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7-13-2021 at DCFS Shatto Place in Koreatown, Los Angeles.


Pissed off Father calls out the corrupt Judicial Council of California to their face.

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

― Adolf Hitler

Mark Fidelman and Michael Alexander ("Divorce Matters" podcast) are special guests.


Family Court Victim. Are you ready to come out of the closet? The court system is completely corrupt, we know this. Nobody who has been through it will even debate that any more. The question is how to cross the bridge, and get this issue into the mind space of the public.

Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Still trying to publicize corruption here from Planet Family Court.

We all know what happened to us. We came into to court with a dispute, thinking we were going to truth and justice. We got something called justice all right. We got it good and hard. Family? Fractured. Money? Missing. Lawyers? Laughing. We know the system is not broken, it's working just fine to destroy families, take all the money, and cause P T S D.

Railroading, Stonewalling, and Gaslighting.

But why should Starbucks Mom give a rats asterisk about some whining group of life's losers? Because that's how they see us. Now, they should care, because nothing less than our entire society is hanging in the balance. Folks, if we let them sacrifice our family, our fortune and our future, then we have no justice system, and we have no society. It's just thugs running wild.

Call it Narcissist Nation.

And, Every single one of us has had the experience of trying to explain to our friends, the ones lucky enough to stay out of court, just how evil and diabolical this system is. But they don't get it, because they haven't lived it, but also because it is complicated and hard to explain. And when we try to explain, they say things like:

Sorry, that couldn't happen.

They might mean well, but on some level, they blame you, don't they? Just like that lawyer blamed you. Like that judge blamed you. Well, we can forgive our unknowing friends, unless they are directly profiting from the family destruction industry.

We have all been brainwashed and browbeaten into blindness. But it's 2021 already, Easter Sunday. Happy Easter everyone. We're not hunting for Easter Eggs, we're hunting for justice and accountability. Our job now is to open some eyes, flip on the lights, and watch the cockroaches scatter.

Joining us today on Ask Alex is a very special guest Mark Fidelman. Mark has a background in public relations, and is now the co-host, along with Michael Alexander, of the popular podcast Divorce Matters. They give unfiltered, unadulterated guidance for how to survive family courts, and no nonsense, straight forward strategies for beating what they call a Rigged System. I just watched Mr. Alexander's video called I arrested the District Attorney. The very embodiment of the radical pro se. You gotta love that. Mark Fidelman, welcome to Ask Alex, how's it going?

Go to jail simply because you referred to your own daughter using the pronoun "she"? Wait, what? That can't be true, can it? I'm afraid it is. The dystopian postmodernist world feared by Jordan Peterson a mere four years ago has now come to be.

Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Welcome to another Ask Alex, this is episode twenty four. I'm still trapped here on planet family court, and so is Rob Hoogland of Vancouver. Mr. Hoogland's particular version of family law hell began when he discovered that his fourteen year old daughter had decided she was transgender.

This after what can only be described as a government sponsored transgender brainwashing campaign, through the school curriculum, including a school counselor encouraging this child to change her name and start living as a boy. According to Hoogland, they’re taking kids during school time out to get hormone shots. Parents don’t know what’s going on until it’s too late. In some cases, they’re not even informing parents that their child is being transitioned anymore. OK? So, In the middle of divorce, dad learns that his daughter has been referred to a sex-change clinic, and they are seeking his consent for her to begin hormone therapy.

Hoogland refused to sign the consent form, which, folks, you have to see this to believe it. These hormones block puberty, they make you sterile. They certainly are NOT going to change a girl into a boy, that's impossible. But they WILL make a girl start growing a beard, and will destroy her reproductive system. So Rob Hoogland refuses to consent for his 14 year old daughter to do this to herself, thinking, I don't know, maybe she at least might want to wait til she's eighteen and make an informed decision as a consenting adult. But no, that's not how it goes in our system of postmodern justice.

Because dad doesn't agree with transgendering a 14 year old, he is the bad guy, he doesn't get it, he's a threat. A threat to what? If you ask me, it is a threat to an absolutely evil social engineering agenda. And by evil, I mean criminal. Under the Nuremberg Convention, it is a crime to perform medical experiments on people without informed consent. People under eighteen cannot possibly consent to anything.

A minor cannot even legally consent to drinking alcohol or having sex. Now we are going to allow them to mutilate their bodies so that they can't have children? Really? Until yesterday we understood that teenagers can be confused in a lot of ways. Teenagers make all sorts of poor choices. But now, because Rob Hoogland simply tries to be the voice of reason, and objects to transgendering his kid, not only does he lose all custody and parental rights, but the Judge, Judge Michael Tammen, imposed a gag order stating that Rob must not speak of the case in public at all, and even in private must refer to his daughter as HE, and must use the boy's name she made up for herself. Hoogland is not backing down. He has given several interviews, and, shocker, he referred to his own daughter as, wait for it, SHE.

So, Judge Tammen found Rob Hoogland in contempt, and ordered him incarcerated. Last Tuesday, March 16, 2021, Hoogland surrendered and went to jail. I haven't gotten an update, maybe he's gotten out by now, I don't know. But the mere fact that this is going on is terrifying. Where did we get the idea that a Judge has this power? And if you think this case is unique, well, think again. We are joined today by Ted Hudacko, a California man, a software engineer, and a musician, father of two, who is going through a similar situation with his son. Ted, welcome back on the show, give us a recap of about where you were in your divorce, and how you came to find out that transgender was an issue in your case.

Patty talks about a case where they give the kid back to the known abuser, it reminds Alex of the Dr. Susan case and recently busted attorney Sagi Shawartzberg. Chris asks about a Default proceeding in Florida Family Court. Cashanda shows up from her hospital with a new baby, worried about DCFS. Ted is back with more on being erased for opposing teen transgender.


Will I ever get my day in court? Of course not. They can't allow that, I know too much, and I have far too much evidence of corruption. My Family Law trial has been postponed yet again, under very dubious circumstances. Hello world, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert, in a legal system that doesn't exist. Welcome to another episode of Ask Alex, where we are questioning postmodern justice.

My illegal and completely corrupt Family Law Trial was set to go forward tomorrow, starting March 15, 2021. A week ago we discovered that remote appearances through L A Court Connect were unavailable, because the entire long cause trial had suddenly been moved from the Stanley Mosk courthouse in downtown L A to Department E in Santa Monica. This transfer of venue occurred the day after about 40 people showed up to do court listen on my corrupt D V Restraining Order. You know, the one where they find that my filing court papers and this very podcast constitutes domestic violence.

And by the way, my friend and attorney Michael Molinaro informed me the infamous language from the Nadkarni domestic violence case, where disturbing the peace means any conduct that destroys the mental or emotional calm, that meaningless language has now been written into the D V P A statute.

Anyway, last week when I, and my expert witness, and my A D A advocate tried to sign up for remote appearance at trial, we discovered that remote appearances were not available for my case. At all. A support ticket was opened up, and for several days nobody knew what the problem was. But eventually they decided that Department E in Santa Monica was not eligible for Remote Appearances.

OK? 1 day after forty people showed up to listen in on my case, they transfer the trial to a department that has no remote appearances. In Los Angeles, they transfer the long trial matters TO downtown L A. I have never once heard of a long cause trial being suddenly transferred out of downtown.

Anyway, on Friday I brought an ex parte motion to stay the case, because the judge had already granted my request to appear by video, and same for my A D A advocate. On Friday afternoon, the judge granted my ex parte, and trial is postponed. No sooner had that happened, when L A Court Connect called me up and said that the problem was miraculously fixed, and Remote Appearances are available in Department E in Santa Monica after all. It's funny if you have a dark enough sense of humor. I'll coin a new phrase, you heard it hear first ladies and gentlemen, my case is hilariously evil.

Whenever we do finally get to trial, if we ever do, then before we actually start trial I have to defend myself against an Order to Show Cause why I should not be sanctioned for my supposedly abusive litigation. And this is where it could get VERY interesting. Because my defense to the O S C will be to show how all my court filings are in good faith, and are in response to all the times when the corrupt judges let my fraudulent ex wife and her high powered music business mafia attorneys get away with stealing so much money.

Somehow I highly doubt Judge Wayser will let me present my defense to this bogus Order to Show Cause, just like Judge Powell did not let me present my defense to the bogus D V R O three weeks ago. Whether they call it Civil Extortion, Domestic Violence, Vexatious Litigant, or Section 271 Sanctions, everything they have against me is entirely based on forcing me to shut up about fraud and corruption in the music business, and in the court system. I can talk about what I plan to argue in this O S C, or we can talk about whatever is on your mind today. I'm all yours.


Lisa zooms in with a story about corruption in a West Virginia case, Dreema amazingly predicts that the judge is Judge Bloom.

It's working! Or at least, our strategy of fighting in the Court of Public Opinion and the Court of Law, is starting to work. We have evidence. Hello World, I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert, still enslaved on Planet Family Court, but I see at least a glimmer of light shining through a crack in the wall. Welcome to another Ask Alex, where we are questioning postmodern justice. This is episode twenty two.

I'm happy to get to your questions and comments. But first, last Monday March 1 2021 I did my long awaited oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, trying to overturn the thoroughly corrupt Judgment after a Court trial in federal court. If you want to learn what that case was about, and how it relates to my civil fraud case and my family law case, go to P M J M P dot org and search for Writer Attribution, the video and blog article will come up. We are still waiting for the ruling by the Ninth Circuit, but if the arguments that went down are any indication, and they usually are, then this is going to be overturned. There is no doubt that these Ninth Circuit Judges read my briefing, understood the arguments and the severe problems with the case in the District Court.

That is way more than I can say about anything that has happened in Family Court, or the appeals from the Family Court. What's the difference? This proceeding was video recorded and published on YouTube. Whatever they decide, they are not going to sweep it under the rug. That's what I want to believe anyway. The week before that, we had about forty people listening in on my very corrupt restraining order hearing. Now, they granted the permanent order, saying that my filing law papers is domestic violence. But the clerks made mention of the fact that so many people were listening, and even seem to admit screwing up the audio on purpose. And, they know that, unlike the federal court, they don't record Family Law.

As I mentioned last week, we succeeded in saving Ray's newborn baby from being snatched by D C F S right in the hospital. How? By threatening to sue but also by taking names and threatening to go public. For another example, I believe we have successfully defeated Los Angeles Superior Court policy to exclude the public. For a while, back in 2020, the public were not allowed inside the courthouse, and even journalists had to display Press Credentials. We stood up to that, resisted arrest, and basically told the Sheriff that the First Amendment is all the credential we need, and to stick it where the sun don't shine.

However, I realize that many people are not as bold, or you could say, as foolish as I am. After all, I've been blacklisted, not only from court by being put on the vexatious litigant list, and the CLETS database for being a domestic violence abuser, but also from my entire former career as a music writer and producer. This, because I had the audacity to sue a record company over forged music contracts.

I have a friend who has had some success in the entertainment field, and I have recently urging him to come out of the closet, and go public with his Family Law case. His wife is a very successful medical doctor and entrepreneur, making over $1 million per year. He gave up a good part of his career to stay home with their only child. And you already guess the rest of the story.

Wife hires high powered, well-connected divorce attorney who knows the judge. BAM! Nonsense restraining order. BAM! Vexatious litigant order. BAM! Court judgement that the kid goes 100% to the ex wife, who also gets all of the money and all of the property. My friend is still working in entertainment, and is not willing to go public. And I get it. Who wants to end up like me, cancelled? So there is plenty to think about in deciding to go public. But as of this week, I think there is more evidence that it is working.

Alex opens by "letting the cat out of the bag", explaining he has been an anarchist for over 20 years. He then recaps legal events from the prior week in court corruption, including the dramatic rescue of newborn "Baby J" from the hospital, as hospital officials were threatening to disallow Ray and her baby from leaving. Alex and investigator Mark Andrews showed up at 10 PM on Sunday February 14, 2021, explaining that they were either going to release the baby, or else there was going to be a Civil Rights lawsuit. It worked.

Several guests had been listening in on Alex's corrupt DVRO hearing of Feb. 16, 2021, and a discussion ensued about the various ways Judge Michael Powell violated rights and was absurd.

Chris F was on board to discuss his ideas for helping us expose corruption, and survive Family Court. Anne chimed in with her tale of corruption by a Marriage and Family Therapist who she is now trying to sue.


Today I'm letting the cat out of the bag. I am an anarchist, and I have been for over 20 years. Hello world. I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Taking full responsibility for my part in being tortured and humiliated on Planet Family Court. And Planet Civil Court. And Planet Federal Court.

Wait, Alex, what? You're an anarchist? You mean you want violence and chaos and throwing molotov cocktails? No, no, no. Anarchy simply means no rulers. No overlords. Nobody with the legal authority inflict violence upon you. True to form, your overlords have long ago redefined the word anarchy to mean violence and chaos, so a better choice nowadays is Voluntaryism. Voluntaryism means that all human interaction should be voluntary. Nothing should be coerced. Lovemaking is good, Rape is bad. Accepting money from a voluntary purchase or donation is good, taking money at the point of a gun is bad. Here's the part that bothers a lot of people, this principle applies even if you have a badge, or a costume, or even if people voted for you. Initiating force is always wrong. I bring this up today because several events in my life this week just serve to reinforce my views that there is no such thing as good government, there is no justice system, and there is no law.

Last week you might remember that Ray Zoomed in from the hospital and showed us her newborn baby. Well, that very night the doctors and D C F S threatened to kidnap the infant. That's right. Ray wanted to leave the hospital with her baby. They said Ray was free to go, but not Baby J. This was because Ray tested positive for Marijuana very early on in her pregnancy when she didn't even know she was pregnant. Marijuana is detectable for months after a single use, and is perfectly legal in California. And Ray tested clean the whole rest of the way after that. Still, the government wants to accuse Ray of child abuse on her newborn baby. Marika got wind of this, called me up at 10 o'clock at night on a Sunday. Me and my investigator friend Mark went into action, we drove down to Doctors Hospital in East L A, and I started informing the nurses and doctors of who I was, and that if they didn't release the baby that night, there was going to be a civil rights lawsuit. It worked, just a few minutes before midnight last Sunday, they released Ray and Baby J. But a couple days later, I got a call from a County counsel in Los Angeles, so they are still coming after this baby. As well all know, there is a big price tag on the baby's head, through Title 4 D federal funding. I've never heard of any democrats or republicans or any politicians ever promising to do anything about this, or any of the corruption that we're on about.

I mentioned my friend Mark Andrews. He was in town so that we could take our meeting with Congressman DeSaulnier. We did that last Wednesday, we made a strong presentation about corruption and Title 4 D. To his credit, he did leave the door open and invited us to submit a report to him. Maybe we will, but I'll be honest. I don't hold out any hope that DeSaulnier or any other politician is going to fix the system, because as far as they are concerned, it isn't broken. In my view, the entire government is a system of domination and enslavement. But I only say that to get it off my chest, and maybe open a window into my mind. I admit its a tiny bit ironic that I earned a Juris Doctorate and hold myself out as an expert in a legal system that I don't believe in. This of course is while they will never let me be an attorney. I was on the radar and they saw me coming from 100 miles away.

Also this week there was corruption in the Los Angeles federal civil rights case I've mentioned. The one where they took the biological child away from the legally married parents on an unnoticed hearing 5 days after the father was official cleared of the one vague allegation against him. We entered a Request for Default, and twice the clerk falsely said...

Alex gives a short talk on basic Appellate procedure, and reports on a troubling new case where an appeal case was dismissed for no good reason. The conversation shifted to ADA advocacy for litigants suffering from PTSD, and how an ADA advocate can legally record court proceedings. Ray showed up from the hospital, with her newborn baby.

My argument is strong. Why can't I get it in front of the judge?
Hello world. I'm Alex Baker, your legal expert. Still held hostage on Planet Family Court. Welcome to another Ask Alex.
Today's episode. The Merits versus the Procedure. If there is one concept that I can get across that will help you try to untangle and move forward in your own legal quagmire, it is this.
Separate out in your mind the MERITS of your case from the PROCEDURE in your case. Over and over again, I see people with a good case get screwed over in court, not because they don't have a good case, but because they get beaten by the process.
The MERITS, you already know, more or less. The mertis are your facts and your arguments as to why you should get the Court Order that you want.
The PROCEDURE is what motions you have to bring, or what responses to their motions that you have to file, that will get your issues into the judge's mind. And the procedure comes first. The procedure is a set of obstacles they put up. It's the hoops that you have to jump through, just to get to a trial, or an evidentiary hearing. You want to get to the MERITS right away, but unfortunately, in our wonderful corrupt court system, it doesn't work that way.
What you need to do is start with the result you want to achieve, and work backwards. Maybe you want a particular Court Order. If so, begin by writing a proposed order. Maybe you want the D A to file criminal charges. Maybe you want Congress to launch an investigation into something. You're going to need to make an argument that reaches the conclusion that you want the judge, or the D A, or the Congressperson to reach.
But whatever your goal, if it involves the government, then they have set up a procedure that you have to go through. Procedure comes first, and they don't make it easy. They should, but they don't. And if you cant hack through the procedure, they won't consider the merits. They should, but they won't.
So that's the thought for the day. Separating out, in your mind, the MERITS from the PROCEDURE. Start with your goal, understand the merits of your argument, but then ask, OK, what's the procedure that I need to get there?
That is not to say that they can't screw you over even if you do everything procedurally correct. But at least they must deny you on the merits. Nothing is more frustrating, more humiliating, more awful than the realization that you have lost, and nobody even took you seriously. That's what we're trying prevent.
First up today, is my friend Mark Andrews, who has been trying to get California Congressman Mark DeSaulniers to launch an investigation into the corruption in his old Family Law child custody case, where the court accepted false allegations. Somehow that turned into a state licensing board issue, where Mark was improperly denied the hearing that the law requires, and to fix the thing, the Court ended up falsifying court transcripts, which is the basis of the request to get the Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee involved. He received an email from the Congressman a few days ago, and we're going to look at that in a few minutes, to see what kind of procedure we might need to go through.
Mark Andrews, welcome to Ask Alex. Take us back and tell the story about your daughter climbing the tree.

PMJMP Special Report - A DVRO is used to coverup the evidence of court corruption. Alex Baker willing to go to jail for his right to publish incriminating documents.

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A short piece about Truth vs. Lies, then Ted is back with more on the shocking trans teen case (How about an injunction?), Michelle on the Judge who ordered them to lie to the kid, Mark on how he got a Santa Cruz Judge removed, and an inspiring conversation with autistic and hearing-impaired Casey, whose baby got taken away for no reason.

Was Marc Angelucci murdered to stop him from prosecuting corrupt judges and attorneys?


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