This shutdown has been planned.
1: We get so hungry we join the military.
2: We commit crimes and become slave labor. Trump is in on it....

Back 2 Back Chat Pt. 1: Moore 2 Life

Back 2 Back Chat Pt. 2: Sutton Daze

Read 1Tim 3:17

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


P5: Despotism and Modern Progress

P6: Take-Over Technique

P7: World-Wide Wars

P8: Provisional Government

P9: Re-education

P10: Preparing for Power.

I have given this a lot of thought. I have come to the conclusion that we the Proletariat class is to blame. We have set back and let this government get away with so much that it's out of control. It's time that we the Proletariats rise up and either take it back or suffer the consequences.

It's rare that when a child goes missing that they are ever found dead or alive. Last week one young girl defied the odds. After two-half months to three months, Jayme Closs successfully escaped the bastard that killed her parents and abducted her.

Gen 4:25
Go and read for yourself. I dare you. Then share what else you find.

Here are the links I referred to in the video.
Jamerrill Stewart

Lisa Sutton Pantry Challenge

Is the wall worth starving Americans who work two and three part-time jobs each with no benefits and still barely keep a roof over their heads? No.

If you know anything about this case please contact the following:

We have survived the first week of 2019. No, our soldiers aren't coming home after all. Not only are they staying in Syria, but they are going to one of the West African countries to help "protect citizens" during the election.

I thought long and hard about the events of 2018 and thought about what I expect from 2019.

I decided to keep things light and easy. I am reviewing my resolutions for this year.

As of January 6, I will be uploading more content. One video a day.


Ushanka Show w/ Sergie Sputnikoff

Feel free to share your favorite Holiday traditions and memories. Let's spread something good around.

The particpants are:
Lisa Sutton - Sutton Daze
Paul - Paul's Rule of Thumb
Tina - Wihelm's Kitchen
Angie - Angie's Pantry
Mandy - Moore 2 Life
Heather - The Kneady Homesteader

I woke up this morning and found out that congress and senate have secretly voted to continue their support for the genocide happening in Yemen. They put in a farm bill.


I had heard of Van Life prior to yesterday's video by Lionel LeBorn. I didn't know there was an epidemic of Millennials fleeing cities.

Lionel Nation

Grindall 61

According to the Department of Homeland Security, people don't prep anymore. They are encouraging people to prep. Don't forget about the NDAA renewal Obama signed into place. He included a provision which would allow the government to seize food.


Article from Washington Examiner

I decided to review a few stories and possible of running mates for 2020.


NYC goes after Orthodox Jewish Communities

There are certain Christmas songs which are classics. Leave them alone.

I looked at several things here.

Everyone has an opinion about the situation between Russia and Ukraine. So do I.


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