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I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ian Jacklin, and I am reaching out to you because I believe that together, we can create a transformative impact on the world. Your influential voice and commitment to improving our living environment align perfectly with my mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to embrace a holistic approach to well-being.

Who I Am:
I am a multifaceted force for positive change, with a career that spans Hollywood, professional sports, and health advocacy. As an actor, I have starred in action-packed films like Death Match and Expert Weapon and appeared on popular TV shows such as Days of Our Lives and Just Shoot Me. As a professional kickboxer, I achieved the Canadian & North American championship titles in the International Sport Karate Association and the World Kickboxing and Karate Association (WKA) respectively, even ranking number two in the world by WKA in 1993.
But my journey doesn't stop there. Driven by a relentless pursuit of truth and wellness, I founded Co-dependent Pictures, Inc. and directed groundbreaking documentaries like icurecancer.com. This film has educated thousands about alternative cancer treatments and earned accolades, including runner-up at the Magic Lantern International Movie Festival. My work has always been about shedding light on crucial issues and giving a voice to those who need it most.

My 1st book, I Cure Cancer: Learn How to Turn Your Body into a Cancer-Free Zone, focuses on holistic health and cancer prevention, offering readers practical guidance to transform their health. In my 2nd one, Alkaline: Dr. Robert O Young's pH Diet & Mindset, I explore the benefits of the pH diet and mindset for overall well-being. My 3rd called ConVid 1984 - Antidote delves into critical health topics, challenging conventional narratives and encouraging readers to think critically about their health choices. And my 4th and latest; Health Hacks For Aging Gracefully: A Warrior's Holistic Secrets does what the title says.  On my podcasts, “The Jackals Den" I discuss alternative and holistic health practices, including natural cancer treatments and many other polemic topics. These resources collectively provide a wealth of information folks need to hear.

Why We Should Collaborate:
Your platform and influence are powerful tools that can drive meaningful change. By joining forces, we can leverage our combined strengths to inspire millions to live healthier, more fulfilling lives and to create a better living environment for all. Here’s what I bring to the table:

Proven Impact: My diverse career and successful track record in multiple fields give me a unique perspective and credibility.

Broad Reach: With an established audience and a compelling personal story, our collaboration will resonate with a wide and varied demographic.

Passion and Commitment: My unwavering dedication to advocacy and storytelling ensures that our partnership will be driven by purpose and integrity.

If you got the shot you probably have graphene oxide and other toxins in you. Learn to detox. Also, we talk about alkaline health and how it treats all.

Suberman Episode 21 - Uber truth ride!

Dr. Young tells how the blue gel is not good and what one should use to fight the graphene oxide. We also discuss how bio-identical hormone therapy is not good. Biofrequency medicine and other things get off-topic. One should just get alkaline. Period.

Suberman Episode 20 - Who's above the Rothschilds?

Suberman Episode 19 - Fuck Masks and eat alkaline!

This is the whole story shared with a UK nurse. Grab some popcorn and wake up as she does.

True news from the Uber guy.

It's really all the alien's fault.

Dude's mom tricks him into getting shots!

Black folk saw it coming a mile away. Scamdemic bullshit!

Truth rides. Masks are bullshit.

Truth while you ride.

Vibes with my tribe. Masks are bullshit.

Truth talks in the Uber rides.

Truth talks with the next generation.

Talking shop with human beings.

Can you handle the truth?

Detox shred, supplements, Alkaline new cover!

You don't just get a ride you get a second chance.

Truth rides with my tribe.

Scam! Detox! Who should be the next president?

You don't get cancer you do cancer by being acidic so get alkaline! Learn how from these Cancer Healers.

Taxi Truth Talks with the tribe.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Suberman. True talks.


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