As Xmas closes in, Douglas laments not having had an illegitimate kid

I've only seen the trailer, this is Spoiler free... aside from the fact that all Eastwood's movies are the same...depressing. Who is the a-hole who decided to put this out now?

Sesame Street has introduced a homeless muppet...this is fraught with problems for everyone.

A " Best of " from a previous Holiday season when Doug decides suicide is too much work, and a Xmas Candy store opens next door.

a "best of" from a holiday gone by, involving a drug over dose and the removal of the remains by the idiot's equally idiotic family...good times

Douglas schemes how the banning of a Dean Martin Xmas song could work towards his own nefarious purposes.

from the "Best of Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb shelter" yearly podcasts.
Doug Laments not getting into fist fights over cheap T.V.s at Walmart.

from the "Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb shelter" yearly podcasts.

A rare instance of a possibly helpful discussion from Doug. Think suicide is selfish or cowardice? Prepare to be enlightened. On the brink yourself? Take solace in his own struggles.

In a recent DC comic, Batman is shown in full frontal nudity. Why the scene is out of character for Batman, better stories that could have been told involving batman's penis, and why complaining about it is stupid, are all discussed.


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