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René Krüger: The thing I know well is that fear is the worst jail you can live in. It smothers you. It steals your peace. It follows you wherever you go. It never leaves you. It changes the way you live, and it changes who you are.

To HT and all the boys and girls at the Goyim Defense League: Loneliness isn't real. Your people are right here. We see you. Celebrate the small victories in the everyday on the Front.

Blessed Summer Solstice to you and yours - this comes from Jonna Jinton - Kulning Nyckelharpa - beautiful, beautiful traditional music from our people

The All Father is, perhaps, a model of all fathers - their strengths and purpose
On a constant quest for wisdom and knowledge to learn anything to help prevent or forestall his face at Ragnarok - the great battle between gods and giants. He travels in disguise, as himself. An old man, a wide-brimmed hat, one eye, often dressed in grey. He's trying to harvest people for his army in Valholl- he does this harvesting when a brave man dies well in battle. This is considered the greatest honor of any man. Once a man has died and gone to this hall, he spends eternity up to Ragnarok, in fighting and dying in battle.
Odin has a magical spear which never misses, his horse Sleipnir is faster than any other horse. He also has two wolves, "Hungry" and "Greedy," as well as two ravens, "Thought" and "Memory."

Jackson Crawford

Danheim, "Ulfhednar"
A group of Viking warriors of ancient Norse religious rites. They wore wolf skins.

Make one for your family using a photo service - like Costco Photo Shop etc.
It takes some time to do - but once you have some photos of your people, places in your past (not just your person past, but your past going back and back), dates of rituals/celebrations/historical noteworthy events, add even recipes, ways to meetup with others of our wider family for solstice celebrations, etc. - once you've got one, put it in a high-traffic area to help as a visual reminder to your family of all you are, were, and will continue to be.

"White people have no concept of our real strength." HistoryReviewed

"The Lion is Better Than the Deer" - Without a system of measurement - what do such statements mean? What meaning do they actually carry, practically, spiritually, for us?
Unity is everything. If your objective, truly, is to bring Native European men and women - together - as they should be and must be - to war, successfully, perpetually, on our enemy, to pass the torch to our descendants, then we should look to our own people going back and back and back. Who we were is who we are. Our people venerated both their men and their women, and their differences, complimentary strengths and weaknesses -- and their symbiotic relationship in creation of LIFE.

By Ladyofthe Labyrinth -
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"Modraniht id et matrum nocturnum" -- «The Modraniht is the Night of the Mothers"

(Bede, 7th century AD, "De Temporum Ratione 13", about how the heathen Angles in England hold a sacrifice at New year in the "Night of the Mothers")

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"Your blood does not belong to you."
For those who travel willingly to the fourth dimension, you realize this. So long as your children understand the same, you can never die.

For my pantheistic, polytheistic, and/or agnostic family - When you absolutely embrace your Christian family because they're blood and allies, but you've had enough of listening to the stupidity of forgiving your enemy and how - while men and women are obviously symbiotic and interdependent and so are equal as far as value to life, yet, 'men are more equal than others' (because ya know, the head of woman is her husband/god - who intervenes for her directly with the supernatural)

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This is part #2 of a film series examining the role of media, art, myth and religion in the decline, resurrection or formation of societies.

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REM Theory

REM Theory is a film series that examines the role of media, art, religion and myth in the cultural, political & spiritual decline of the West.

It posits a way in which Western civilization may be restored or a new civilization may be built upon its ruins through these same means.

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The Voice Actor is an anonymous person whose race, nationality, ethnicity and location is unknown for various reasons. To the extent his accent might be interpreted as an English accent, he has told us that he has some English ancestry of which he is very proud and that, of course, the English speak English properly which he "humbly" attempts as well. Also, he has told us, in general, his effort is to have as much fun as possible which he assures us he is having.

There have been numerous noteworthy articles and videos on Gates, Microsoft, Gates family connections, and Gates' ill intent. This vid is a long and meandering look at an article by Miles Mathis on Gates and his family tree specifically, which is what I've been looking for. If you want the basic gist, just scroll through a bit and look at the names that come up along with Mathis's explanations. You can find Miles Mathis's work on this topic and other subjects like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, at mileswmathis.com

The Scots were not immune to the tools of the Bank of England, and remain one of the largest diasporas sent out into the world far from their homeland by the English parliament and monarchy, indebted to the Bank and ran by the Jew. Those who ran Britain destroyed the fierce Scottish Highland clans for their strong sense of kinship, culture, and ties to their land. The Scots figured heavily in the creation of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - as well as many other countries. Scottish men are among the top most inventors in a world of invention and innovation dominated by European hearts and creativity. If you are Scot, be "strong, bold and without fear... if you behave in this way you will surely have victory." King Robert the Bruce, 1314

Footage taken from Survive the Jive ("Where did the Celts Come From - Who Were the Druids") - amazing channel and you should check out his work.
Also, "The Highlanders - the Aristocrats of Democracy" - a very bizarre title considering but probably produced by the BBC Bolsheviks... nevertheless there it is. A good film nonetheless. Not a ton of tripe, only a little.

That time Zambians implemented a space program in their newly improved free land -
Thank you to LordHumungus14 who posted this link at Black Crimes Matter / Questionable Curriculum
Created by SideNote at YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TI9ixb-a5M

Palestine is just a piece of the gigantic forced movement of families and peoples Jews have undertaken.

Source: Journeyman Pictures / YT

Pop Quiz:
What creature, mythical or otherwise, is the most special and chosenest chosen people most similar to?
a) The cockroach
b) The vampire
c) The psycho pedo technocratic Khazarian Bankster? Oh wait - redundant.

Speak up - When we hear the whining of the Bolshevist Han or the well-meaning and very dumb other person talking about East Asians as minorities. They absolutely are not. Speak up. No mice in our food, no mice in our homes, and no mice in our brains.

Working via a fake mercantile system established by technocratic psycho pedo Khazarians, banksters the world over share the same defining feature - ugliness.

"Your blood does not belong to you. Civilizations are a pact between the present, those who have passed, and those yet to be born."

Gotta love Sean Bean - and any many of European descent, for that matter, who - after being perfectly civil - are on the receiving end of bigotry and then let other groups of people know that not only do we recognize their own in-group preference, but we have ours as well and are not intimidated.
This is a channel I found accidentally today ~ Knightrider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkVO-luw9u4
Unfortunately, he's not on Bitchute that I could see. Enjoy!

The Cottage Fairy - for when you need a break from the bombs and mustard gas on the Front. This is another video from this fantastic and lovely channel. Find her on Youtube and ask her to join censorship free sites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb6xitXKQDs

This is a great channel I want to advocate called TheCottageFairy - and I hope you check this lovely woman's projects out and give her nudges to move to other platforms. Great ideas, calm voice and music, and just a welcome respite from the bombs and mustard gas bombarding us on the Front. Enjoy! She is currently on Etsy, Instagram and Youtube. She enjoys homemaking as an artist and, while she doesn't seem to be homemaking for anyone other than herself right now, she's obviously young enough that she's learning how to do it so she can be great at it for other little people.

"Where you're from determines who you are."
The Gaelic peoples who left Ireland and Scotland, and the English of Old English, too, built the foundations of what is now known as Appalachia. When you need a break from the intensity of 2020 (and beyond), this is a great documentary to just enjoy on this 'not simple language' of the mountain peoples so many of us in the US are descended from.

Introspective people subsidize civilization - and what is a home but a mini civilization? While it is aggravating and maddening to try to maintain a home and family - and any kind of relationship really, when one of you is introspective and engages with the truth as it is in the world today - and one of you doesn't-- if we want to preserve what can be preserved of our heritage, we are going to have to call on the strength of our ancestors to fill us up - and become them - while we keep subsidizing those who are not introspective. If you can find that balance within yourself while being on the Front, which is what you're doing, remember that you're at war - and try to maintain that good attitude, or you're not going to see your family through. This is a different kind of war.

An interview Via Info Wars
Alex Jones has one of the most grating voices alive - and he definitely sold out over Pizzagate - which we can assume was perhaps done due threats to his family (hopefully that and not just because he's a shill for Khazarian peoples). That said, Joel Skousen gives some great information for those of you out there still not thinking of where you'll be to carry on the torch, once shit possibly hits the fan. While they skirt over the 'three Luciferian groups' that want power (China, Russia, and US Deep State) - they won't say what their common denominator is. However, Skousen's research in this area and tips are worth the watch.

Bolshevism attacks us in many ways - primarily through our kids and their re-education - which includes nasty media, as we all know - no less sinister than actual predators in cars picking up our sons after ball practice.

Many years ago I worked for a time as a house counselor with adolescents in locked-down behavior units being treated for all kinds of abuse. The boys were aged 8-16, and many of them had become predators themselves. I learned from that experience that the rate of 'rehabilitation' as measured at that award-winning facility was 25%, and that was considered EXCELLENT. That knowledge floored me - and has never left me. It's like zombies - bite one and they become a zombie too.


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Families on the Front are Troops on the Home Front, and we mobilize best as we talk and interact with each other and our families At the Village Well, chat with our friends about Preserving Culture Around the World, review how to deal with traitors in Hang 'em High, and other awesome series of videos, radio, and resource lists.

I was born at the tail end of Gen X. We watched it all go from analog to digital as we entered our teens - and the best way to fight the beast that is the psycho pedo banksters is to combine the skills from our past with what we have to work with today. We need to not just love our kids, but teach them that love by learning how to preserve our culture - living it in daily acts to help us be independent and joyful, respecting others and their rights to their culture. We show our kids our love by becoming virtuous. This is what it means to fight on the home front - where the biggest battles are waging. Fight the good fight, while trying to maintain some small semblance of balance in the day = A Perfect Day.

Let's talk about boycotting matters for the female consumer, people we can admire and their information to share, beautiful art to bring into our homes, media recommendations for kids and little ones and teens, how to be excellent resources for the spouses in our lives, and let's examine the common lies we're being taught in our school districts, at religious centers, and in stores, movies, and our neighborhoods. I welcome you to join me as I interview neighbors who are raising good families, long-time settlers of old Western towns, and herbalists who have great gardening techniques and home-spun remedies.

We have to fight - but we also have to live. Families on the Front are Troops on the Home Front. "Well, this is the end of a perfect day, near the end of a journey too." What will take its place? We may find ways to survive in the hills alone or for a year, but without our communities, what moves forward? This is a channel primarily for Native Europeans in mind, with the intent to bring us closer to our people. That said, as we work to protect ourselves and come closer to our people, it is natural and healthy that we enjoy and respect and help others who work toward building the same for their people. In this, biodiversity is maintained, and the world's vibrant cultures are not hindered or disappeared as easily. We are on the cusp of trans-humanism. It is here. There are only a few countries left in the world that stand against those financiers who have established the world cartel of finance and media tools. We remain our greatest resource. We outnumber those global pedo psychopaths by the billions. We can and will protect our people, and by doing so, all peoples. As Edmund Burke said, civilization is a pact between the living, those who have passed, and those yet to be born. "And we find at the end of a perfect day the soul of a friend we've made."