme Court on vaccine mandates.

Dr. Andreas Noack discusses the presence of graphene hydroxide in all the covid vaccines and Dr. Pablo Campra's Raman spectroscopy evidence.
Graphene hydroxide is monolayer activated carbon, 50 nm long and 500 rings in a row. The C6 structures are extremely stable, you can make braking pads from it.
These nanoscale structures are extremely sharp and can best be described as razor blades. They are not biologically degradable. They will be in your body forever. These nanostructures cut up blood vessels, people bleed to death on the inside, especially athletes who are dropping dead because their blood is fast flowing. The faster the blood moves the more damage the razors will do.
If you inject this into the blood you know you are a murderer.
You have to weigh the risk. How dangerous is corona? How dangerous is the injection?
Any doctor, who, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.
It is Russian roulette. Does it stay in the muscle? Then it is less toxic. But if you hit a vein then you know you are CUTTING PEOPLE UP FROM THE INSIDE. It is a highly intelligent poison. Toxicologists don't expect to find nanoscale razors.
Even if people don't drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little. The heart is cut up, the brain is cut up, blood vessels are cut up ... it causes strokes.
If you understand that razors are being injected then it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear.
When the epithelium of blood vessels is cut up it becomes rough and things stick to it.


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