Warning: Hurricanes are nothing to play with.

I am looking back at 9/11/01. For years I believed the bullshit story we were given. Over the years I have gotten older and wiser. There are holes you could shove the world through in their story about that day.

I'm looking at events which happened this week. The new levels of stupid are amazing... ?

I have been thinking about this situation for some time. And I keep coming back to the map on America 2050.

China's Power Move
This is based on a report I seen of Steven Ben Noon from Isreali News LIve this morning. I have been thinking about it and how this would or could play out.

What do you think?

I added two new soups to my pantry this weekend. They are going to be good after we add meat and/or pasta & beans.

These set up beautifully. I was going to do a regular Wednesday Video, however, when I woke up this morning my ears are congested and I either can't hear anything or everything sounds like the hounds of hell are coming for me.

We are getting ready for more sanctions on Russia for a poisoning that they had nothing to do with.

I am happy to say most of the cans have sealed. I made the sauce with the following items:
#10 can of tomato sauce from GFS
2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes from Aldi's
2 cans of tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic.
onion and garlic powder to taste
salt and pepper to taste
Italian seasoning to taste
I cooked the sauce overnight in two different slow cookers. And canned them for 25 minutes.

Is this situation a stunt or is it real? Either way, he has the First Amendment and we can't stand by and allow anyone's rights to be denied. No matter how annoying we may think they are.

Sunday Politics is going to be just that. I am going to be broadening my interest out more. I do have other interest besides Politics. I am still going to be covering them and if any situation comes up that needs attention I will cover it.

The link I mentioned in my video will be below.

Thursday I decided to record my canning session with soup as the feature. Hope y'all enjoy.

I took time to look at some political updates and I have to tell you, it's bull.

The little girl in the cover is my daughter and our late Pom Trix. R.I.P Trix 02-14 Politics is boring sometimes when it's the same BS every day. Russia hacked, maybe. No, wait a minute it was China. Yeah!

So I decided to can beans. These are going to feed my family and a very dear friend of ours during the winter.
I just finished recording today's canning except I accidentally deleted it. Shit... I will make sure I take more care tomorrow.

Threats of a government shutdown make me just want to scream "Do It".

I have been watching so many channels on YouTube. The all have the "clean with me" videos and I asked myself the first time I saw one, "Why in hell are they doing this?" Of course, I had to ask myself why I found them so interesting. So, here is my attempt at a clean with me the video and doing my usual analysis of things going on in the world.

I am discussing the possibility that China will build nukes or they may already have them.
Excuse the mess. I was in the middle of cutting up potatoes to can. They came out great. I even got a jar to seal that shouldn't have sealed from I had been told about using commercially produced jars.

I am looking at the summit between Putin-Trump.

I am cautiously optimistic about the upcoming summit between Putin and Trump.

While watching Steven Ben Noon just let a bombshell out. Benjamin Netanyahu isn't Jewish, he is Catholic. Holy shit. I always thought he was Jewish. I wonder how the people of Isreal would react if they knew this. I think they would be horrified to know they have someone who is pretending to be Jewish as their leader. I don't expect this information to make a difference in their opinions of him. After they have a non-existing nuclear program.

I went to Detroit today to do a favor for a friend. I won't go there again. Especially to the county jail.

This is the second part of my attempt to can mangoes.
Update: I have found that three of them didn't seal even after processing them a second time. So next time I will use the pressure canner with mangoes.

This is my attempt at canning mangoes. I say part 1 because my laptop stopped recording for some reason.

On Monday the UN held a conference about the to disarm citizens and two days later there was a shooting in Maryland. Coincidence or not?

I decided to take y'all along with me as I canned chicken. I used a dry packing method.


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