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This video must have more truth than is allowed. It does not play on several platforms. Let's see if this works.

One great doctor and mathematician introduces one of the great lecturers on the Covid and Vaxx issues. This is a video worth seeing.

They don't mention the WEF or Soros here but that would explain Canada's Ukraine stance

We are so fucked in Canada now

I *think* this is Trudeau's former personal sniper who has been a leader of men and women for freedom and against Trudeau's madness.

This is history in the making.

This doctor recently died. There is some speculation, quite a bit, that he was murdered.


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RAIR Foundation USA (Rise Align Ignite Reclaim) is a grassroots activist organization comprised of everyday Americans leading a movement to reclaim our Republic from the network of individuals and organizations waging war on Americans, our Constitution, our borders and our Judeo-Christian values. RAIR is an integrated media platform amplifying the voices of the silent majority, while informing the citizenry of the daily assault on American freedoms and fostering grassroots leaders and activists in order to combat the threats from Islamic supremacists, radical leftists and their allies.