Last night I looked for the best deals for Sunday's dinner. This video is the results of what I found. Also, I am sharing Ina Garten's two rules of thumb about holiday entertaining.

Here is the additional thing, I am opening up the discussion box to you all to share your holiday entertaining advice. Share what has worked for you or not worked.

Holy cow! Stalin has been dead for 66 years and he's more popular now than when he was alive.

Here are the links for today's video:

Bernie Sanders Stens Establisment with Fox News Town Hall Success

Joseph Stalin’s approval rating hits historic high – poll

This is the end of part one. Next week starts part 2 Parables.

The number of children that go missing in this country is 424,066. This is unacceptable.

Today's missing child is Joshua Cortes Gordillo. He is associated with Jesus Cortes also missing.

You can't make this stuff up. The links below with take you to the articles.
Today's Links

CIA Director Pompeo Lashes Out at Iran, Compares It to ISIS

Russia, China team up against attempts to break international law — Lavrov


Russia Fines Facebook For Failing to Provide Information on User Data

US/Israel Planning Syria-Type War in Lebanon?

Pompeo Claims Iranian Money Remains in South America

KJV Thou shalt not have any in graven images of anything in heaven or on earth.

Catholic Bible from 1971 says the same.

Catechism of The Catholic Church
However, after the second Baltimore Documents that got change. As a matter of fact it was dropped altogether. And it emphaizes the sin in using the Lords name in vain or as profanity. pg. 575-579

Our Condolences to Logan Paul for the lost of Kong.

I hope you will go to these links and look at the information.

America 2050

Uninsured Farmers Face Existential Crisis As Floods Destroy 100s Of Millions Of Dollars In Crops

Historic Blizzard Wesley

Today's link.

America 2050

This recent move by Iran is long overdue but aimed at the wrong people. Iran should be putting the Government on a 'terror' list. Not the Army. Remember our Army, like Iran's Army, can't do anything without a green light from the current administration.

Here are the links for the information in the video.
Venezuela's 2018 election N. Maduro
Henri Falcon
Javier Bertucci

Henri Falcon

Iran to put US Army on "Terrorist" watch list.

I have put my fermenting project together. I got six jars of kraut.

Just a quick update on the situation in Venezuela. Same as before with Washington DC, lies.

Here we get into why God flooded the earth and only saved Noah and his sons. As well as two of each animal.

Let's help get her a name and justice.

Links for today's video
Mental Health Issues part.
Suicide Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Mental Health Help

Current Events Links:

Venezuela issues.
Bolton condemns Maduro for using forign military to remain in power
Russia Herald

Ukrainians launch hashtag drive to say 'goodbye' to Poroshenko

Putin addresses social issues, threatens USA with Russia's new missiles in his 15th FederalAssembly speech

US is manufacturing a crisis in Ven so that there is chaos and 'needed' intervention
Eva Bartlett

Philippians 2: 1-11
This passage encourages us to humble ourselves as Christ did.

This is the finished product.

This is the first two chapters and a link to Homesteading Tessie.

The first 24 hours after a child goes missing is the most critical time. That can mean the difference between getting your child back and not.

Ever since this scandal broke about parents bribing and cheating their children way into colleges, I have thought a lot about it. Last night I came to the conclusion that if I had the cash to drop, I would do whatever it took for my own daughter to get into the college of her dreams. She was shocked and horrified to know I would do this for her. Read Matthew 7: 1-2 and then answer to yourself, "Would I do the same?"

You read it right. Toward the end of the tour, our cat tried to jump up on the shelf and ended up breaking a teacup.

I am finally speaking out about this "documentary" about Michael Jackson. Also, I am addressing the media ban in Australia and New Zealand.

Karlie Guse went missing back in October of last year. It is important that we get her home as soon as possible.


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